20 Best Online Food Ordering Websites And Food Delivery Apps In India

20 Best Online Food Ordering Websites And Food Delivery Apps In India

What is online food ordering systems?

Online food ordering has become a trend these days, whether owing to the modernized lifestyle or to treat your taste buds with your favorite cuisines and flavors. People go to online food ordering websites and applications of such restaurants to browse through the available items, order their food, and get them delivered at their doorsteps. This online delivery method is revolutionizing the food industry and becoming a popular way to get your favorite food within a timeline without stepping out of your place.

The food home delivery option is convenient to order food online and get them anywhere you want whether you are in the office, a party, or home. You can have a great experience having food in your relaxed environment

What is takeaway and dine-in food ordering?

These restaurants in India, mostly run in two ways – take away and dine-in. These both are good options for the foodies to enjoy their meals just where they like.

Takeaway – While takeaway restaurants are good for the days when you are on the run and want to save some time.
You can choose from a wide range of cuisines and take them away while hurrying home after the late office hours or a gym session to avoid cooking.

Dine-in – Dine-in is the best way to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal in a different environment with great ambiance, lovely vibes, and memorable experience. You can choose the restaurants for a casual or a fine dining night and enjoy the extensive menu with everything up to the mark. The prime purpose of these restaurants is to create a lovely experience for their visitors.

What is deliver to train?

As technology is progressing and new apps and online sites are being launched every other day. It becomes easier now than ever for people to get food of their choice on the train. Now the passengers, who are traveling through the train, do not need to eat anything that they have on the menu or go hungry.

People can order food on trains using the apps from a variety of cuisines as per their preferences and get them delivered to the train. They only need to provide some of their travel details such as PNR, train name, seat number, etc.

You can expect a sumptuous meal delivery on your seat that is not just delicious but affordable too and makes your journey even more fun. Food delivery to train has made travel a whole lot easier for travelers.

Let us know about the best online food ordering apps in India that could be your savior in times when you need your favorite food at your home without stepping out.

list of online food ordering websites in india

Top 20 Online Food Ordering And Delivery Websites in India


Swiggy is one of the most popular food-ordering platforms in India that attracts foodies from different parts of the country to place an order. Its app is great and super easy to use which allows you to choose your favorite cuisines and flavors from plenty of restaurants and cafes. With a simple interface and lots of in-app features, it becomes the first choice for everyone to order food online.


Zomato is another famous food ordering site with an app that has unique features to understand the needs of the users. You can explore and discover different ways to make your dinner nights fun and enjoyable. It does not only allow you to order food but also helps you find the best restaurants to dine-in, table booking, takeaways, and food discoveries.

Uber Eats

The Uber Eats food delivery app is the savior for all the users as it has various features that make your food ordering easier. You can not only place the order but also track the live location of your food and rate the service of food delivery. You can use the app and order your favorite food at one place get notified about your order at every step.

Foodpanda (Acquired by Ola)

Food panda is one of the most used food delivery apps that provides a great food ordering experience. The app lets you contact the delivery man directly and keep track of your food in real-time. You need to register before you choose your best food to order online and get it delivered at your place.


Faaso’s enables people to order food from any part of the country through its website and app. The app needs just a good internet connection to run and you can place your order, track it in real-time and enjoy the food from a different menu every time you order something. Faaso’s is one of the few food ordering platforms where you will find the authentic flavors.


Dominos is a multinational restaurant which enables you to dine-in as well as order food online. It is one of the best app from the list of online food ordering websites in india.

a. You can use its app and browse food varieties including pizza, bread & sandwiches, dessert, and drinks.
b. You can place an order, customize, and track your food delivery within the app.
c. You can use the app on your smartphones and order the food of your choice from anywhere.


Box8 is a food delivery platform that offers the Indian meals packed of flavors and made with fresh ingredients. Whenever you crave for desi food and spices, Box8 is the place for you as you will provide an extensive mouth-watering menu. The Box8 app provides a great experience to the app users with essential features.

Pizza Hut Delivery

Pizza Hut ordering offers easy ordering with its app. The users of the app can easily get access to the food menu and order their favorite food. The app enables users to get constant updates on new deals and products and easily reorder from your saved orders. You can get quick delivery of your food at your doorsteps in just a few steps.


McDelivery food delivery app lets you choose your food, customize it by adding and removing ingredients, and pre-order your preferences. You can use their app for a

smooth and quick service of food delivery that includes desserts, beverages, and burger meals. McDelivery is one of the most used services for ordering food online.


FoodCloud is the first food delivery restaurant that offers home-cooked food by top chefs and cooks to match the needs of people. You can select from multiple food varieties and delicious home-cooked food and order them using the easy and fun-filled app. You can get their amazing food delivery service right at your doors.

Behrouz Biryani

If you ever crave for some authentic Indian Biryani, Behrouz Biryani has got your covered. You can log in to their app to order the variety Biryani from their vast menu and enjoy whether you have a non-cooking day or a part at your home. The app lets you order food in your city and get the best Biryani at your home.


TravelKhana provides a food delivery service on Trains and makes your travel a bit easier and fun. You can order food of your choice from the app and get the delivery of fresh and hot food at your seat. The app enables you to order food from anywhere in the country and order the veg and non-veg meals on the train to have ana amazing journey.


Railrestro is another food delivery service apps that allow travelers to find their favorite food from the menu and get it on your seat on the train. You can find the delicious meal on your journey, track your order delivery, and light up your mood with flavourful meals just in a few clicks.  


You can discover your favorite cuisines with numerous restaurants around you on the app. You can download their app for android and iOS and order your preferred food to feed your stomach. The app is easy to use and delivers the food of your choice to your place.


Dunzo is a offers food delivery services for free in different parts of the country. You can also buy groceries and other essential things through their app and get it delivered to your home. It enables you to buy your kitchen essentials right in one place and offers fast service. It is one of best app from the list of online food ordering websites in gurugram.


Grubhub allows you to order the food of different cuisines from various restaurants near you. You can order takeaway or delivery service as per your preference and get their flexible and easy delivery service right to your door.


Seamless is an American food ordering service provider that allows you to select your food from a wide selection of local restaurants. You can find the reviews and ratings with different deals on your food orders on the app and have a happy meal right at your home.

Eat Fit

Eat Fit is a healthy and homely food delivery service provider that has a tasteful menu of food to order online. You can order the food from the local kitchens and get healthy food and meals using their app. It is one of the best places to order diet food and protein beverages after your gym sessions.


Potafo is an online food delivery service based in Kozhikode and offers sumptuous flavors to the food lovers. You can order food online via its app and get a good and prompt delivery service within no time.


TastyKhana is one of the best food delivery platforms that offer great service all over India. Its app lets you order tasty and healthy food conveniently from a range of food options available on local restaurants. And enjoy different cuisines anytime in your comfort zone.


Scootsy is the Mumbai-based one-stop roof where you will find a great variety right from baked items and sweets, cakes, gourmet food, beverages, and other items from different restaurants. You can use its app and get fast and free delivery from your local cafes and eateries.


JustEat provides a platform for the foodies to browse and order the food and to book tables at their favorite restaurants for fine dining. You can try and order your best dishes from their app and get your favorite from the best food outlets. The app lets the users place a secure order and get a fast service.


FoodMingo is the answer to all your food ordering needs as it is operated in several parts of the country and provides online food delivery services along with others such as banquet booking, table booking, etc. You can find great deals and get good food at your doors with exciting deals.

All Above Listed Websites are Available For Smart Phone.

Yes, you can download above online food ordering apps from Google Play Store and Apple Store for your Android and iPhone.

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