What Is PPE KIT and Types – Get Bulk PPE Kit Price

What Is PPE KIT and Types – Get Bulk PPE Kit Price

PPE Kit: Personal protective equipment is specialized in equipment and clothing material which is used for protection against infectious diseases, Virus, and material etc. It includes Hazmat suit, Coverall suit, Helmet, Face shield, Face mask, Hand Gloves, Goggle Etc. It is Biohazardous disposable Kit and used against protective through Germs.

What is PPE Kit?

For control measure and prevent infection include following measure such as Hand hygiene using sanitizer, PPE kit and other waste management materials. The personal protective Kit consists of Garment and other equipment placed to protect the safety workers and health care worker and any other personnel to get infected. The standard precautions are like Hazmat suit, Glove, Mask, Gown. If there are high infection chances then it also includes safety goggle, Face shield and coverall suit. The characteristics of these products will be described in the section below.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Kit)

In considering the current situation due to coronavirus outbreak in worldwide COVID-19, the usage of PPE kit has been breaking all the records worldwide. It has never been important for us to wear in industries like power, construction, and Offices etc. Read more about PPE Kit, its product, usage, Price and much more.

PPE Kit Price (Bulk Pricing Structure)

70 GSM Suit Basic PPE Kit ₹350
90 GSM Suit Basic PPE Kit ₹450
70 GSM Suit Approved PPE Kit ₹550
90 GSM Suit Approved PPE Kit ₹650
N95/K95/FFP2 Mask ₹125
3Ply Mask ₹10
Safety Goggles ₹150
Face Sheild ₹100
Nitrile Gloves Per Box (100 pieces) ₹500
Latex Gloves Per Box (100 pieces) ₹400

Types of PPE Safety Equipment

Selection of the right PPE KIT according to your profession is especially important in the current situation which reduces the risk of getting infected. They are used by professionals and workers in various fields such as hospital, Facility management, automotive industries, Heavy equipment industries etc.

1. PPE for whole-body protection (PPE Suit)

The PPE Suit is the hazmat suit worn by the safety worker who is attending the infected person to protect himself from different kind of harm depending upon the nature of work. This suit material also varies depending upon the nature of work. The choice of materials includes flame-retardant, anti-static, chain mail, chemically sound, impermeable material etc. The coverall suit worn by doctors, Nurses, attendant in hospitals, caretaker, and facility management workers. There various kind of fabric used as per the nature of the work like, 70 GSM Suit, 90 GSM Suit.

2. PPE for safety goggle

The eye is one of the contacting areas in our body for the virus to enter in it. Therefore, protecting the eye is very important from any kind of infections and injuries which may cause serious damage to the eyesight. Hence safety goggle is specially designed to protect our eyes against infections. It is very important to choose the right eyes protection equipment depending upon the nature of the work. A suitable protective eye/face equipment are as follows:

  • Cover the eyes area completely.
  • Should be clear and not visibly soiled.
  • Perfect Fit. Almost all the goggles have adjustable straps at the back for greater fit.
  • Should be disposed of after use if single-use or placed in container with disinfectant before using it again
  • Should accommodate prescription glasses and should not fog

3. PPE for face protection/face shield

PPE KIT is always including the face protection equipment in it as human touch his face countless time in one day which tends to be more prone to the harmful effects of hazards. These are the following face protections for eg: Face Shield, Visors, safety helmets, bump caps, Head caps etc.

4. PPE for protection Gloves

PPE kit includes hand protectants as well because of the same reason as mentioned above that human touch his face countless time. Choosing an appropriated safety gear for your hand is necessary. A wrong choice of safety gear may increase the risk of infection and exposure to your hand to hazardous. There is some sort of hand protection gloves is reusable and some are not. For eg: Electrical Gloves, Cut resistance Gloves, Chemically protective gloves, Nitrile gloves, Latex Gloves with a cuff, Gauntlets and even Sleeving that covers part or all the arm.

  • Gloves are last to be worn and disposable.
  • Selection of type and size, i.e nitrile, latex, powdered or unpowdered etc.
  • Make sure the gloves are in good condition and not torn from anywhere.
  • Insert hands into gloves and try the fitting once.
  • Extend gloves over isolation gown cuffs.
  • Keep gloved hands away from the face, i.e eyes, nose mouth expressly and always.
  • Maintain proper hand hygiene before wearing new gloves and even after removing the old ones

5. PPE for a Face mask

Mask is very important equipment which is worn by every single person to protect against respiratory virus and diseases include one of the famous CORONAVIRUS or COVID-19 which target mainly upper and lower respiratory tract. These mask in PPE KIT is using to protect the body against these viruses from entering the body. There are two types of Mask which are recommend usually depending upon the situation of the working environment i.e. three-ply mask and N-95 respiratory mask.

  • SURGICAL MASK, these are a triple-layer 3-ply mask that is disposable and provide protection to the wearer from any kind of infection while attending the patient.
  • N-95, it used to protect the wearer from air born infections particles. This mask has a superior micron fine filter technology which has been designed to protect against RSPM up to 0.3 microns. These are coverall nose fit and mouth, it is a NOSH approved mask.

6. PPE for shoe cover

Shoe cover is used for protection of foot from hazardous agents. A shoe should be made up of permeable fabric to facilitate personal protection. They should have a perfect fit and grip.

7. PPE for hazardous bag

A PPE kit should include hazardous bag also to dispose of all the personal protective equipment in it without being exposed to the environment, people, and animal. These bags can also be used to dispose of liquid or solid medical waste with any other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

What is an approved PPE KIT?

The Personal protective equipment is said to be approved by the ministry of health (Gov. of India approved). The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) & South Indian Textile research association has shifted a key testing facility for carrying out quality checks on personal protective equipment (PPE).

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