Elevate Your Chat Game With These Top 4 Bird Emojis

Elevate Your Chat Game With These Top 4 Bird Emojis

In this day and age, most populaces communicate digitally, and everyone knows the best way to spice up conversations. That is right, Emojis! Tired of plain and boring captions, tweets, texts, and posts? Use this breakthrough text that replaced the traditional “smileys” with more creative characters, which means more ways to express feelings!

With that being said, let me get you up to speed with these fantastic characters pioneered by Emojis, which are Bird emojis! These top 5 emojis are the most used and most popular bird emojis you can definitely use to up your game using emojis!

Top 4 Bird Emojis For iPhone and Android

Turkey Emoji The Thanksgiving Bird

Turkey Emoji on Apple iOS 10.2

On the top of this list, is yes, you guessed it, the turkey emoji. The turkey emoji is one of the most used emojis ever. This emoji has gone far more than its intended use, which is during Thanksgiving. This is generally used during this popular holiday, but there are other creative ways to use this emoji.

You can attach it in greetings during the holidays, conveying a home team’s mascot in tweets and basically anything that looks like a turkey. Use this emoji! Again, turkeys are the best way to represent Thanksgiving, so don’t forget to use this emoji! Using this emoji in your conversations will definitely tell that you are fun, quirky, and love the holidays!

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Peacock Emoji Flaunting Your Feathers

Peacock Emoji on Apple iOS 12.1

Next on the list is based on one of the most majestic birds ever to walk the earth, the peacock! Did you know that peacocks flaunt their feathers to attract their mate? Good thing, you can definitely do the same by using this peacock emoji. So go ahead post as much as you can, and don’t forget to use the peacock to show your availability!

You make use of this emoji when you are ready to meet other singles worldwide and show that you are available to date! Recently gone through a tough break up and have moved on? Post a slightly spicy picture on Instagram, and with an awesome caption with the peacock emoji, sit and watch as other singles flock to your page and like your post!

Penguin Emoji The Cute Clumsy Flightless Bird

Penguin Emoji on Samsung One UI 2.5

Have you seen Happy Feet? So the population is in unison when most people say that penguins are one of the cutest birds in existence! Good news, dancing penguin fans, there is right emoji for you to abuse, the penguin emoji! This character is hands down one of the more popular ones out of the hundreds of emojis. It’s number one quality: cuteness.

You can use this emoji when posting about your recent trips to ocean parks, beaches, or even the tundras when you see them. You should rewatch the Happy Feet movies and post away! If you see a penguin, please do the people a favor, post it, share their cuteness, and don’t forget to include the penguin emoji in your captions!

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Eagle Emoji The American Icon

Eagle Emoji on Apple iOS 10.2

No need for introductions, the most recognizable bird in American symbolism, the eagle! Eagles are majestic creatures and have the most fearsome reputation among birds’ elite category: the birds of prey. Among these birds, the eagle is undoubtedly the bird that stands above them all.

This emoji is best used when showing patriotism to the great red, white, and blue! So please go ahead and post away with this awesome emoji! Because of this fantastic emoji, showing love for your beloved country is more fun and can perk up any post about the US of A!

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Every bird on this list is unique and has very different traits. Most of the population has very few chances to use these emojis, but it’s always epic when we get to use them. With that being said, these bird emojis have a particular usage, and it is up to you to discover new uses for these awesome birds and level up your text game to the next stage!

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