Best Online Education Websites For E-learning

Best Online Education Websites For E-learning

The Internet is the best thing to learn and grab knowledge in any field while Staying at home during the lockdown. Age is never the limit for using the internet, there is a lot to offer and if the topic is education there are endless resources on the Internet. Best of online education is that many websites are proving free courses online.

Best Online Education Websites For Free Learning


Coursera is one of the leading online service provider company presently. This website associated with organizations and universities around the world to bring a wide variety of knowledgeable topics and research databases. This website contains a lot of topics with the depth of your knowledge and courses.

Coursera also provides certification of the course after completion of the class which makes you qualified in any particular field. It also provides a structural classroom and environment for the study if you want to do it from home.


Edx is a great option for online education. It offers complete online courses along with trained teachers, board discussion, test series, revision classes, and so on but focuses on excel courses and maths. Bringing teachers and courses at a single platform and providing quality information to everyone.


Khan academy partnering with many post-secondary school offer courses and well-organized system. It is one of the free online courses sites. Lectures are short and helpful with much information at a time. Khan academy delivers much information on different subjects and related to different fields of categories and helpful in self progressive reports.


Udemy is an online institute that offered an online course taught by leading experts. Udemy is a free online course platform offered by many others in the market but also allows users to build custom courses for the lesson. Working with professional, top schools and colleges, professors, etc. It provides high-quality content for great learning.

ItunesU Free Courses

It is one of the easy and convenient platforms for free online education. Because it is easy to use and available in any iPod and apple devices. It is an App basically available in iPhones. It provides full opportunity to take those useful lectures as per your field and prepare assignments and notes for continuing learning outside of the lecture. However, this tool offers a podcast video and paid content. Website

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT courseware is a bunch of courses in a single platform and course material from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; It provides lecture notes, HomeWorks, assignment, test series, and many other materials from the actual course system of Massachusetts Institute. If you want to learn more about technology, science, computer science, and engineering topic, MIT is one of the leading online course systems of MIT.

Stanford Online

Stanford University is the key to proving online courses here. Stanford provides self-placed and session-based courses. At present Coursera is the leading learning website which provides some similar feature as Stanford university provides. Some of the courses present in Stanford provide the Itune feature but most you can access in your web browser. It is one of the great sites which provides world-class courses that can only be found on Stanford only.


Codecademy is a website for specifically teaching coding. Codecademy teaches you how to write necessary code to develop necessary websites using the most useful language of coding like JAVA, C++, PYTHON, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, RUBY ETC. Codecademy provide you feature dashboard which provides your progress report for your learning including organized lessons with complete modules. This platform allows you to learn the entire language without switching to the next course manually.


If you are wanting to grab some knowledge through free online education, then Open culture online course is the best way to learn. This includes 100 videos and lectures with podcasts from the universe around the world. This site features a lot of material found only on universities private sites. There are above 500plus free online courses available online without even searching on other websites, university websites, or on college sites. This could be an extremely useful resource for many courses on a single platform.


Another greater destination for online education of free courses is TED-ED. It brought you an educated faculty for online teaching of students with a complete chart of courses based on the time duration. Provide free test series for the student to analyze the learning report on weekly bases. It provides you with 100 plus free online courses videos. The most impressive part of this platform is the animation part, and all are ten minutes less or long. It also includes supplemental material and quizzes o the video for testing knowledge of a learner. This part of education makes this website more useful in terms of gaining knowledge.

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Other Useful Information Websites for Students


It is a world-leading website to learn how to do anything and a how-to guide. There is a step by step instruction available on every imaginable topics and subject. It is a popular website of DIY master of anything.

The wikiHow Android app helps you to do:

  • Over 180,000 articles are available on wikiHow for search.
  • Option available to bookmark the article to read and use it later, even use while offline.
  • Availability to view step by step illustration, Images, and video to help you to learn in easy ways.
  • You can also read wikiHow featured articles of the day.
  • Browse random articles for your entertainment. There is a multiple article available on the browser and can use the random article for your entertainment.

Genius.Com established in 2009, Genius is a unique company which is powered by a community, Our in-house creative team, and the artist themselves. They serve a music knowledge over 100 million of users every month on the and everywhere music fans connect on the same platform through the internet.

Genius is a platform for annotating clever rap lyric. The original name of genius was Rap Genius due to his feature of Rap lyric. Over the years they have expanded their goal to include more than hip-hop and more than just lyrics. Like everyone Genius is also have their own story that need to be told, and became famous in music industries and types of music includes such as Travis Scott, Billie Eilish ad Ariana Grande and became a part of the genius to give the world  insight into their art.

The Genius community is one of the grown-up websites which force over 2 million contributor, Editor, Musicians who sign up to discuss their favourite songs with fan all around the world. As a result of their collective music IQ, we have the best lyrics and knowledge all over the internet that is over 25 million songs, albums, artists, and annotations. In-depth features, breaking news coverage, and a variety of music knowledge content for the masses.

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Bartleby is a success Hub for a students, Established by Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE:BNED), it is a part of its ongoing mission to serve all those people whose motive to get education. Bartleby services are designed in such a way to improve the student knowledge and success and offering a pathway for learning that suitable for the students in terms of schedule and demands of today’s student. It includes bartleby learn, bartleby write, and bartleby research.

Bartleby Learn is a guide to better learning process, Providing access of millions of step by step subject book solutions, a vast, searchable Q&A library, and subject matter experts on standby 24/7 which also helps you to find the answer to homework questions. Bartleby learn helps to ensure that person not only get the correct answer, but they will also understand how to solve the problem on their own at exam time.

Bartleby write is your 24/7 stress-free virtual writing centre. Designed to mark mistakes, help you to improve writing habits and can change okay papers into stellar ones along with spelling and grammar check, plagiarism detection, and citation assistance. You will also receive a preliminary score, so you will get to know your paper stack. Bartleby write helps you to submit your papers with confidence.

Bartleby research enlightens the write idea, helping students to start their writing assignments with confidence. It provides access to thousands of student-penned essays that can act as thought starters for students struggling to draft their own paper.

Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free ebooks on a single platform. Choose among free epub and kindle books download them or read them online and offline. You will find the world’s great literature here, with focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired. Thousands of users diligently read the ebooks for their enjoyment, entertainment, and education. Project Gutenberg eBooks are mostly older literary works. Most were published before 1924, and some published decades after.

Mental Floss

Mental Floss is basically a destination for curious people. It is found in a Duke University dorm room and established in 2001. Metal Floss has reached over 1 billion reader with smart, quirky content presented in a witty, upbeat voice. There are New York city based team as well as worldwide network of contributor answering life’s questions, uncover fascinating fact and find more interesting stories that our reader must share them.

When you read Metal Floss, you will discover life’s amazing stories such as why Paraguay loves Rutherford B. Hayes; hilarious Victorian slang you can incorporate into current conversations; there are 100 of best movies available now, why both ravens and crows form—and hold—grudges; and how a famous board game was used to bust soldiers out of POW camps in World War II. Mental Floss covering history, science, pop culture, language, music, true crime, or entertainment, we help our audience feel smarter.

Mental Floss has won four Webby Awards (including a People’s Choice Webby in 2020), been nominated for an ASME award, and published 15 books, five board games, and a fact-of-the-day calendar. We reach more than 19 million users per month across our site, social media accounts, and popular YouTube channel.

DIYs Websites Online Learning (DIY Stands For DO IT Yourself)

  • Instructables
  • Howcast
  • HowStuffWorks
  • Wonder How-To
  • DIY Projects

Educational Websites For College Students

  • Internet Archive:
  • Big Think:
  • Brightstorm:
  • Futures Channel:
  • Howcast:
  • Theskimm
  • Studyblue

Features to be consider before subscription and paid login.

  • Online admissions
  • Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Social engagement
  • Assessment Management & Live Feedback
  • Dashboards
  • Video conferencing
  • Student information management
  • Quality Content
  • Gamification
  • Quick User Integration
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Easy Payment Methods
  • Motivational Triggers
  • Online Communities & Social Engagement
  • Database management and backups
  • Course creation
  • Skills and certification tracking
  • Payment gateway
  • Forums and webinars

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