Why You Must Take Cyber Safety Precautions While Torrenting

Why You Must Take Cyber Safety Precautions While Torrenting

For people who do not know that torrenting is an action to download many small-sized files at one time from different sources; it is basically crowdsourcing for whole media content. However, it may appear safe under the camouflage of the huge World Wide Web, but at the same time, torrenting files can be a risky task too. You could easily end up in trouble that you might not actually realize at that particular time. Torrenting is decentralized and popular as well, so it is pretty tempting to believe that there will be no such consequences whatsoever.

A user needs to be cautious and also take a few precautions while downloads data from a remote system as it can threaten the users’ web security, where system and data is concerned.

Here are some likely risks of torrenting without taking any precautions:

  • Allowing adware installed by accident can enable disturbing pop-up ads.
  • Allowing viruses on your system.
  • The breaching of a user’s firewall can take place, particularly when they use programs of file-sharing.
  • Unknowingly, allowing spyware which enables criminals to easily obtain information for financial gain or identity theft?

Here are some important precautions to be taken while downloading torrents:

Here are some important precautions to be taken while downloading torrents
  • Set firewalls, anti-virus for scanning all the files you actively download.
  • Scan all the files after you complete downloading, whether from websites or links that you receive from emails.
  • Close all the applications running on your computer, and at the time of downloading, allow only one set-up file to run.
  • Check properly that the URLs are the same, and always download games, music, movies, or videos from secure sites, which use HTTPS websites instead of HTTP. In the web address, you should be replacing “HTTP” with “HTTPs”. The latter refers to HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.
  • Do not accept anything that offers free downloads as it can contain any malicious software. Remember, to a great extent, such types of downloads are just mere breaches of copyright. This would indicate that you have become an accomplice to such criminal activities through uploading this kind of material.
  • If you notice any offensive text or bad language on the website, try closing the window immediately, irrespective of how important it is to you. The reason for doing so is spyware could be installed on your system from such websites.
  • Do not believe in things that say to click on this link, the settings on your computer can be changed and it can turn into XBOX, and you can play unlimited games on your computer.
  • It is important to read through all the terms and conditions before you run an application or click on install.
  • Never click on the link or the file and automatically allow it to begin downloading. Then begin downloading the file and save it, where you want to save, and start using the application.
  • Never attempt to download any files such as movies, games, documentaries, music, and many more, using unreliable sites. Never randomly consider any recommendations offered by not to close friends or ones offered by website comments. Just try using reliable and known websites like thepirateproxybay. You all users must beware, not to click on any link for downloading anything that you come across on various unauthorized sites.
  • Try never to download things, unless you have understood the entire information of the website, and also find out the company is genuine and original like thepirateproxybay. If need to, try downloading from links that offer free anti-virus or anti-spyware software, so you should always download applications or content from reliable sites. You just need to enter the website you like to download in your favorite search engine to see if any user has posted or reported which has unwanted technologies.
  • Before you want to download anything, remember to set the security settings of the browser.

On the internet, security and convenience are not on the same page. The more you look for comfort, the easier it becomes to be targeted to malicious cyber. Therefore, religiously look into the above cyber safety precautions while you download torrents.

Always torrent from popular and reliable websites like thepirateproxybay, as it offers not only safe downloading of latest content but also helps to torrent safely and faster.

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