Top 10 Free and Open Source Project Management Software For SME’s

Top 10 Free and Open Source Project Management Software For SME’s

When a number of projects run simultaneously, mismanagement is inevitable. You cannot rely on human memory to keep all the projects organized. And, if you try to keep everything on email, you are definitely doing a blunder. Every information on on-time delivery of project and budget needs to be written, documents need to be shared with the team members, and deadlines need to be plotted. Therefore, every member of the team working on a particular project needs to communicate with each other constantly in order to complete a project within a given time-frame. Therefore, project management isn’t as easy as it seems.

Effective project management involves different facets aspects that needs to be looked upon for timely and successful completion of project. However, it is not humanly possible to keep a track of every detail of every on-going project. This is where the need of a good and robust project management software comes into play.

List of 10 best free and open source project management software to manage your projects more efficiently

Viewpoint for Projects

A cloud-based document and information management software, Viewpoint for Projects facilitates sharing, controlling and collaborating on project documents with different teams. It comes with features like document management, information and communication management, BIM collaboration management and field access.

Improsys Project Based ERP

Project management ERP software from Improsys is one of the most comprehensive software that helps in managing a project efficiently. It lets you add and view master BOQ/BOM, add master project activities entry, Project Tracking, view Project Costing Planned Vs Actual, view project status, calculate project cost analysis, add master project activities entry, set activity wise resource allocation, define project scheduling etc.

Zoho Projects

One of the top listed project management software, Zoho Projects lets you plan, track, and collaborate projects. It lets you do the simplest task to the most complex task involved in managing projects. It comes with features like Project Planning, Gantt Charts, Project Coordinator, Timesheet, Reporting Tools, Collaboration, Document Management and IssueTracker, to name a few.


Taskworld is a feature-rich project management tool that facilitates easy management of projects as it comes with advanced analytics and built in messaging system. Besides these, it comes it an array of useful features such as time tracking, task management, collaboration, project planning, project templates, file sharing, gantt charts, status tracking and dashboard.

BIZixx Project Management System

One of the finest project management solutions, BIZZxx project management system helps in managing every aspect of a project efficiently. Some of its key features include task management, data imports/exports, application integration, collaboration, budget management, Gantt charts, time tracking, email tracking, project planning and activity management.


A complete project management system, CollaBrill is cloud-based software that provides an user-friendly and easy-to-use collaborative platform for the enterprise in order to manage their projects more efficiently. Task Management, Data Imports/Exports, Application Integration, Accounting Integration, Idea Management, Percent-Complete Tracking, Project Planning, Resource Management and Document Comparison are some of the key features of this software.

Meshink Project Management

An easy-to-use solution, Meshink’s Project Management helps in allocating, supervising and completing project with more precision.

Zilicus PM

Zilicus is a collaboration and project management tool that helps managers to keep an eye on the team working on it. This helps in proper and better management of projects and facilitates timely completion of it. Some of its key features include project planning, tasks, Gantt charts, milestones, email notifications, team collaboration tools (calendar, file sharing) and resource management (users, organizational structure).


Specifically designed to store and share information within a team, it is one of the best project management tools. It comes with features like Task Management, Data Imports/Exports, File Sharing, Idea Management, Project Planning and Document Comparison along with calendar and to-do section.


Planplex is one of the best tools for managing tasks and resources, which are the most important components of project management. Task Management, Activity Management, File Sharing, Accounting Integration, Project Planning and Email Tracking are its key features.

These are some of the best project management software. With project management tools, now you need not stress yourself as well as your team for any project. Choose one from the list and manage your projects and meet your deadlines effortlessly.

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