Does The Paraphrasing Tool Really Make Your Content Plagiarism-Free?

Does The Paraphrasing Tool Really Make Your Content Plagiarism-Free?

We may find ourselves paraphrasing while content writing in one way or another. However, the fear of plagiarism is a concern that always lingers in the back of writers’ minds.

Does the paraphrasing tool really make your content plagiarism-free?

In this article, we are discussing the answer to this question. Let’s just start with the concept of paraphrasing.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a method of changing and rewriting an existing piece of text in your own words. The thing to remember is the final text must not be entirely different from the original source text.

In the content writing field, paraphrasing has its place as an interpretation or elaboration of someone’s ideas into your own writing style. Most content writers utilize the paraphrasing technique as a replacement for quoting and giving credit to the original writer.

On the other side, many content writers prefer to use online paraphrasing resources. However, writers may face plagiarism in their content in both cases. This begs the question of that; can we use paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism?

What is a paraphrasing tool?

There are multiple fields where people need to use paraphrasing software. Most of them are free, simple to use, and they are great for those who want to write in another language (particularly for international students). They are also helpful for saving your precious time.

The use of a paraphrasing tool is considered the main cause of plagiarism in content. Why?

The paraphrasing tool first analyzes the entered, finds out difficult terms, complicated sentence structures, and then rewrites paragraphs, articles, or any piece of writing you’re working on.

The reason why writers go for such tools is that it empowers writers to provide them with original and new content rather than giving them the chance to do the writing themselves manually.

The biggest disadvantage of this is that they are unable to learn how to paraphrase manually. Furthermore, even if the writers give proper citations, it still causes plagiarism because they’ll get credit for doing the job for what they really didn’t.

Digital technology has grown so fast and advanced that you cannot hide anything on the web, particularly the content. No doubt, paraphrasing tools are providing great help to writers but at the same time, there are advanced plagiarism checkers that also indicates where you have chosen the material (the source of content). 

Plagiarism is using someone else’s work without attribution implies that it is your own, not theirs and it can lead your career to serious harm.

Does paraphrasing tool cause plagiarism?

The straightforward answer is a big yes. Paraphrasing is taking content from any web source and putting it down in your own words. And when you do paraphrasing by using a tool, it will only give results according to entered text without any additional changes than a human brain is capable of.

Therefore, the paraphrased text is more likely to have plagiarism in it because it is almost similar to the source content with just minor changes. However, you can make paraphrased content plagiarism-free by employing some simple and easy tactics.

Tips to use paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism

In case you are concerned about using a paraphrasing tool for writing unique content, here are some simple tips to follow.

Start with the proper research

A paraphrasing tool will help you rewrite content, but you have to have all of your content organized beforehand. This is the point where your researching abilities come on stage.  You must conduct your research in a proper way so that you get the core concept behind your article.

It is important because if you know what is in the article, you can make changes to it accordingly. Because a paraphrasing tool just spits out your text without any assistance from you.

It simply takes the content and starts paraphrasing it as soon as you press the final tab. To ensure everything is ordered and properly structured, you must put everything in the right place before paraphrasing it.

Additionally, be sure to review the grammar to avoid an undesirable result and to reduce the probability of a mistake and plagiarism by the software.

You’re responsible for putting the paraphrasing tool which lines you want to be quoted, albeit the majority of the written content has already been done. If everything you’ve entered is accurate, the paraphrasing process will be quite smooth and accurate.

Use a trusted paraphrasing tool

It’s difficult to always take care of everything, even when we have no other choice. But now, in this modern world, you have everything in your hands and if you are going to use the paraphrasing technique, then you may choose a trusted online paraphrasing tool.

Many content writers prefer paraphrasing by themselves, although a tool could produce superior results. You must put forth the effort to find out which one will be well-suited for you according to your need. It’s best to just make required editing after evaluating the outcomes.

However, is one of the best paraphrasing tools for free and it ensures that the final text is unique, fresh, readable, and free of all types of plagiarism.

Although, the point of paraphrasing is to create a completely new piece of text so that it will be plagiarism-free as well. It is significant to plan to go back and make significant changes after utilizing the paraphrasing tool, you must recheck your content by a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is 100 percent original.

You must be really conscious about choosing a reliable paraphrase tool. It is just as confusing as you have to choose a hair salon or online shop since there are numerous alternatives and you have no way of knowing if you are going to meet excellent services.

Therefore, it’s best to stay with the brand that works best for you.

Final Editing

Even if you haven’t struggled with the above two steps, it is important to review the paraphrased content afterward. For, this very purpose, editing using a human eye is the perfect method.

However, there are a variety of other excellent grammar checkers are out there, too. These resources reduce the time and money you spend on this. While you make your final editing to the text, remember to only make tiny but meaningful changes. If you do not find excellent results, it’s because you didn’t choose the correct tool.

In the paraphrasing process, proofreading and editing are necessary. This applies to all content rewriters to make their content more readable and plagiarism-free by using an online paraphrasing tool.

Final thoughts

We are so much blessed to have digital technology in hand and paraphrasing tools are a little help for all writers out there. Why would someone not take help from a tool that can do your work faster and accurately than a human brain?

Writers are using paraphrasing tools so confidently that they forget sometimes overdoing it can harm their content with plagiarism. However, they must first choose the right tool and then make additional changes to it.

Paraphrasing is not a copout and not always cause of plagiarism but you need to make sure you are following the right method of doing it. We have mentioned a couple of tips to paraphrase and if you do not find it work for you, try doing it yourself then.

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