Top Free and Open Source Antivirus Software For PC, Laptops

Top Free and Open Source Antivirus Software For PC, Laptops

One day while you are browsing through some “safe” sites and take all the precautions to keep your PC safe and free from viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. you encounter your worst fear. Your system crashes. Your processor slows down and gives you a hard time completing simplest of tasks.

Well, if you have been through this earlier, you must be aware of how terrible the problem could be. If you haven’t, this could be your worst nightmare.

But as they say, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. You have an option to keep your system safe so that it functions just so perfectly with a little protection. A good antivirus can protect your system from malware attacks.

List of 5 best free and open source antivirus software For PC

F-Secure Business Suite

Looking for a complete and best antivirus software protection bundle? Go for F Secure Business Suite antivirus software. It will keep your system free from all vulnerabilities. Its key features include:

  • Protection from gateway to endpoint
  • Protection against new and emerging threats
  • Full control of organization’s IT security

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quickheal Total Security is just another name for ‘best antivirus software protection against all external threats.’ From secure online banking to smooth internet surfing, Quickheal is the friend you can rely on for antivirus protection. Enlisted below are its key features:

  • Web security with automatic detection of dangerous websites
  • Security against infected Email attachments
  • Computer security against spyware, adware, keyloggers etc.

K7 Antivirus

With a proactive approach, K7 Enterprise Security is your shield against malware that possess a potential to cause direct financial loss. This virus remover is incredibly beneficial because of its unique features:

  • Application & internet control with an option to monitor and restrict usage
  • Zero-day protection against existing and emerging threats
  • Lowest memory consumption with core antivirus functions intact

IBM Security Guardium

Save your system from catastrophic crippling with IBM Security Guardium, which provides protection to the sensitive data you store in your computers. Taking care of each stage of computer security, i.e. discovery, classification, vulnerability assessment and activity monitoring, this antivirus does it efficiently. Its important features include:

  • Monitoring access to data sources and aiding in virus removal
  • Encrypting and masking confidential data, and protecting privacy
  • Keeping a check on data usage to provide risk remedies with outlier detection

Openiam Identity Manager

Openiam Identity Manager Antivirus holds a position for handling multiple identities across various applications used by the enterprise. With shared services and common repository, it has the following features:

  • Facilitates seamless workflow (GUI based)
  • Password and profile management, and access to appropriate users
  • Delegated administration

With these highly rated best antivirus for PC that offer exceptional functionality and features, it’s time to eliminate viruses and malware, and avoid system breakdown.

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