15 Best Torrent Sites In India That Really Work For Free Download

15 Best Torrent Sites In India That Really Work For Free Download

Torrent Site: It is no surprise that there are hundreds of promising Torrent websites that are still struggling to survive. Many torrent sites don’t work, and most are not safe. To save your time from broken and dangerous sites, we tested over 35 most reputed sites to shortlist the best option for you.  Not only they work, but they have high-quality speed, library size and ease of use. So, don’t worry -I have got you covered.

The Sites which we are going to recommend you are the safe and active and the process how you can download with easy simple step and without being hurt by hackers.

Be careful while Torrenting because there could be a risk of both accessing and downloading from a torrent site. The risk may be ads, malware, virus, to ISP copyright notification and government fines.

So, using VPN is the only option to ensure your safety from prying eyes of ISP. ISP will significantly lower your download speed if torrenting detected. You will be protected f your IP address is masked by VPN. At the end of the article, I will help you find the secure VPN and start torrenting. I tested over 30 VPN’s I have found NordVPN, ExpressVPN and CyberGhost VPN to be the most reliable for torrenting in terms of speed, security, and quality. Given Below is the list of the most popular torrent websites.

List of Top 10 Torrent Sites For Torrenting

The Pirate Bay

1. The Pirate Bay - torrent sites in india

The Pirate Bay is the most old and trusted torrent site on the internet. It has dodge numerous government shutdown and blocks, it must be reliable Definity. It is impossible to give you a 100% guarantee of anything but still, The Pirate Bay is so close when it comes to safety.

The Pirate bay has had a long and rough history, but still favourite and strong in terms of quality and safety. It has millions of torrents available in various categories with supported links and simple interface and that won’t give you any trouble if you are beginner.

Note: The pirate Bay’s domain change frequently (at present back at.org), and websites occasionally goes offline. In that case you can find yourself a The Pirate Bay proxy website on the internet.

The site indicating for trusted Users and verified uploaders who share good quality content with no hidden nasty files. It can assure that you wont download malware or spam with your torrent site. It also contains an add feature which you can easy bloc with available option.

Feature of The Pirate Bay

  • Founded: 2003
  • Blocked in: at least 28 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom.
  • 3,300,000+ torrents available.
  • Average download speed is 65.9 Mbps.
  • Oldest and most reputed torrent site, VIP/trusted user badge.


2. RARBG – top torrenting websites

RARBG has been around since 2008 and being famous for its High-quality data content and extremely ease of use feature, as well as new content additions. RARBG has a smaller content in it because of a good reason. The general public are not allowed to upload on it, Instead Uploader is verified by the Moderator because RARBG is famous for its high-quality downloads.

But RARBG is blocked in many countries includes Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the UK because it is not under radar. But VPN will help you access to RARBG and avoid these blocks.

This site has filtering system for movies, means you can search y applying filter for compression standard and pixel definition. If you are looking for game, you can filter by the type of console.

Note: The website contains some sort of pop-ups and chrome extension notification ad blocker won’t stop. Use a VPN with a malware blocker like NordVPN to ensure you are not interrupted by any of these features. RARBG doesn’t show you high-speed torrent by default, so make sure to click the S header column of the search to sort.

Feature of RARBG

  • Founded 2008
  • Blocked in: Countries including Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and the UK
  • 800,000+ torrent available.
  • Average speed of download 91.6 Mbps.
  • Blog section for news from the entertainment industry.


3. 1337x – best torrent sites in india

1337x is a torrent site that’s conscious of its visual appearances. Everything start from the Home page to the index page is designed with the content placed neatly and aligned correctly.

 1337x is available with may option for you even if you are not aware what you are looking for, thanks to its simple organised interface that will provide you reliable massive torrent library, Improving the layout and eliminating some serious security risks. 1337x is a user-friendly interface makes finding the torrent you want easy.

Feature of 1337x

  • Founded 2007.
  • Blocked in Austria, UK, Ireland, and Australia.
  • 2400000+ torrents available
  • Average speed 69.4 Mbps.
  • Clean look and feel for listing page and useful for searching older torrents


4. TorLock – torrent sites working in india

TorLock combines a huge list of torrents with users experience especially when you are looking for hight quality anime episodes or reading material. This website uploads torrent all around the internet.

However, Torlocks does a lot of misleading links which appear on the search pages. One click will lead you to all nasty sites. If you are going to use TorLock, I recommend using it with VPN.

Some of the content TorLock is difficult to find on other websites, but you are likely to find the most popular torrent here as well.

Features of TorLock

  • Founded in 2010
  • Blocked in Australia, India, and the UK.
  • Average download speed is 59.7 Mbps.
  • Proxy/mirror sites: torlock.unblocked.bet/, t0rlock1.unblocked.lol


5. Torrentsz2 – top torrenting sites

You might be aware about that Torrentz is a good search engine and indexing website which promotes itself as a clone of the defunct Torrentz. It only performs to finding the torrent present on other sites. Still Torrentz could be worthy websites among 2020’s top torrent sites.

Torrentz is the new iteration of the popular Torrentz website. It has kept the original site’s minimalist interface and heavy focus on music. Torrentz always remains a best choice for audiophiles, and most reliable sound tracker.

Note: Filter by Verified to only view verified torrents to make sure that you are downloading safe content.

Features of Torrentz2

  • Founded in 2006.
  • Not blocked in any countries.
  • Over 61000000 torrents indexed.
  • Average speed 86.9 Mbps.
  • A metasearch engine with torrents from 90+ sites. onion address for evading blocking


6. YTS – best torrent search engine

The major focus of YTS is exclusively on movies of high definition that you can download at fast speeds.  It provides high definition with small size file, so it is a great choice if you have limited bandwidth. The wonderful layout and huge variety of titles make it the ideal site for movie enthusiast. The only hosts Movies, so you must visit other sites if you are looking for TV shows, series, Music, or games.

 Note: The current yts.am and yts.gd sites have lots of pop-ups that could compromise your privacy. Make sure that you are protected by VPN with an ad-blocker.

Features of YTS

  • Founded in 2011.
  • Blocked in UK, US, Iceland, Greece, Australia, and Ireland, Among others.
  • 8,000+ torrents available.
  • Average speed is 30.1 Mbps.
  • Efficient search filter with useful filters and sorting options


7. EZTV – top 10 torrented sites in india

EZTV is widely known for its top torrent site for TV shows with an enormous selection, clean and ad free interface, along with resolution options and with lots of active users. You can find anything elated TV shows here from the latest hit series and late-night reality shows and races. It is extremely ease of use and that what matter. Popular TV Shows have their own page on the sites where you can find the organised content list of all season with all episodes. There is an option available to download full season at the same time, so you don’t have to download each episode individually. A Reliable VPN with fast speed will make downloading episodes quick and easy.

Note: You can follow your favourite TV shows with EZTV’s “countdown list,” a live countdown for shows due to air soon.

Features of EZTV

  • Founded in 2015.
  • Blocked in Australia, Ireland, the UK, and other countries.
  • 155000+ Torrents available
  • Average speed is 110.4 Mbps
  • Countdown List helpful


8. Zooqle – working torrenting sites india

Zooqle has over 3700 movies and 600 TV show available impressive for a site. Zooqle is one of the recently added site in torrent list but it is gaining a popularity because of its massive database. The indexing site focuses mainly on movies and TV shows, but it also has a good range of games, software and ebooks.

The interface is strong overall but could use some minor improvement here and there. This website is easy to use and has number to help you find whatever you are after.

I got a lot of o pop-ups while using a zooqle and found it annoying to keep closing them. So, using it with a VPN that blocks ads and malware.

Note: Unable to remember the name of a TV show or movie, but remember the character name? You can search on Zooqle for specific actor’s name and the site will show you what you have been searching for.

Feature of Zooqle

  • Founded in 2013
  • No blocked countries
  • 3500000+ Torrents indexed
  • Average speed is 39.1 Mbps
  • Tons of useful sub-categories and Innovative way of listing torrents and providing information


9. TorrentDownloads – torrent websites in india

TorrentDownload is another popular torrent site, mainly because it keeps everything easy and tidy. If all site fails to provide you the reasonable content, then this one is probably your best to find the old content rarely used software which you have been looking for.

It includes one the biggest database on the internet. It is a good multipurpose site includes movies, shows, games, apps and more. The website interface is simple and easy to use. An advance option search available which lets you filter by category and status. You can also checkout the rating and comment of each content to make sure that you are not downloading a fake file. It hardly takes 30 to 40 second to find and vet the torrent link you want.

Features of TorrentDownloads

  • Founded in 2007.
  • Blocked in UK
  • 16000000 + Torrents available
  • Average speed 56.2 Mbps
  • Proxy/mirror sites: torrentdownloads.unblockall.org, torrentdownloads.unblocker.cc


10. Lime Torrents – torrent movie download sites in india

LimeTorrent.cc is a best alternative if your favourite torrent site is down, but it has some shortcomings. It is a simple organized layout for user experience. You may find new release as well as old content with fast speed. Lime torrent includes nearly 10 million torrent and famous as one of the biggest torrent sites. It has lot more database includes movies, TV Shows, games, Music etc.  It has comprehensive tracker list and directories of the most popular recent torrents. There is also a separate section for verified torrents where you can find links that have been vetted.

Note: But I recommend using it as a backup plan rather than first choice due to fake links and pop-ups. If you click accidently on anything that could infect your device.

Features of Lime Torrents

  • Founded in 2009
  • Blocked in France, the UK and Australia.
  • 9800000+ Torrents available
  • Average speed 39.1 Mbps

Easy to spot verified torrents with star badge and always updated list of top 100 and new 100 torrents

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