20 Best Android Apps In India September 2021

20 Best Android Apps In India September 2021

Our phones have become a vital part of our life and make it a lot easier to do instant messages, video calls, conduct browser searches, gaming, and managing our schedule and calendar. With the advancement of technology, there are numerous companies that are coming up with their useful apps for android. These apps are making our lives much easier and bring efficiency to our daily routine whether it is about entertainment or work-life balance.

The Google Play Store has all that you need to make use of your android phones to its maximum potential. There are tons of helpful tools and apps that are available on Google Play Store which you must have on your android handsets.

We have curated a list of 20 best apps of all time that surely have a spot on your android device. Let find them one by one and get the collection on your phone.

Most popular android apps in a daily life


Spotify is a fun app for all the music lovers out there as it offers plenty of exciting features that make it even more fun. You can create your own playlist on the app by selecting your favorite songs. It also allows you to listen to your favorite artists, songs, and albums whenever you want. The app offers great user experience and several other features that make it an essential app to get on your smartphones.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the ultimate preference of people when it comes to android browsers. The app helps manage the searches, history, and private searching easily. The app gets better with every update and offers the best browsing experience. It provides seamless service with fast performance and makes it in the list of the best browser app for android smartphones.

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Telegram X

Telegram X app has incredible features with fast speed messaging services. The latest version of the app offers several features to use and an easy interface that helps you interact with the app faster. You can get animation stickers, smooth chat, and calls and easily locate saved files on your device. It is, without a doubt, one of the best apps to have on your android phone.


Skype is now owned by Microsoft and offers instant messaging services. You can make video calls as well as voice calls through the app and enjoy some other important features as well. The app lets you connect with people nationally or across the world through video chats. It has an enormous mass that appreciate the app features. You must have this app on your device to get all of the advantages.

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ESPN is a popular sports app that showcases the latest sports updates through headlines. It covers a vast range of sports including football, cricket, soccer, etc. It streams the best content with unparalleled quality of features. You can get the news and sports alerts and get notified before your entertaining sports.


YouTube is an essential app and most of use already have it on our android phones. Though the app is already on top of the list of every android user, the app must deserve to be in this list of the best apps. The app lets you access to myriad videos and watch and share them within a matter of a few seconds. You will have access to all the best videos on the app and also offers a subscription if you want to unlock more features of the app.

Google Photos

This app of Google is a true companion for you to store, edit, and share photos and videos. You can free up your device space by backing up your photos to the app. It lets you filter your photos by place and dates and also has unlimited storage for saving videos and pictures. The best part about the app is the face detection feature that improves efficiency.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt helps you manage your photos and edit them with plenty of tools and features. You can use lots of color effects, drawing tools, and collage making within just one app. If you are fond of making your pictures more attractive, this app will help you do it in the best way. You can have this app on your android phone to get your snaps game a notch higher.

Amazon Kindle

Kindle is among the top reading apps that allow users to get their favorite books in the library. You can add the previews of the books to read and make in-app purchases to get the complete purchases. It helps you to make notes, sync it across all your devices, and resume your reading from where you had left.

Google Maps

Google Maps helps you find your destination and guides you to reach from one place to another. You can use the app to navigate your way by walk, bicycle, and public transport. It becomes easier to search the location using the map and it will guide you through every road and direct you to take every turn. You can turn on voice direction and take advantage of the excellent features of the app.

Facebook Gaming

This FB gaming app helps you get entertainment whenever you need it. There are myriad games available on the app that help you enjoy instant games. You can find new games and sports videos on the app. This is one of the best android apps to get amazing gaming experience. All Facebook users can spend time with friends by playing a variety of games.


WhatsApp has the largest userbase and is extremely popular among smartphone users. It allows you to have video calls and chats instantly. Your messages and chats are encrypted and completely secure on the app. It provides some of the best messaging services that you can use to create groups to have group conversations.


Houseparty app is one of the best apps that enables you to connect with your friends and family on a video chat. You can always hang out on this app with your loved ones from a remote location. You can have multiple numbers of rooms to explore and get notified when your friends open the chat so you can join them. The app will sure to keep you connected with your loved ones and bring more joy to your life.


Tinder, If you are a young smartphone user, this app must be added to your library. This dating app is still the first choice for most of the dating app users. It helps you meet new people with geolocation and find the right match for yourself just by swiping right. You can chat with people and increase your chances of meeting a perfect for yourself. Check out the more best dating apps.


With millions of userbase already indulging with the app features, there is no need to introduce the app. The platform is the place for all the opinionated people as it has creators, celebrities, news/media companies, sports federations as well as common people. Anyone can be on this platform and follow and share their interests. The app helps you create hashtags and make the right use of it to speak your voice on a particular topic and stay updated about the breaking news.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is one of the fast and easy messaging apps that allows Facebook users and Non-Facebook users to sign up and get connected with your friends available on the app. The app enables video calling and video chats with your friends from the phonebook and share voice messages and videos with them.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the google app for android users that comes with a set of Google applications such as Google photos, calendar, mail, doc, etc. it allows android users to get a 15 GB free cloud storage space and it enables to buy more space if needed more. The app lets you manage and store your documents safely on the cloud and collaborate with other users to enhance productivity. This app is a must-have for every android user.


Netflix is popular among video streaming platforms and its app offers the best streaming services with high-quality videos. You can find and watch a variety of dramas, movies, TV shows, documentary and series according to your interest and watch them as per your preference of time. There are different types of content available on the platform to be entertained and you can download your favorite shows to watch them offline later.


Todoist is the solution to all your problems related to tasks and projects. Now you can manage them effortlessly with the app as it enables you to create projects, to-do-list, and put comments and tags. You can integrate the app with your mail and manage your email tasks as well. It helps you reduce your stress and simplify the process of managing tasks.

Google Pay

This app lets you make purchases and shopping faster and easier for the users. It allows sending and receiving money on your wallets without any extra charges and also gets the advantage of a seamless experience. The app keeps coming up with a new set of features that allows multiple features just with a few easy steps. You can add your card details and make transactions without sharing your details with anyone. Get this amazing app on your android phone and unlock various features.

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