Adobe After Effects CS6 Free Download Full Version Updated 2021

Adobe After Effects CS6 Free Download Full Version Updated 2021

Adobe After Effect CS6, this software is design industry standard digital visual effect, motion graphic and composition software. One can download Adobe After Affect CS6 free from 32 -bit and 64-bit operating system. Many professional use this software as creating movies, short films, videos, and TV Shows. This software Adobe After Effect CS6 software is basically design for low end computers with low memory and hard disc space. It can run smoothly on any device and computers.

Overview of Adobe After Effect CS6 Portable

It is a portable, motion graphic, composition software. Creating of stunning effect on movies, film videos is now possible with After Effect CS6. This software is used for creating flexible visual effect and used for color correction, motion tracking, keying and nonlinear editing is also possible. It got a new interface which is quite user friendly and attracting. It had all tools and features which is easy to use. You can easily use all its feature without knowing it in detail. New features have been already added to its application. New effect and pre sets are added. Panel and window highly customised. All users now easily used its feature for animation and 3D pre-sets.

You can see the difference in the earlier application of After Effect and new one with portable version of After Effect CS6 is an extra ordinary. All heavy tools and features and now available with easy learning and light mode which can be used on any computer even with a low configuration.

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Top Features of Adobe After Effect CS6

  • It has easy features and easy to use and install.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Optimize workflow with advance option.
  • It also provides customize workspace.
  • Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating software.
  • Compatible with low configuration.
  • It has UI of the portable version of Adobe After Effect.
  • Importing and Exporting also easy.
  • Working in 3D environment.
  • New 3D ray traced engine introduced.
  • 3D camera tracking is also new feature of this app.
  • New blue tool available.
  • Fast, robust, flexible workflow.
  • Global performance cache features available.
  • Adobe illustration work can be easily imported.
  • Vector graphic features available.
  • Import photoshop files in Adobe After Effect.
  • After Effect has light integration as compare to other software.
  • Work closely with another 3D application such as Maxon Cinema 4D and Autodesk 3ds Max.
  • Animation Tex is also possible.
  • The Rendering engine also enhanced feature of this software.
  • OpenGL is now fully supported.
  • 3D performance of this application is also enhanced.

Speed Up Your Work

By using Adobe After Effect CS6 software you can speed up your work in less time. Global performance Cache maximizes the performance by preserving the preview. It provides the fast and robust workflow. It uses all the resources and features of your computer wisely and enhanced the performance. You can create the heavy project and 3D animation in less time. It also adds visual effect in your videos and increase performance and power.

Create Stunning Visual Effect

With this application of Adobe After Effect, we can create stunning visual effect on film, movies, and videos. It also has 3D camera tracking features for tracking certain spot in your film and videos. This new application of Adobe software is rich in features and content.

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Uses of After Effect CS6

This software is used by large number of users. The main purpose of this software is to make films and movies by using its sharp and unique features such as animation and effect. By using this software one can work more creatively in less time with freedom. It helps users to select particular options and object and easily remove the background even without having green screen and also provide powerful editing.

After Effect software helps user to work quickly and save time. It also provides the platform to create the key frames automatically. This software helps in editing and has powerful tools available for this such as Roto Brus and Auto key frame. Many transition choices can be given to the users using this plug-in option of the software. It also helps in colour palette option and the light effect in the software for the clean and more attractive editing image.

Adobe After Effect CS6 System Requirement

This software can easily download and installed easily from any website. It is highly in demand in various sector of the market. You need to fulfil few requirements of the PC and system, this adobe After Effect version can be download from the system must have operating system consist of 8, 8 Vista and XP. The memory of the system is required as 2GB RAM. Disk space is required 1.5GB and the processor of the system is required 1.5GHz. It can be downloaded easily from any website without any harm to these features of the system and PC.

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