How To See WiFi Password On Android, iOS Mobiles and Windows, macOS Laptops

How To See WiFi Password On Android, iOS Mobiles and Windows, macOS Laptops

Now days internet, gadgets and devices are the most personal things of humans. And they never shows their cell phone pattern and password to any one. So, we are here to share few tips on how to view saved wifi password from any devices for free internat use. Here are the few ways to see WiFi password in windows, macOS, IOS, and Android. If you are connected to Wi-Fi on one device but required password to log in on another one.

View The Saved WiFi Password For Devices

Check Wi-Fi Password on Windows

If you are visiting your relative and seeking for Wi-Fi password but they are occupied in other work. And your laptop is connected to same network with previous visit. So, you want to connect your smartphone with same network. You can search the Wi-Fi from your connected laptop without even bothering to anybody. Here’s how you can grab the password and connect your phone.

check wifi password on windows

Follow the steps to connect Wi-Fi password in Windows:

  1. Open the start menu and search for “Network Status”.
  2. Click the change adapter tab button present in the setting menu.
  3. If operating window 7, open control panel and head to “Network and Internet > Network Connection.
  4. Right click on your PC or laptop adapter in the list, Choose “Status >Wireless Properties”.
  5. Under the Security tab there is a password box with dots in it.
  6. Click the show character box to see password appear in plain text.

However, if you are trying to connect with the network you are not currently connected to, then things are little complicated. In this case you can download third party app like “Magical JellyBean Wi-Fi Password Revealer” which can share the password of the saved network.

If you do not want to install extra software, then you can find the password from the Windows command prompt. Open the start Menu, Search for “command prompt, and right click it to Run As administrator. This command will help you see a list of Saved Wi-Fi password.

  • Apple’s macOS stores Wi-Fi password in its keychain where you can check
  • netsh wlan show profile
  • Pick the network you want from the list, then run:
  • wlan show profile My Network key clear

Check WiFi Password in MacOS

Apple’s macOS stores Wi-Fi password in its keychain where you can check by opening Keychain Access app. Press Command + Space to open spotlight, search for “keychain access”, and open the app. Use Search bar in Keychain access app to search the name of Wi-Fi network if you have connected earlier.

check wifi password on macos

Once you see the network in the list, the double clicks on it to see password. You can check the show password box along the bottom to see password.

Check Wi-Fi Password on Android Mobile Phones

Viewing Wi-Fi password is more difficult on mobile phone. But you are lucky if you are running Android 10, because it is easily accessible: click on “Setting > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and select the network in question.

check wifi password on android mobiles

If you are not currently connected to the same network, you will saved network to see another network you have connected in the past. Then tab the share button and it will appear the QR code.

Without using Android 10, cannot see the Wi-Fi network password unless phone is rooted. If you have file explorer like Solid Explorer can help you find the password. Just access to “Data/ misc/Wifi and open the wpa Supplicant.conf file.

Within the same document file, you will find the network with same password. The location of the file may file device to device since some encrypt the password within wpa supplicat.conf.

Check Wi-Fi Password on iPhone Mobile

Viewing password on iPhone is not that simple since apple never built the feature into iOS. Once you Synchronize your phone’s wi-fi password with iCloud chain, you can use the Mac instructions above so that you can see the password on your computer. This method will only be applicable on Mac, even when if you never connected to that network or device.

view saved wifi password on iphone mobile

Though this has become less common in recent years, Jailbraking provide other option in your iPhone. Only the most dedicated user can track the password of their iOS devices but is your Jailbroken, head to cydia and search for Wi-fi passwords.

This will help you to see all those passwords for you, though it may or may not be dependent on the version on your Jailbroken software. These things are always in flux. But if you don’t want to work with jailbroken then there are many other similar app available in Cydia that are worth trying out.

Check Password on Router’s Admin Page

If you have already tried all the above trick to track the Wi-Fi password and you are still without a password, we have one more option to track those passwords, check the Wi-Fi router’s administrative tools. If you seen the Wi-Fi network information on your device – Exp Clicking the “I” next to the WI-FI name on ios setting – you will see the router’s IP address, usually something like

Router Admin Page

Type the above given number in the address bar of your browser and use a site like to check if the default username and password for that model number gain you access to the setting. If you are not aware about the login page, or you can find it printed on router itself backside or frontside. Detect the Wi-Fi section of the setting, and after you will be able to see the network password.

There might be an another possibility if the owner has change the administrative password to their router, which everyone should do for their device security reason, Then you wont be able to perform this action and if you don’t have their permission, It’s generally not a good idea to go rooting around someone else’ router setting. (If You have your own family member on your own network, or a close family member then you are probably fine.

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