10 Best Free And Open Source HR Software For HR Department

10 Best Free And Open Source HR Software For HR Department

Years ago, if HR professionals were asked to keep records on their employees, they would have relied on the haphazard process of spreadsheets. And, those manual records were often lost in oblivion or misplaced after a while. Thankfully, they can keep electronic records now, which is easy to store, track, edit and share. HRMS portal software seems to be the answer to payroll management, attendance tracking, benefits administration, and every other people operation’s need. Even small businesses can benefit from deploying these trusted and feature-rich HRMS software.

Planning to invest in an HRMS software? If so, then get ready for a whole new experience. It is a top-notch solution for all your problems that relate to management of employees.

From the point of hiring an employee till he/ she leaves the company, HRMS has got an HR manager covered. It helps in creating a new environment which is paperless, automatic, transparent and where work flows smoothly.

What is HR Software?

HR software is stand for human resource management software. It is a computer application which comes with biometric devices. This software solution helps HR departments in any organizations or individuals for maintain and track attendance, leaves, time shift, salary slips, payrolls, FNF, taxes, incentives, reimbursements of employees. It comes with two dashboard or login portals. One is for HR where they approve and check employee activities and second is for employees where they apply their leaves and other related things. This HR system automate the HR activities with their advanced features and modules. It is important to check HRMS software functions that how this application work for you. We highlights few points that you must check before you going to check out HR software list.

8 Key Functions of HRMS Software

HR management software encompasses effective employee management to maximize their performance. In the era of technology, IT plays a key role in improving HR functions in an organization. A lot of organizations have already implemented human resource management software (HRMS), moving their data from physical records to HRMS-powered spreadsheets. HRMS will provide best value to your organization and empower you with flexibility to deal with ever changing business needs.

1. Centralized Employee Data and Records

Any HR management software should be capable of maintaining a repository of employee data and company records. The data should be accessible to HR from a centralized platform, for convenience. This feature lets HR to retrieve data of employees at a moment’s glance. Additionally, you can manage documents related to employees like offer letter, appointment letter, ID, Aadhar information, PAN card details and more.

One such HRMS solution that can help you centralise your records and make it more accessible is Pocket HRMS. Its intuitive interface ensures that you can access your records easily and don’t spend too much time in finding relevant documents. Pocket HRMS not only performs core HR functions, but also assists in biometric attendance management, MIS reporting, expense management and more.

2. Easy Recruitment And Onboarding Process

Having good employees can take your company to great heights. As a result, your recruitment operations need to be managed effectively, for best results. A sound HR solution will offer various features to help your HR department manage every step of the recruitment process with ease. It will help in organizing recruitment activities like resume management, categorization, processing applications, consolidating and communicating interview results effectively.

3. Accurate Payroll Processing

HR software should help you with accurate calculation & distribution of payroll by considering attendance, leaves, holidays, overtime, deductions, reimbursements, taxes. etc. HR system will help in recording employee attendance and generating payroll as per the data obtained. It can create payroll reports and export data to Microsoft Excel as well as PDF for your convenience.

4. Efficient Appraisals and Performance Management

HR software helps organizations in tracking and reporting employees’ performance. With an HRMS, performance review takes place on a recurring basis. You will be able to look at employees’ past year’s performance, using an HRMS. Additionally, HRMS can be used to assess if employees met their deadlines and completed their KRAs.

5. Valuable Training And Learning for Employees

A robust HR management software helps in organizing employee training & learning sessions. Additionally, it also maintains records of the training provided and seminars conducted. HRMS’s training management module can be used to schedule venues, communicate training related information to employees and share relevant resources and study material. HR software also allows outlining of training courses and materials available to develop skills.

6. Accurate Employee Attendance Management

HR management software helps in maintaining the attendance of the employees, including managing leaves: paid, unpaid, and holiday granted. In many organizations, there are biometric systems which register attendance with a card swipe or a fingerprint reader. An HR system will integrate with any biometric device and have the ability to read various input formats. This reduces errors while eliminating manual interventions, ensuring proper recording of employees’ attendance.

7. Automated Reporting and Analytics

An HR management software should have the facility to display various types of reports and export them to excel sheets and PDFs. It should graphically represent various reports including attendance, payroll, appraisals, leaves, turnover etc. This allows you to get employee information in the blink of an eye. Good analytics will ensure informed decision making that benefits the organisation and its employees.

8. Employee Self-Service for Complete Self-Reliance

Employee self-service gives on-demand access to employees for accessing their personal information from anywhere. An HR software that includes self-service will allow employees to manage their own records including attendance, applying for leaves, viewing organization information, etc. Supervisors can approve leaves and allocate work through the self-service portal. HR management software thus reduces the work of HR department and saves them time.

List of Best Free Open Source HR Software For Small Business and Startups

HRMS software saves a lot of time of the HR personnel by saving their time spent on mundane tasks. Calculating salary, updating attendance sheet, preparing reports, are a few of them. So, here are the top HRMS software which helps in employees management.


It is a simple Indian HRMS software for all your complex HR related activities. It will simplify your HR work, and track employee life-cycle activities. You can store complete data of your employees. It includes employees’ personal details as well as work details along with the complete work history. Further, its ESS portal helps in gaining employees’ trust by giving them access to their payroll and other information. Employees can view all their official letters, payroll information, leaves & attendance details, generate payslip and see salary bifurcation.

Zoho People

Zoho, one of the top HRMS software, aims to create a happy and satisfied workforce. Further, Zoho works for client satisfaction and therefore, it proffers its client with customized solutions. Also, you can connect it to third-party applications. Zoho people not only help view information on the software but also update the same. They can put on their personal details, mark attendance, claim for leaves. Since everything is automated, use of HRMS software minimises the chances of committing human errors.


It is another top Indian HRMS software which is employee centric. It helps in acquiring, nurturing, and managing talent. Moreover, Keka facilitates the easiest payroll.

Its streamlined tools save a lot of time of your HR workforce in hiring a candidate. Its role doesn’t come to an end with hiring the right candidate. It helps in nurturing candidates by providing continuous feedback, and 360-degree reviews. Its ‘manage talent’ module automates all monotonous activities and gives HR managers time to concentrate on more important operations.

And its ‘process payroll’ module makes it an all-rounder payroll software. It can seamlessly handle things like leaves, attendance, bonus, and salary.


HR Mantra comes with a module namely Indian Human Resource management. It displays hierarchies, the department to which a person belongs, his or her date of joining, etc. That’s not it. An employee can update his or her details, such as, qualifications, experience, skills, etc. Additionally, HRMantra also includes an exit form, which employees fill at the time of leaving the organization. Also, by putting the date of resignation you can decide from when you don’t want an employee to access the information.

Consider the number of employees in your company and features you are looking for in the software before choosing one.

Mentis HR by Supertech

Mentis HR by Supertech is designed by experts, considering the challenges faced by HR professionals across different industries. It redefines the work of HR professionals by helping them become tech-enabled. Mentis HR is designed such that it can handle large and complex people operations requirements easily. Key Features Include: Employee Database Management, Onboarding & Off-boarding Management, Payroll, Add-Ons to Handle Industry Specific, Customization Needs Of Its Customers.

Why Mentis: This HRMS software is an out-of-the-box solution which is widely used across manufacturing, automotive and service industry.


The new age digital workforce requires the right tools of the trade to achieve the extraordinary. And, when it comes to HRMS portal software, they opt for a 360-degree smart HCM platform like ZingHR. It uses machine learning to ensure intelligent recruitment processes where you hire faster, smarter and better. Key Features Include: Employee Lifecycle, Management, User-Friendly Employee Portal, Leave Management, Asset Management.

Why Zing HRMS: Trusted by 450 plus companies worldwide, ZingHR portal is redefining employee management with its 24+ modules included.

Pocket HCM

If you think that Pocket HCM’s just another Indian HRMS portal software, boy do we have some new for you. It promotes formula-based earning & deductions along with other advanced features like intelligent time tracking, unified hosting platform, real-time analytics and user-defined reports. Key Features Include: Biometric Attendance, Management, Performance Evaluation Manager, Employee Self Service (ESS), Easy To Use Mobile App.

Why Pocket HRMS: Pocket HRMS portal software provides access to Microsoft Azure, an enterprise-grade cloud computing platform helping businesses develop and deploy from anywhere.


This provides a comprehensive solution for personnel management and allowing employees to seamlessly access and manage self-details through a self-service portal. It is a cutting edge HR solution available as on premise as well as hosted solution offering best in class service and support.


EazeWork provides the best of SaaS solutions to ease processes related to human resource management, payroll processing and helpdesk services. One of its most popular software is EazeHR, using which you can get a comprehensive view of your organization, ranging from employees to departments and processes. Further, its advanced recruitment module, which can be accessed through EazeWork login helps you have a centralized view of work shifts and employees leaves. Key Features Include: Automatic Alerts & Reminder Sending Capability, Learning Management, Compensation Management, Core HR & Payroll.

Why EazeHR: Its admin and IT feature is quite useful for managing asset inventory and tracking their location and maintenance needs.

FlexiEle HRMS

FlexiEle recruiting is one of the most sought-after modules of FlexiEle HRMS software, which helps companies attract and hire top talent to make a positive difference. It provides a 360-degree HR management process from requisition to job posting, resume parsing, onboarding and orientation. Plus, it also assists in learning management, vendor management, goal setting, and individual development plan. Key Features Include: Learning Management, Vendor Management, Create Development Plans & Performance Evaluations, Helpdesk Management.

Why FlexiEle: Users can push and pull data from any third-party payroll vendor and achieve complete integration of data from all sources.

So, did you make a pick yet? Well, contact us and we’ll set up a free demo for you in no time

Whilst the new age management focus on all vital business elements, the most crucial of all is human resource that needs to be administered gingerly. Being the essence of any business or profession, human resource is the fundamental entity to perform minor to major functions. To achieve maximum employee performance, organizations are adopting technology solutions that not only enhance the productivity but also mow down the operational costs in terms of time, effort and money. An optimal human resource management software can yield extraordinary results by administering efficient execution and management of overall HR operations including payroll, attendance, performance & appraisals, recruitment & onboarding, leaves, employee self-service, HR analytics and report generation. This article runs through the list of best hr software solutions in India that can be selected by SMEs to ensure smooth and efficient HR and Payroll process.

With an array of HRM solutions all promising amazing features, businesses need to be wary of the benefits along with the deployment and operational costs along with its impact. To help you choose the best HR software, here’s a list of few noteworthy HR solutions.

iWeb People Relationship Management

iWeb People Relationship Management from iWeb Technology Solutions is an ultimate HR software that helps to manage HR requisitions, training requisition, pay structuring, attendance, leaves, tax calculation and deductions flawlessly.


eliteHRMS is a complete bundle of essential HR operations ranging from making job offers to separation of employees from the organization. The solution provides intuitive features to deal with payroll processing, benefits (PF & ESI, PT, LWF, and Gratuity), income tax processing, transfers/promotions, and customizable HR reports.


HRMThread is one stop shop that enables HR domains to effectively shoulder all HR operations viz. staff onboarding, training, attendance, leaves, payroll structuring and processing along with employee self-service features.


Easy HRMS is an exquisite software solution that facilitates the human resource departments to manage core HR operations. This user friendly solution allows capturing employee details, attendance, payroll structures, deductions and leave management effectively among other functions.

Clock HR

Clock HR endeavours to help HR domains to efficiently administer crucial tasks of managing time & attendance, employees, leaves, recruitment, overtime and shifts along with pay calculation and payslip generation.

HRM by Bigdbiz

HRM from Bigdbiz Solutions is an extensive suite of payroll operations and tasks tracking features. This web based innovative solution helps HR people to administer HR activities on the whole. This interactive software is fully equipped with automated pay calculation, taxation and other absenteeism tracking capabilities.


e-HRMS caters to utmost HR management automation requirements incorporating payroll, employee, leaves, attendance, and many more. It is a perfect automation of repetitive and time consuming tasks associated with human resources management that enables HR workforce to focus on employee management, retention, and other highly impactful areas.


Unlike traditional HR systems, Keka HRIS is employee focused and simplifies complex workflows seamlessly. This eminent solution helps organizations eliminate manual HR processes and allows efficient execution of managing employee onboarding, documentation, payroll, leave & attendance, timesheets, etc. from within a single platform.

Cilfi HRM Solution

Cilfi HR automates all those processes which consume a major part of the day of an HR. Usually, that consists of hiring, giving letters (offer/appointment), providing with feedback, policy making, document management, payroll management, compliance, training, performance, appraisal, etc. It even helps in grievance management and conflict resolution. Employees can report issues on it and the HR manager can set the sequence about the matters to be evaluated first. And the system keeps a track record of all such matters, making it easier to execute the investigation.

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