Pii Email 096D854470C8A6A62B16 Error Code Solution

Pii Email 096D854470C8A6A62B16 Error Code Solution

As we know that Microsoft outlook is one of the most used software for email communication and even if someone has not used it he must be aware of what Microsoft outlook email software is. The outlook is the product of Microsoft for email communication like Gmail of google.

But nowadays many outlook users are asking us that they are getting [pii_email_096d854470c8a6a62b16] error code. If you are facing the same issue then your outlook service might not work correctly.

After receiving a lot of emails about [pii_email_096d854470c8a6a62b16], we decided to provide a solution to this error code and make your life easier.

So, in this article, we will provide you a few solutions to this error code and by applying any of these solutions we are sure that the error got resolved. Not only we will provide you a solution of [pii_email_096d854470c8a6a62b16] error code, but we will also provide the full information about why this error occurs.

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3 SOLUTION OF [PII_EMAIL_096D854470C8A6A62B16]

  • Clear Cache and Cookies

It is one of the easiest solutions to do and plays one of the most important roles.

– The first step is to clear all cookies of Microsoft outlook. By Clearing cookies, all the data will get refreshed

– Close your account. In case you are using multiple accounts then close all those accounts too.

– Shutdown your PC and restart it again.

– Now open Microsoft Outlook and the error [pii_email_096d854470c8a6a62b16] got resolved.

If still, the situation is the same, check out the 2nd solution mentioned below.

  • Updated Your Microsoft Outlook

– Logout from all your accounts if you are using multiple accounts and just leave one.

–  Checkout for the updated version of outlook if available. You can check out Microsoft’s official website for any updates on outlook.

– If no update is available there then try to uninstall the outlook and reinstall it again.As there is a possibility that this error [pii_email_096d854470c8a6a62b16] occurs while installation.

– If you are still getting the error [pii_email_096d854470c8a6a62b16], try to connect with Microsoft. You can connect with them by visiting their official website

Until you get a response from Microsoft team, you can also use their web version

  • Auto Repair Tool for [PII_EMAIL_096D854470C8A6A62B16]

If your error still not get rectified then try this 3rd solution for this error.

– To identify the exact issue you will need a window’s auto repair tool.

– Go to your control panel by clicking on software and features

– Now, choose a specific framework for Microsoft. Or, you can check out the Office 365 feature.

– Now click on edit option in feature window and choose repair option.

– Auto repair kit, the device will automatically fix the error. Please wait until it gets done.

– Open Outlook and check if the error got resolved or not.

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