Top 5 Free And Open Source Hotel Management Software

Top 5 Free And Open Source Hotel Management Software

I recently read an article titled, ‘Free Advice Is Usually Worth What You Pay For It!’ However, I’m glad to say that everything that comes for free isn’t worthless, just like in this case- free and open source hotel management software. Find the most popular open source and free hotel management solution right here to save time and money for your hospitality business. Free and open source hotel management software gives even the smallest of operators the option to find a tool that works for them and their business.

What Is Hotel Management Software?

Free hotel management system has the features to help you manage a hotel, big or small, as well as, similar properties like resorts, B&Bs, homestays, etc. They can help you perform key tasks smoothly such as automated check-ins, report generation, guest management, group bookings, etc. If you have just started a business with a limited budget, free & open-source hotel management software is the best alternative for you. Such software is free to use, which means you do not have to spend a single money to buy this software. They come with unique capabilities to help your hotel perform at maximum efficiency. A hotel software helps reducing time spent on administrative tasks conventionally and build long-term relationships with the guests. You can even make sure of rewarding your customers’ loyalty with the help of a hotel management system software by offering exclusive discounts or free stays. Most of the software provides these services for an associated cost or fee but most of the hotel management software are offer it for free. Most software provides such services for an associated cost or fee and many other offer it for free.

Here Are The List of Free and Open Source Hotel Management Software

1. Abacre Hotel Management System

Abacre is free to download and comes with a large number of features that hotel manager surely enjoy this feature. It is very simple and easy to operate. Abacre hotel management system is one of the popular and free and open source solutions available in the market today. Abacre is a web based free hotel management software that facilitates everything from managing guest reservation to guest check-in/check-outs, generating invoices & tax reports. This software system designed in that way that manager can make management smooth and simple. This software can help hotel manager to do their daily task easily and effortlessly.


  • First feature of Abacre hotel management software is excellent backup facility which is very useful when ever you needed it.
  • Supports multiple currencies and tax settings.
  • It supports many type of payment options like cash, debit card, credit card and cheque.
  • Booking and reservation management.
  • Offers enhanced security and spam protection.

2. HotelDruid

The software is easy to download and is free to use. It is a cloud-based free hotel management software that can be operated from PC, smartphone, and tablets. It is a user-friendly software supporting multiple languages like English, Spanish, French and many more. This free and open source hotel management platform designed to manage bookings, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals and many other daily tasks.


  • Saving, printing, and emailing of documents and invoices.
  • Drag and Drop reservations.
  • Electronic point of sale (POS).
  • Guest information management.
  • Extra costs, special offers and restrictions.

3. KWHotel Free

This open source hotel management solution is ideal for small and medium-sized hoteliers. If you are small and mini sized business model then you can approach KWHotel Free software. KWHotel Free is a fully interactive and efficient Hotel Management Software solution. KWHotel Free have limited scope because it can only be used by one workstation but it offers all the basic functionality in order to be considered for this list. KWHotel system facilitates easy booking, easily manage group reservations, free room management and also your guests will be able to get checked in or out quickly.


  • Create, edit and issue invoices, receipts, fiscal coupons and other important documents.
  • Event management, Rate management and Room booking management.
  • Excellent technical support.
  • Manage complete guest details and reservation history at one place.
  • Online booking facility.


Nobeds is mostly used by hotels and property owners. Nobeds indicates room booking available in the hotel and their prices and create reservations using the calendar feature. The Nobeds is also functional for hotels or property owners to automatically change and ,manage the availability of rooms. Direct booking confirmations are automatically distributed via email or SMS to your customers and can even be customized and personalized to say something specific like sharing a personalized message or giving directions to your property. Nobeds is a free and easy to install hotel management software ideal for hotel, property or rental businesses. Nobeds are easily operated through Android, Windows and IOS.


  • You can access the system anytime to check vacancies, payment status, etc.
  • Manage special offers for bookings and auto confirmation of booking.
  • Accounting system, Reporting and statistics.
  • Multiple languages support and currency support.
  • Calendar management and invoice management.

5.  OTA Hotel Management

OTA hotel management platform is used in hospitality industries. In OTA hotel management OTA stands for Online Travel Agency. OTA hotel management platform is a web-based company which allow users to book various travel related services directly through internet. OTA hotel management software currently supporting many languages like English, Korean, Vietnamese and many more.


  • Manage the pricing and inventories.
  • Best features is like detecting their location, price filters, or star rating filters so that they can easily find the desired hotels.
  • It provides you with real-time online booking engine.
  • You can create, edit and delete guest profile.

Bottom Line

The paid version, obviously, offers additional functions. However, if you have limited resources, then free and open source hotel management software can prove to be your savior. If you’re a small or midsize hospitality business, these option which given in our article is the best choice for you to manage hospitality. Hotel Management system is help you to increase sales by more than 35%. If we have missed any popular and valuable free hotel management system, let us know in the comment section below.

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