How Can Cloud Telephony Be Cost Effective For Your Business

How Can Cloud Telephony Be Cost Effective For Your Business

All businesses, no matter how big or small they are, want to cut costs, but never at the ‘cost’ of efficiency or productivity. When cloud telephony came into the market for businesses to use, they started to adopt it immediately as companies understood the importance of it.

What is cloud telephony? Cloud telephony serves your business with a virtual hosted system. It is a cloud based virtual platform that replaces the old telephone system that requires a hardware setup to be in existence while this one eliminates everything.

It has changed the way a lot of businesses communicate and most importantly, it has improved efficiency while also making it cheaper for the business.

How does Cloud telephony work?

Cloud telephony does not use the traditional phone lines but it uses the cloud by leveraging data networks. It is a flexible service that provides a solution which tracks the entire customer life cycle, starting from marketing campaigns in the form of Missed calls & SMS service to Customer Retention like Live Chats and Call Center solutions. The best thing about Cloud Telephony services is that all communication devices and applications are hosted at the service provider’s premises itself. There is no need to use any additional equipment, you can even run your business virtually without the need of an office as you can use a cloud based phone system on a traditional phone,smartphone or even a computer.

Here are some of the ways cloud telephony is cost-effective for your business:

Reduced call charges:

Since the calls are made through secure Internet connections, the calls are less expensive than when you use legacy telephone systems. Standard analog lines are the system in which traditional phone systems work, making it expensive. There are no extra charges that you need to pay for extra features like set-up fees, voice mailbox charges, voice-to-email services- to name a few. When you use cloud telephony, there is no need to spend separately on a server as all the information is available in the data center.

There is no need to worry about an increase in costs if you spend more time on the phone for your business, the costs are anyway negligible. Improve your business communication by spending more time for your customer without worrying about the accompanying costs.


Since you get a license for each user of the system, you don’t have to worry about having to buy a package of licenses which you may or may not use. Most businesses are unpredictable and there are times when there is less usage and lower customer count, at times like this, you can scale down and pay only for the number of users you require. You can get accurate data of what you are paying for and minimize your expenses accordingly.

Reliable Technology:

There is no need to use the outdated system of communication since Cloud Telephony also provides features like voice, fax, digital communication, and there is no downtime as well. The system is entirely reliable as you can grow according to the needs of the business and not invest in overhead costs. It also takes care of the privacy of your customer as your personnel can get on a call with your client without even having the need to know their phone number or any other personal details. This is a feature that is available at no extra cost. Integrate your cloud telephony system with a CRM or any other tool thereby increasing productivity and improving your business prospects. The cloud system also supports data redundancy and encryption.

Promote your business to all your subscribers:

If your cloud telephony system is like most others, then you can send bulk SMSes and voice calls, use it to promote any of your special sales or offers. The system will make sure that it is sent to all the targeted customers in the form of text message or a voice recording. You can also use the service provider to link a virtual number that you have to different online and offline marketing campaigns that you run. These are trackable and you can see the ones that are performing well and concentrate on campaigns that provide the highest ROI.

Provide better service to your customers:

Here are some of the ways in which using a cloud telephony service towers above using a traditional phone system:

  1. You can even give out toll-free numbers when you use a cloud telephony service. Customers will be more inclined to call since they know that there is no charge associated with it.
  2. Improve your customer interactions by listening to previously made calls with customers and analyzing them. Feedback is a necessary tool.
  3. Implement features like Auto-Receptionist, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Video Conferencing, Virtual Meeting Rooms, Collaboration tools and IVR- to name a few. These features help your associates to work better and deliver the maximum output for your business.
  4. Since all the other auxiliary functions of your business are taken care of by your cloud telephony system, you can work more on your core areas that give you the maximum output.

Support work from multiple locations:

Since the entire system is on cloud and it can be accessed virtually, you don’t have to set up a physical business. A lot of employees these days prefer working from home and this system gives you the necessary infrastructure to get on secure calls for company meetings and client meetings without having to meet in person. The database that has all the information can be accessed from anywhere making it easier for the employees to work from anywhere and also reducing overhead costs. This also reduces the physical boundaries, a person in us can easily communicate with clients in Australia using Australia local phone number.

Cloud Telephony also empowers you to easily setup and access phone systems for your business, so that you can focus on what really matters : and that is satisfying your customers and increasing overall sales.

WrappIng Up:

Now that we have explained to you the benefits that are associated with using cloud telephony over existing telephone systems, would you be willing to quash the old methods of doing business and join the bandwagon of companies that are doing brisk business with cloud telephony. You can enhance your services to your customers while also bringing in more money to your company making it a Win-Win for everyone involved.

If you are a business owner who is thinking of ramping up your technology, you can keep in mind the above points when you decide about venturing into using cloud telephony for your business.

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