6 Elegant And Fashionable Watches From The Panthere de Cartier Series For Ladies

Watches are not just a luxury but also an item that describes a person and their personality. They say you can judge a person by the look they wear. While it’s true, being “luxurious” is not the only thing that should come into your mind when you are someone wearing an expensive watch.

Watches can describe a person by the choice of watch they make. If you are a lady and are looking for an elegant and stylish watch, then we have listed six of the best timepieces from the Panthere de Cartier collection for you!

Panthere de Cartier 22 mm Quartz Silver Dial Diamond

The Cartier watch comes from the series of ladies’ timepieces of Panthere de Cartier. This dial is crafted in silver, Roman Black, and dagger-shaped paws of blue stainless steel. The glass panel has diamonds, which make this watch quite elegant.

This device does have a steel casing, including the strap. Its case is square in design. This horn has quite an enticing caliber of the quartz form and perhaps a durable reserve; it’s perfect for women who are into luxurious watches.

Panthère de Cartier Watch Yellow Gold And Steel (Small Model)

The Panthère de Cartier series was introduced throughout the 1980s and remained faithful to the founding concept’s visual appeal and a beautiful item of jewelry. The elegant silver dial is equipped with dagger-shaped blue-stain handles and Roman numerical time indicators.

It also features a quick motion of quartz that optimizes accuracy. The presence is completed by an 18-karat yellow gold and also a stainless steel band. It is a small model, so it’s perfect for all ladies.

Panthère De Cartier Watch Steel and Diamonds (Small Model)

The Panthère de Cartier device is among Cartier’s most recognizable styles for a while as a clock and gem. This watch is a real design symbol for ladies raised throughout the 1980s and is chicer than before. The Panthere de Cartier series is a tiny type and has a motion in quartz.

The device consists of a case with a steel bezel loaded with precious sparkling stones and some other characteristics such as a corona fitted with a synthetic spinel, and blade sculpted hands of blue-state, silver dial, waterproof up to 3 bar, or nearly thirty meters, and a band of steel.

Panthère De Cartier Watch Rose Gold And Steel With Diamonds (Medium Model)

The Panthere de Cartier device has now become a device and stone, among Cartier’s unique styles. It is indeed a genuinely beautiful symbol for females brought up during the ’80s and much more stylish than ever before.

Its casing is made of 18-karat rose gold with reinforced steel, and bezels embedded in 18-karat rose gold and steel with dazzling precious gems, with waterproof up to three bar or about thirty meters. It is perfect for women who are looking for a larger watch.

Panthère De Cartier Pink Gold (Small Model)

Cartier became a pioneer in high watchmaking from about the nineteenth century, introducing a sophisticated and luxurious look to a clever handicraft. The Panthère de Cartier is never only a device but an extraordinary gem.

The Panthère has been among the most characteristic models in Cartier since its emergence in the 80s. This lovely garage is ideal for ladies who wish to look fashionable and trendy. You can never go out of style with this elegant timepiece.

Panthère de Cartier 22mm 18-karat gold and stainless steel watch

This beautiful timepiece is beautifully and elegantly crafted for women who are into luxurious watches. It is constructed with 18k gold and is among the most affordable devices in the Panthère de Cartier series.

Cartier watches are created with the utmost caution in a delightful and horological tradition, granting every gem a distinct and elegant personality. With this watch, you can style anything with it.


Some models that were mentioned were the ones that are quite expensive, and some are the affordable ones. Whichever timepiece you choose from the Panthere de Cartier collection, you will always look stylish and elegant!

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