8 Best Free And Open Source Document Management Software For SME’s

8 Best Free And Open Source Document Management Software For SME’s

In today’s digital world,  a open source document management software is the platform to help us to store, manage and track digital documents through this software and reduce paper-based work. A document management system to store electronic images of paper-based information that has been captured through document scanner. A document management software is quite simple and easy solution to share and manage digital files or they can be used many of businessman and enterprises. While this document management software can work systematically and well planned which can make organization more efficient.

What Is Document Management Software?

Document management system (DMS) is a solution where any business can perform a proper task through the document management platform to secure, manage, and capturing their digital files. In this way, enterprises can easily complete their task, in low cost, reduce risk and can be able to deal with competitive opportunities. In quite simple word document management is a computer program which used to store and manage your documents. Document management solution that allows the businesses to control the production management and share of electronic documents. Document management system helps your organization to work efficiently and keep evidence in the form records and keep all business transaction in document form to maintenance of your organization. DMS can easily manage digital content and simplify your workload.

Why Do You Need A Document Management System?

Document management system is no need to explain when you know how difficult to spending hours for searching documents and lose productivity. Paper based documents and their management is always difficult and time consuming. But thanks to digitization, which can easier our life cycle. An efficient document management system is one of the important solutions when you have documents need and you can do so with this effective platform. It enables you to maintain, control, create and distribute different type of content.

Key Points

  • Storage of thousands and millions of documents.
  • Share document management.
  • 24/7 availability of documents.
  • Easily shareable.
  • Single storage point.

Top 6 Difficulties Of Not Having A Document Management System

  1. Time consuming-  In nowadays time is valuable, paper documents require physical transfer of documents from one employee to another, which wasting lots of time and energy. And employees can also waste their time for searching documents will only create unnecessary delay for completing work.
  • Security- there is a lot of business documents having sensitive information about business that needs to keep secure.
  • Increased cost- Most of the paperwork needs some amounts of money. You will spend on your projects without proper documents that will only damage your brand and business.
  • Lesser productivity- With paper reliant documents system you must deal with many issues like employees continuously fighting to manage documents and wasting their energy and this time and energy you can utilize on more productive tasks.
  • Increased frustration- employees get frustrated when they are not able to reach a relevant document which they needed.
  • Lack of proper digitalization documents- paper based documents is difficult to manage and maintain there is always a possibility of human error. This will always a waste of time and energy.

Why Choose Document Management Software?

  1. Reduce paperwork.
  2. It is easy to use. User keep checking their files any time and any place without any problem.
  3. Easy to share.
  4. Enhanced security. DMS have better control over sensitive documents.
  5. DMS reduce workload of employees.
  6. There is low chance of human error and reach to right documents.
  7. It is collaboration participation and access are given as many as required.

List of Best Free Document Management Software For Small Business

There is some best document management software which will help you, how to store their data and manage their documents. Let us study one of them in detail.


OpenDocMan software was developed under the GPL license. OpenDocMan is a free and open-source document management solution which access through web. This software helps user or organization to create their documents, examine them, store them, and add any file type to the system. This solution is useful for individuals, small businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies and so on.     

Key Features

  1. Automated document review.
  2. E-mail notification option.
  3. Quick search and full search option.
  4. Revision history.
  5. Automated file expiration process.
  6. Security.
  7. Facility to approve or reject a new document.
  8. Support multiple language.
  9. Unlimited users.
  10. Customized workflow approval.


OpenKM software is a computer program which facilitates safe and efficient management of your document. This free and open-source document management software is easy to store, manage and track electronic documents to the system. This software makes it possible to any organizations to retrieve information’s and manage any files type to the system at any time. OpenKM have an  advanced search functionality which is the main highlights of this software. Collect information in any digital sources and collaborates with colleagues on documents and projects at any time, locate documents easily, manage document and digital content and much more with open-source document management software. OpenKM document management software builds knowledge about business and improve decision making and boost workgroups and enterprises easily with this document management software.

Key Featutes

  1. Advanced search function.
  2. Email notification.
  3. Lock and unlock documents with easy passwords.
  4. Recycle bin for each user.
  5. Messaging and chat facility.
  6. Facility to upload bulk of documents.
  7. Manage multiple files.
  8. Unique document identifier.
  9. Antivirus. Virus scanning all uploaded documents.
  10. Document digital signature.


If you need an easy and quick document management software, seedDMS might be a better option. This software is easy to use and free and open-source document management software which access through web-based user interface for small and medium sized enterprise. It is based on PHP and MySQL.

Key Features

  1. Multiple language support.
  2. Users and group management.
  3. Fully web-based user interface.
  4. Full text search.
  5. Verifying the identity of user.
  6. Facility to maintain all past documents.
  7. Internet access.
  8. Notification about new changes.
  9. Automatic tasks.
  10. Workflow for documents review, approval.


Papermerge software is a document management system which are fully designed to work with scanned documents. It is designed to go paperless and reduce paperwork and keep your business digitalized. Instead of keeping documents on your table you can scan all your documents and feed them in a designed software to store it in your system. Without wasting your time, you can search documents by small click. It has support for most scanned document formats such as PDF,JPG, PNG, TIFF etc. papermerge is a useful tool to keep your documents organized and easily browse your document.

Key Features

  1. Multiuser system.
  2. OCR technology.
  3. Automatic tasks like moving documents to right folder.
  4. Documents of pdf, jpg, png, tiff formats are supported.
  5. Full texted search for scanned documents.
  6. Import documents from multiple sources.
  7. Add, edit, or delete metadata.

Krystal DMS

Krystal DMS software is an easy and useful tool to manage and control your documents management needs. Krystal DMS document management software is completely web browser-based document management software solution. Krystal DMS document management software solution is now available on government e-marketplace(GeM). Retrieve information and manage your valuable documents are going to be easier with krystal DMS free and open-source document management software. This solution is useful for small, medium, and even large business organization. This software is also available on trial, which is beneficial to user, where user can understand and evaluate the software better. Krystal DMS document management software is being successfully adopted across all industries that wish to go paperless.

Key Features

  1. Upload multiple documents.
  2. Recycle bin. You can easily view and to restore the documents deleted by any user.
  3. Low start-up cost
  4. It supports international languages like English, French, Chinese, German etc.
  5. Detailed audit reports.
  6. Access control.
  7. Automated workflow.
  8. Documents sharing.
  9. Scan, capture, and store documents easily.
  10. Messaging system.

Mayan EDMS

This is a web-based document management software solution for managing electronic documents. No more losing documents to floods, fungus, and unwanted thefts. Mayan EDMS is an easy and most efficient document management software with advanced search feature where you can easily search a document with a small click to save your time and energy. Mayan EDMS allows users to see how the software handling documents.

Key Features

  1. Fine grained permission system.
  2. Trash can support. You can restore deleted document.
  3. Document workflow.
  4. Responsive design.
  5. Efficient document indexing.


Kimios is the perfect solution for your office, when your office deal with lot of documents daily. Kimios is the easy solution to store, edit and manage all your documents. This software is free and open-source document management software system with smart and efficient workflows.

Key Features

  1. Easy search and comfortable indexing system.
  2. Support all types of content.
  3. Secure all your documents easily.
  4. Integration with Microsoft office.
  5. Create, edit, and share documents in one place.
  6. Easy metadata management.
  7. Easy connection to any storage infrastructure.


Nuxeo is the documents management software system which allows users to create and manage digital documents easily and effortlessly without wasting any time and money. Digital content becomes messy if not managed properly. Nuxeo make work easier.

Key Features

  1. Advanced search technology.
  2. Workflow management.
  3. User centric.
  4. Advanced metadata tools.
  5. Extensible API.
  6. Effective analytical.
  7. Content federation.
  8. Enhanced annotation capabilities.


First responsibility of any business or organization to safe the documents and data of their business. In this digital world anyone can want to reduce their workload. Paper based work are time consuming and employees are also wasting their time and energy on searching and managing the paper documents. This time and energy will utilize in more productive work. So now Small, medium, and even large organization wish to go paperless. Document management software solution should be able to keep your data and documents secure because documents are the primary assets of any business. You can scan your paper-based documents and stored them in an electronic document safely. You can search  your document by a single click without wasting any time. Document management software allows user to store their documents and sensitive information about business. Document management software system make work easier.

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