Why is Website Migration Tricky?

Why is Website Migration Tricky?

Website migration is a term used explicitly by SEO professionals when one website goes into a substantial change pertaining to its content, location, platform, structure, design, UX and otherwise which in turn affects its search engine visibility.

Search engine’s documentation is not full proof on site migration, and it does not include an in-depth knowledge, which in turn results in low traffic to your site. And this brings a significant downfall in traffic and a loss in the revenue as well. So, this must be backed-up with a full proof recovery plan as well.

Strategies to get over a tricky site migration:

Now when we have known about site migration briefly, let us now discuss a few points on how to achieve this.

Start small

It is always advised to do a test run before jumping onto the final project. It is true, in this case also. Here you can start doing it from a sub-domain and see how it works and take everybody on the same page before actually going into the process.

Ensure the new site is way better than the old one

It is an obvious one when you are introducing anything new; it has to be completely out-of-the-box and surpass all the expectations of the present viewership who are accustomed to watching it in a particular way. Make sure to have an excellent website design to ensure the same.

Before migration find a way to do tracking

It is understandable that before plunging into doing anything new, we have to ensure that it works and the only way we can find that out is through tracking the same. You can list the domain as a competitor and build a dashboard that compares rankings, indexed pages, backlinks etc.

Promote the new site migration

When you do anything new, it is very much advisable to let the viewers know about it and the benefits of doing it.

Final execution

Last but not least, the final execution has to be very smooth so that there are no technical glitches which might affect the traffic and in turn lower down the revenue for the site.

Glitches to take care of while doing site migration:

It is always good to keep in mind the glitches that might come-up while implementing something. Following are some of the factors to be considered.

Lack of proper planning

As we have discussed earlier, proper migration of sites is tricky, and a lot of things must be kept in your mind while doing so. Mentioning that, it is important to have a proper plan with set deadlines to execute the same properly. Otherwise, all the work will go in the drain, and you will face a loss in revenue and get a hit on your profitability.

Poor research on the risks involved

As mentioned before there are risks while migrating a site, now the exact risks have to be calculated, and proper strategies must be made to overcome the same.

Lack of knowledge on the parties involved

When we make any changes, it is crucial for everyone involved to know about the same. So, to ensure it, a proper training session has to be conducted with the people directly involved and make them familiar with the potential risks and the aspects of migrating 301redirects, the impact of modifying the content and having test runs.

Not having a proper checklist while doing the same

It is an obvious thing as having a checklist ensures in making our plan full-proof and weed-out the human errors which may block our way in having a successful execution of plans.

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So, having discussed all the ways and the risks involved in site migration we should keep in mind when we do any changes there is a redundancy involved but if we overcome that we come with a better future for ourselves.

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