Top 7 Free And Open Source Recruitment Software For HR Departments

Top 7 Free And Open Source Recruitment Software For HR Departments

Have you ever experienced a situation where you put a notice for job vacancy on an online portal and get bombarded with 1000s of job applications? On the top of it, more than 50% of them are worthless due to a reason or more. You end up discarding them because they either don’t have the cover letter, or the resume is missing. There are cases where the applicant is not fit for the respective profile and gets rejected.

Well, you wouldn’t have come across this time consuming (wasting, actually) state, had you been using a Recruitment Management Software. Recruitment software allows you to make a filtered search so that only qualified applicants are eligible to apply. As a result, the time you give to less or non-qualified applicants is channelized towards reviewing the right candidate and speeding up the hiring process.

HRMS software is a feature enriched solution that helps HR personnel from the point of accepting online applications to hiring, onboarding and handling new employee information. Recruitment is one of its important modules that helps in discreetly handling the process of job posting and attracting top candidates for the vacant position.

List of 7 Best Free and Open Source Online Recruitment Software

So, here are some of the promising HRMS software that has got recruiters covered:

Zoho Recruit

It is a web based recruitment software designed for Corporate HRs, staffing agencies and RPOs. It is a one-stop recruitment solution as it facilitates the management of clients, job requisition management, candidate progress tracking and scheduling of an interview. Its resume parsing feature lets you extract details of a candidate along with the resume from multiple sources-job portals, documents, email attachments, social sites, etc.


Another recruiting solution on the list is Resumefox. It is available in both, on-premises and on-the-cloud variant. It simplifies the process of recruitment by sending bulk email to candidates, tracking the hiring process, generating insightful reports. Apart from resume parsing, it reformats resumes in one attempt and also, detects duplicate resumes.


Mentis has redefined the HR industry with its out-of-the-box Enterprise HR solutions, and recruitment & onboarding process is one of them. Its comprehensive e-recruitment system provides separate dashboards for all the HR personnel involved in the process of recruitment. Hiring managers, recruitment team, and recruiters can operate individual dashboards, thereby, leaving zero scope for any mismanagement.

Every manager can track the performance of others without any chaos and confusion. The hiring manager can put a request for the workforce and track the progress online. Similarly, recruiting managers can keep an eye on turnaround time and workload of individual recruiters. And recruiters can track vacant positions and the status of every candidate.


It is a leader in providing one of its kind HRMS and Payroll solution. It integrates the functions of both, HRMS and Payroll, thereby, giving a smooth ride to both the departments. Onboarding, attendance, leave, travel expense all are facilitated by FactoHR.

Speaking of onboarding, FactoHR provides the letter writing Module which automates the process of generating offer letter, Appointment letter, welcome letter, etc. It also helps with the management of employees’ documents like driving license, Aadhar card, PAN, Passport, etc. Also, IT assets can be assigned to the new employee and tracked easily with this HRMS software.


Spine Technologies comes with its HR Suite which takes care of everything starting from hiring right candidates to their training & induction, attendance, leave, and the growth along the hierarchy. Its recruitment management module helps HR professionals focus on acquiring right candidate for the right position. Therefore, from posting the job to reviewing CVs and interviewing candidates, it automates the complete process of searching and hiring the right candidate.


Recruitment management is one of the salient modules of this HRMS software. From uploading the requirement about different job positions on job portals to facilitating auto download of eligible candidate’s resume, all can be managed with this HRMS software. It also assists in conducting tests, interviews, GDs, generating offer letter and finally converting selected candidates into permanent employees.

HRMantra HRMS software can be directly linked to online job sites such as Monster, Naukri and Shine allowing recruitment professionals to receive CVs directly. It comes with a separate module for campus recruitment, also, helping consultants import resumes with ease.

Focus Infosoft

Cilfi-HRM is a complete HRMS software by Focus Infosoft. It takes the responsibility for all the services that need to be catered to employees starting from their recruitment to retirement. Therefore, it provides an end-to-end solution from hire to retire. It helps in hiring, providing offer letter, making policies, giving feedback, managing appraisal, and handling the exit process.

Apart from helping with the recruitment process, it helps in payroll processing, and ensures compliance management w.r.t PF, TDS, ESI and other such tax related matters.

These recruitment software not only simplifies the recruitment process but also adds value to it by helping you in hiring the right candidate at right time.

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