What is Tailoring Management Software?

What is Tailoring Management Software?

There is an increase in the number of online fashion stores, it has become difficult for offline fashion stores to sustain themselves. Today, a huge number of customers resort to online stores for buying any fashion accessories and clothes. These are happening primarily because of the hectic and busy life they lead and the convenience offered by online stores. The growing competition between online and offline fashion stores, keeping up with the demand of the customers, is making offline fashion stores feel impossible. Tailoring software is used by tailors and fashion designers to create and develop custom clothes, keep track of measurement details, manage clients and fulfill orders.  

If you are one of those who has started a fashion store and is facing these issues, then it is time for you to automate certain facets of your business. Deploying a good Tailoring Management System can help you give an edge to your business. 

What Does Tailoring Management Software Do?

Tailoring management software is designed particularly for tailors and fashion designers to help them serve their clients better. Now you must be wondering why you need it for your boutique/fashion store tailoring.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you go shopping for a special occasion. You will be checking out different outfits and finally buy the one with the perfect fitting. This happens because firstly, you want to look beautiful in it and only dresses that fit well look good when you wear them. Secondly, since you are spending a good sum of money, you would want it to be perfect. Similarly, when someone visits your boutique/fashion store tailoring, they will want the same thing and if you are satisfied, they will keep returning. Also, if they are satisfied with their purchase, they will spread the word about your store. Tailoring software also views work orders and payment history to understand how to make your clients happy with every new alteration. Set up automatic fitting reminders and alerts when apparel products are ready so your clients feel involved in the process. The Tailoring App sends notifications to the customer about their orders and delivery status through E-Mail/ SMS. It supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, French and many more. 

Here are some of the things that this software can do:

  • Helps maintain a database of your clients: With this software, you can operate just like an online store. It stores and maintains your client’s database. Therefore, if you put some products from your store on sale, you can easily notify your existing and loyal customers, and they can further spread the word among their friends, family and colleagues.
  • Keeps Data of your Clients’ orders: When a customer places an order with you, paper on paper is difficult as there is a chance of it getting misplaced and you won’t be able to deliver the order on time. This software keeps the data of your client’s order and sends out timely reminders of when an order needs to be delivered. 
  • Store their measurement: Alteration of clothes is common and when you have the same customers coming to you, it is better you have their measurements so that you save some time. But if you write it on a piece of paper, there is every chance that it will get misplaced. This is when this software comes to your rescue. It lets you store the measurements of your clients and at any given point of time you can just pull it up and get the alterations done.
  • Sends Notification to the clients: Just like an online store, this software sends out notifications to the clients about the order as well as delivery status.

Hope you are now convinced about why you need tailoring management software for your fashion store. So, what are you waiting for? Get one today and leverage it to the fullest to remain ahead of your competitors. 

Here is the list of some of the best Tailoring Management Software

  1. Darziware
  2. Tailobill
  3. Measurepad
  4. Sunrise Tailoring Software
  5. Smart Tailor
  6. Tailor I


Darziware is cloud-based tailoring software that enhances your business to the next level.  Darziware is a very simple, accurate and efficient tool that will make your order management easy. Darziware is a great platform and easy to use. The Darziware platform has made our order management efficient, improved on-time deliveries, improved customer experience, and strong production management. 


  • Super-fast order booking and also improves customer experience.
  • Budget tacking and job costing facility.
  • You can stay updated – anytime, anywhere, at any place.
  • Workshop management and production management.
  • Customer management facility.
  • Automated reminders for delivery and travel.


Tailobill software is very simple and easy to use for minimal computer literacy. Tailobill is tailoring management software that is especially designed to facilitate an easy and simple flow of management process for every tailor shop owner. With Tailobill, you can check your daily tasks like sales, orders, ready orders, financial reports, delivered and undelivered orders, expenses and payment tracking, cash flows and delayed orders. Every tailor shop owner can expand their business through a Tailobill Tailoring management software platform. 


  • Tailobill promotes paperless tailoring. It saves users time by maintaining manual account books and orders. Everything can be managed in online mode. 
  • Through the cash tracking facility, it is so clear and so accurate.
  • With Tailobill, you can track order status through an email/SMS notification system.
  • Inventory management and process management facility.
  • Multi-user system like sales counter, M2M counter, delivery & trail counter etc.
  • Backup facilities are also provided. All business related information is stored in your system.


Imagine yourself in the past when you maintained so many diaries for recording measurements of customers, fabric details and so many other order details. But nowadays you can only need one tool to manage all this information in one place, which is Measurepad Tailoring management software. Maintaining customer data or orders on paper is quite risky because if it is lost or damaged, you can lose all your important information related to your orders. Measurepad has fulfilled all your basic needs related to the tailoring process. 


  • The first and most important feature is to backup all your measurement history.
  • Get automated reminders for delivery and trials.
  • Also, we have notification services on customers’ special occasions.
  • Order booking.

Sunrise Tailoring Software

Sunrise tailoring software is one of the most trusted and successful tailoring process software in India. It provides 100% customer satisfaction and keeps the tailoring process smooth and simple. It is easy to use and fulfills all tailoring demands like managing measurements, maintaining data and maintaining the date and time of customer orders. 


  • It provides SMS/Email alerts for booking, trial, delivery, collection, and payment related updates.
  • Accounting management is the best feature to track income, expenditure, payments and receivable.
  • Customer measurements like fabric detail, order dates, measurements of customer fitting and size and most important delivery and trial dates.
  • Payroll and wage calculation.

Smart Tailor

Smart tailor is a web-based tailoring management software solution. A smart tailoring management software platform gives the small tailor shops wings to fly in the tailoring business process.  Smart tailoring software helps tailor shop owners to maintain measurement detail, fabric choice and style selection, inventory and cash tracking. 


  • It managed all cash flow information like receivable, payable, due payments etc.
  • It maintains fabric choice, style selection and measurement details and so on.
  • Inventory, billing and invoicing.
  • It provides order processing facilities like order dates, delivery and trial dates.

Tailor I

Tailor I is well known for its digital work. The most important feature of Tailor I is the backup facility where it stores all information related to customers.  It can store customers’ previous design, measurements and orders. If you have a new order, then you can use these details related to customer orders like design, fitting, choice of fabric and so on. 


  • Supports 3D visualization
  • Styling and fabric choice.
  • Managed measurement details of customers.
  •   Supports online orders. Customers can place orders without coming to the tailor’s shop door.
  • Textile pattern design.

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