The Best Network Coverage in the US in 2021

If you’re ever planning on getting a cellphone while in the US or is already living in the US but looking for the best cellular service, this article is tailor-made for you. We will be talking about the best cellular service provider in the US with the most range and the most perks overall. Sure, there might be some things that others might excel in, but there should only be one with all things considered.


AT&T has been a staple company with just about everything that you would need. However, what they pride themselves on are the speeds that their internet or 5G can reach compared to the others.

With a wide-reaching network coverage, it’s easy for AT&T to boast about just how good their speeds are in most areas of the US. They also have respectable data rates but not good enough to get the highest spot on the list, which you could consider the best provider.


Coming in next, Sprint has always been a top contender for being the best cellular coverage, especially since T-Mobile has recently bought it, more on that later. Sprint still offers its plans to customers even after the takeover and has decent coverage of customers throughout the US. It is a big boost for T-Mobile since Sprint’s customers will most likely be T-Mobile’s customers in the future.


The list wouldn’t be complete if Verizon weren’t here, with comprehensive network coverage spans multiple states. It’s easy to give the crown to Verizon, but that’s not the case for this. They do have a lot to bring to the table for new and existing customers.

Such as consistent LTE, a broad LTE coverage, several plans that can be both affordable and cost-worthy, and so much more! It just falls short in some aspects like having the most expensive programs out there and many more.

Google Fi

With what Google has going on right now, it’s only right to try and place their digital footprint in the land of cell phone providers. With Google Fi, they already have a lot of people going for their service.

This has given rise to more cellular coverage across the US. This would only continue to skyrocket once more, and more people switch over to them because of its many advantages and few disadvantages.

The advantages are plenty, and they include a massive combined network, great roaming plans, unlimited availability, supports most GSM phones out there, and more! The drawbacks are few such as, you would need a specific type of phone to achieve a full network and get pretty pricey.


Finally, last but not least. The best overall cellular phone provider and has the most coverage in all 53 states in the US, T-Mobile takes the champion’s spot. With an almost unlimited range in cell phone coverage, massive 5G coverage, competitive rates for plans, and so much more!

It’s hard not to think of another provider coming close to its level. Sprint’s purchase only cemented its dominance compared to the rest, given that they are all dying for 2nd place since 1st seems a little out of reach.

Choose wisely and remember that the champion gets switched out every year or two every year, and it’s best to always be on the winning side when you’re talking about cell phone coverages, especially if you live in the US.

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So again, when you decide to get a new line, a new provider, or just getting one to begin with. Make sure to have read this article thoroughly to give you an idea of what you’re supposed to be getting right away.

You wouldn’t want to be stuck out in the wild with no service and no one to ask for help; that’s the reason why cell phone coverages exist to connect people who aren’t associated with others, among other things as well.

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