SODAR App: Google Has Launched a Social Distancing App.

SODAR App: Google Has Launched a Social Distancing App.

Google has launched a new App name SODAR, due to which we can easily maintain a social distancing in real life through augmented reality. Smartphone user has a new way to maintain social distancing rule which let them know when people are getting closer during this pandemic. As of now, this app is not available in google play store. But we can use this app through a different medium.

Android users can access this app using their chrome browser. This App name is called SODAR which made visual boundary using a smartphone camera. This App is continuously monitoring the activity of the user where social distancing rule is to be followed or not. This Company has claimed that the SODAR app helps the user to visualize social distancing guidelines in the area where this app is running. Afterwards, it creates a visual ring of the two-meter radius with the help of augmented reality. The Perimeter determined based on the pandemic social distancing guidelines. Circles superimposed on surroundings move with users, keeping smartphones in the centre. If any user of the SOADR App is breaking the social distancing rule, then it sent alert notification to smartphone uses.

How To Download SODAR App

  • Create an Account on Google.
  • Go to Google play store and search SODAR
  • Find and click the install button for downloading.

How to use the SODAR App

You must open SODAR website in your chrome for this process because SODAR work through google chrome browser on android smartphones that support augmented reality. If you have opened this SODAR app in your PC or laptop then scanned the given QR code with your smartphone to access this app in your phone. When you received the prompt message on your screen then press “enter AR”. Afterwards, you automatically directed towards the camera in your phone. Then you have to point your handset towards the surface so that it will start showing two-meter radius on it.

SODAR App Alternatives

1. DROD For Android/iPhone
2. DigiBank by DBS India
3. Aarogya Setu For Android/iPhone
4. Syook
5. 1point5
6. Distance Together
7. eMoods Social Distancing For Android/iPhone
8. MFine For Android/iPhone
9. We-Connect
10. Impact For iPhone
11. Nebory
12. Orahi Locate

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