123Movies Kodi Addon – Install 123Movies On Kodi Addons

Movie lovers, you are at the right place on the internet space. Yes, now we are going to tell you what is the right way to use Kodi Addon and how to install 123Movies Kodi Addon on your PC? Now time to follow the given instructions with us and you will get the 123Movies on your Kodi Player.

Everyone Know, 123Movies is one of the best live streaming website for watching movies, Tv shows, Music, photos and other digital media files in HD mode. Kodi media player give experience like movie in theater on high resolution TV set. Some users of Kodi, said that it is very difficult to use. We will take those comment as a challenge and always work hard to provide better solution. As a users, 123Movie Kodi addon always helps users with easy solutions.

Install 123Movies Kodi Addon

Let’s check out the solution how to install the 123Movies Kodi Addon Step by Steps:

As per the name itself, 123Movie has done anything for their subscribers and users. In between 123Movies updated yourself and improved links and made all of them just one click.  Kodi layout is very simple settings to compare other live streaming websites.

Example Name (Mucky Ducks Repository) in the place where Kodi Addon is located. If you have installed the mucky ducks then you don’t need follow the below mentioned step.  Here are steps with screenshot to install 123Movies.

Kodi is suggesting you to use a good VPN for privacy and security. It will help you to high speed server without throttling and logs.


Example Name: Mucky Ducks Repo

URL: http://muckys.mediaportal4kodi.ml/

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4.3 ( 4231 ratings )
Price: $Free

How To Install 123Movies Kodi Addon 17.3 (Krypton)

  • In the Main Menu, you can click the Setting Icon at the top left
Step1-Install Teevie Live TV Add on Kodi 17.1Krypton
  • Now Clicks on File Manager
Step2-Install Teevie Live TV Add-on Kodi17.1 Krypton
  • At The Left Side Click On Add Source
Step3-Install Teevie Live TV Add-on Kodi17.1 Krypton
  • Now choose NONE option and click
Step4-Install Teevie Live TV Add-on Kodi17.1 Krypton
  • Type the below given URl in the dialogue box and click OK.
Step5-Install Teevie Live TV Add-on Kodi17.1 Krypton
  • Type the Name the addon as (Example Mucky Duck) and hit OK
Step6-Install Yes Movies Addon Kodi 17.1Krypton
  • Recheck every detail and click OK.
Step7-Install Yes 123Movies Addon Kodi17.1 Krypton
  • Re-turn to the Main Menu and select Add-ons
Step8-Install Yes 123Movies Addon Kodi17.1 Krypton
  • At the top left Menu Select the Package Installer Icon
Step9-Install Teevie Live TV Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton
  • Now you simple select “Install from zip file”
Step10-how to install 123movies on kodi addons
  • Pop up is open now and select (Example name Mucky Duck)
Step11-how to install 123movies on kodi addons
  • Select “repository.mdrepo-1.0.2.zip” and click on it.
Step12-how to install 123movies on kodi addons
  • 13 At the top right, popup will open “Addon Installed”
Step13-how to install kodi addons
  • Now select and Click “Install from repository” given options
Step14- how to use 123movies on kodi addons
  • Select “Example Mucky Ducks Repo”
Step15- how to use 123movies on kodi addons
  • Select “Video Add-ons”
Step16- how to use 123movies on kodi addons
  • Now Select “123Movies”
Step17-Install 123Movies Kodi 17.3 Krypton
  • Now Click the “INSTALL” button.
Step28-Final point to install 123movies

After Installation, It is located in Main Menu > Video Add-Ons.

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How To Install 123Movies Kodi Addon 16.1 (Jarivs)

Follow the given on-screen Instruction for installation of 123Movies Kodi  Addon:

  • Select on File Manager
Step1-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Select the “Add Source”
Step2-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Clink on None Box
Step3-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Type the URL http://muckys.mediaportal4kodi.ml/
Step4-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Now Type Example Name Mucky Duck and select ok
Step5-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • In the Main Menu, Select “Settings”, go to Sytem->Settings
Step6-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Select “Add-Ons”
Step7-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Select “Installed from zip file”
Step8-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Simple click Example Name Mucky Duck
Step9-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Choose a resporitory.mdrepo-1.0.1.zip.
  • Click on “Install from repository” option
Step10-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Click on “Example Name Mucky Ducks Repo” option
Step11-Install 123Movies Kodi 16.1 Jarivs
  • Choose “Video add-ons” option
Step12-Install 123Movies Kodi
  • Simply select 123Movies for installation
Step13-how to use 123Movies on Kodi addons
  • Now you get the “install” button and click on it and enjoy your Kodi Media Player.
Step14-how to use 123Movies on Kodi addons

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As per the procedure we think that the installation of Kodi Addon might be complicated but if you will go through the step by step process then anyone like non-techie guy will install the Kodi Addon.

We think, new subscriber of kodi Medi Player didn’t know how to install kodi addons like 123Movies. We created this step by step guide line to help every kodi users.

Comment us if you like the article. And, if you are facing any challenge to install kodi addons please write us in the below comment section.  We will assist you.

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