Top 10 Free and Open Source School Management Software For Schools

Top 10 Free and Open Source School Management Software For Schools

Managing and handling the activities of schools manually is considered to be a difficult task. It is important to handle all the departments of a school for its proper functioning. A school management software automates the management process of a school right from student admission to examination management, course management, schedule management, and employee management. A good school ERP can help you administer your entire institute by providing a detailed as well as summarized reports of all students as well as staff.

List of Free and Open Source School Management Software


Applane is a simple, user-friendly and integrated cloud-based school ERP software that helps schools to streamline all their functions, increase their efficiency and performance through seamless process automation. It is customizable with advance modules and features like students’ attendance tracking via SMS/email alerts, generating report cards as per various patterns including CCE, streamlining admission process etc.


ClockERP is a cloud based as well as installation based school management software that can be integrated with android and iOS apps. It provides solutions for students, institute/school administrations, financial management and other related activities. You can customize this school ERP according to your needs. It is a user-friendly software with appealing interface and secure, reliable and well-arranged modules.


Edsine is an online school management solution, facilitating school management and ensuring smooth functioning of teachers, parents as well as students activities and providing them access to various school management processes. This school ERP software enables comprehensive management analysis, online management and administration and promises reduced cost, better integration of departments and enhanced real-time decision support.


Eduware is a complete school management software that covers entire school activities from admission process to issuing transfer certificate to the student. It is a user-friendly school ERP which helps in school administration, fees collection, account management, admission process, student/staff attendance and school transportation management etc. with SMS alerts and mobile app facilities.


Edvance is a web-based school management software that allows administrators to manage academic operations and ensure collaboration between school administration, teachers, parents and students on a single platform. It manages all aspects of school operations from admissions to academic reporting, offering features like admissions, student/teachers profiles, attendance, curriculum management, student/parent portals etc.


Fedena is cloud based school ERP software providing schools a single platform to manage all their activities and processes. It is a comprehensive school management software that handles all the aspects including student information system and timetables with customizable dashboards along with school calendar and user management functionality. It offers collaboration tools and covers features like campus news and events management.


Iolite is a comprehensive web based solution for schools that automates all their functions, providing facility to carry out day-to-day activities of school including school administration, academics, students’ information and library management to list a few. This school management software provides integrated platform to manage time tables, exam scheduling, results, attendance, staff details etc.


mySkoolApp is a smart school management solution with web and mobile app access for school, teachers, parents and students. It offers smart communication in the school with real-time update of activities, happenings, reports within the class and school campus. It has features like attendance, homework, messaging, exam results, school calendar to name a few. The app has iOS, Android and web interface and is easily accessible on smartphones, tablets as well as web panel on PCs.

PowerVista Rollcall

Rollcall is a school management software that supports the unique needs of a school in administrating and streamlining their day-to-day functions including student management, attendance, invoicing, academics, activity reporting, class schedules, exams, inventory, curriculum and staff management. This school ERP has user-defined data and customizable reports with features like report writer, forms writer, excel reports, emails etc.


SchoolBrains is a school management software that allows schools to manage student data through a web-based portal, offering features like managing students’ information, planning and scheduling education courses, tracking admission process, generating report cards, annual assessment, managing nursing and health records, community portal for students, teachers and parents’ interaction, alerting and curriculum mapping.

Top 10 School Management Software

Managing a school is not as easy as you think. It is a herculean task as it requires performing different tasks in order to run a school smoothly. Back in the days, everyone be it, teachers, administrators and office personals, used manual methods to manage various operations of a school. This was not only time-taking and strenuous for them as it involved reams of paperwork but also it was prone to errors. However, with the advancement of technology, managing various operations of school has become easier. Today, we share Top 10 Trending School Management Software Solutions.

Today, a number of schools have started using school management software solution to manage and they are quite happy with the results. If you are yet to deploy one, here is a list of school management software to help you choose the one that will best meet your needs.

Krtya MyiSchool (School Management System)

A comprehensive school management software, Krtya’s MyiSchool is a multi-featured online system that will enable you to systematize various operations. Its features are – student registration, class time-table, fees management, transport management, payroll management, library management, inventory & asset management, employee management, exam schedule and exam results, attendance management and i-card generator.

Qmarksoft School Management System

Qmarksoft School Management System is a software that is suitable for all types of school, irrespective of their size. It is fully customizable and comes with a multi-user facility. Some of its features include inquiry management, student management, hostel management, fee management, employee management, schedule management, and exam management.

Rushda School Management Software

A complete ERP solution for schools, Rushda School Management Software comes integrated with accounting and different other features that are essential for managing schools efficiently. Its key features are – attendance management, hostel management, fee management, examination management, faculty management, library management, time-table management, etc.

iWeb Education Management System (EMS)

Capable of handling both on-campus and off-campus operations, iWeb Education Management System is a comprehensive solution built on MS Azure. The solution has both academic and non-academic modules including students, fee, examination, library, attendance, canteen, hostel, campus, communication, and alumni management.

Cosmicvent SchoolOne

SchoolOne from Cosmicvent is designed to bring parents teachers and the students on a common platform. This software enables both parents and teachers to interact better and help the parents to remain updated about the happening in school-related to their wards. This software enables educational institutes to manage students, teachers, employees, courses, events, accounts and all the system and process related to efficient operations required to run a school.

CodeRobotics School Management

CodeRobotics School Management is a desktop-based solution that helps the school manage their daily operations seamlessly. Student Attendance, Multiple Dashboards, Timetable Management, Examination, Student Admission, School/Event Calendar, Fees Management, Hostel/Dormitory Management, etc.

HyperDrive HD School

A comprehensive cloud-based school management software, HyperDrive HDSchool helps automate all the day-to-day activities of the school. From managing admission to fees, course and student attendance, this software is capable of managing every operation of educational institutions.

Neemus NEESCH-School Management System

Neemus NEESCH-School Management System is one of the best school management software that offers an end-to-end automation solution for effective management of all school operations. It comes with features like admission management, fee management, hostel management, library management, parents communication, time-table management, attendance management and examination management.

Bigdbiz Education Management System

A comprehensive software that covers all the aspects of school operations, EMS helps in running a school smoothly. Its features include fees management, Exam schedule details, registration, time-table management, attendance management, and transport management, to name a few.

NT Soft School Management System (SMS)

NT Soft School Management System is an all-inclusive School / College Management software for all type of educational institutes (Colleges, CBSE School / ICSE School/ UP Board School/ Any Other Board). It is easy-to-use and helps automate various facets of school management. Some of its features are student registration with detail information, admission & student registration, fee collection & fee management related task, class-wise time table printing, marks list according to class, section, and examination type, etc.

Here you go! Although there are much more available in the market, this is a comprehensive list of top school management software, which will make it easier for you to make a choice and choose the right one that will meet all your needs of running the school smoothly.


A good school management software automates and manages a school’s operations including student management, fees, attendance, exams, staff, time-tables, records and profiles and library. There are many software available in the market, and you need to select the one that best fits your school’s requirements. Your school ERP should be user-friendly and should be able to streamline your school’s activities, helping enhance efficiency. The above-mentioned list of best school management software can definitely help you in your selection of a good solution for managing your school!

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