Alternative of Zoom, UC Browser and Share It

Alternative of Zoom, UC Browser and Share It

We have now many other non-Chinese app in India which is quite similar to Chinese app. You can choose smartphone like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, L.G etc instead of chines Smartphone. Samsung company is providing a smart phone in the range of 2000 to 1.5 lakh.  Apple is also providing Smartphone starting range of 20,000 but little bit expensive as compare to another smart phone. Most usable Chinese app like TikTok, UC browser, share it, etc. We have share chat instead of TikTok app. You can talk to people in 10 different languages and can upload entertainment video.

Alternative of UC Browser

Epic web browser and Jio browser are the options available for UC browser. There are many features available in epic web browser launched by company HIDDEN REFLEX in Bangalore. Jio browser is also known for its safe and fastest surfing browser and provide users full entertainment and other related news. Share ALL is also function as share it i.e without using any internet connection can transfer the file to another source. Zoom is in California, but still, many calls are being transferred through Chinese server since a long time. India has launched JioMeet and Say namaste app instead of Zoom. There are many other apps available for video conferencing App such as Cisco Webex and Google Meet. If you are looking for exclusive video conferencing app then you can choose to Say namaste and many other Indian app like Zoom and Google Meet.


India’s First Web Browser “ EPIC “ Launched by Bangalore company.

EPIC is the best alternative of UC Browser

Hidden Reflex is a software start-up company in a Bangalore which has launched a web browser especially for Indians i.e  Epic. It has been developed by the Engineering team of India on the open source Mozilla platform, it said in a statement.

“Epic provides a uniquely Indian browsing experience. It provides Indian users access to latest national and regional news from famous publications such as live television programme, video, stock quote, live cricket news, top Indian music album, Local events, and festival report. Users can access 1500 + customized themes along with the various kind of wallpapers raging from freedom fighter to famous Bollywood and regional film stars. Writing in India languages is also available in Epic web browser. Epic’s free built-in word processor.

There are twelve Indian languages which currently supported presently. Free antivirus scanning and healing is built into Epic, while another security measure warns users when they are about to visit potentially dangerous websites.

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Alternative of Share It

Share ALL

Share All is an Indian App for File Transfer & Share with EveryOne

Share All App is the best alternative of Share it.

One can Transfer any type of files Offline (Apps , videos, photos , music , office , PDF Etc ) in any place at any time without using internet connection. No Cable, no data 3G, 4G needed. You can transfer files to friend’s mobile anywhere and anytime. There is no file size limit available, no matter how big file, ShareAll can complete the file share as soon as possible.

Share files from one device to anther without using an internet connection. The Best feature of ShareAll is that you can share files separately or in a form of a bucket. Available Free of cost. Sharing Data was never so easy before. With Our SHAREALL: File Transfer, Sharing enjoy unlimited data sharing totally Free.

Main Feature of Share All is:-

* No network restriction,Share files whenever & wherever!
* Send large files without limitation
* No USB! No internet needed!
* Speed goes up to 20 M/s.
* Separate File sharing
* Bucket sharing
* Fast Sharing speed
* No cable required
* Totally Free
* Fast, Optimized and Powerful tool
* Keeps Sharing process working even when Screen is Closed/Locked

Alternative of Zoom


JioMeet – A free video conferencing app powered by Reliance Jio

JioMeet App is Altarnative of Zoom

Reliance Jio is telecom company launched its first Video conferencing app on 2nd of July 2020 and this app is now available on both Google play store and App store. This App is completing with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing app tools that are likely to be popular. Jio has been testing this App for a couple of month and now finally they have launched this App for the public use.

Features of JioMeet video conferencing app.

a. Supports direct calls (1:1 calling) along with hoisting meetings that can accommodate upto 100 people. This App is also offer enterprise-grade host control.

b. One can create their account through Phone Number and Email Id and Meeting support the HD quality feature.

c. Free to use and one can create unlimited meeting in a day which can also be password protected and supportive of a waiting room like Zoom.

d. This App can be use directly one’s browser, and has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, the links of these can be found in the Jio site. 

e. It has simple and easy to use feature which is quite similar to Zoom.

f. JioMeet App can support multi devices login that can be used on Five different screen and can seamlessly switch between devices while on a call.

g. It’s unique feature ‘Safe Driving Mode’ offers standard options like screen sharing.

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SAY NAMASTE Video Conferencing

SAY NAMASTEY App is the another alternative of Zoom or other forgien video calling apps.

Say Namaste is an easy features and secure video conferencing app. By using Say namaste can easily create a new meeting or join an existing meeting. You can use this app between 2 people or a multiple. It is developed by INSCRIPT-a company headquarter in Mumbai, India and in the business of creating world class communication product.

Feature of Say Namaste

a. You can use Say Namaste for 1:1 conversation as well as group audio and video conferencing app designed for productive meetings or catchups among corporate meet, Friends or family members.

b. Say namaste can Supports upto 50 participants in one call

c. It has many other features such as screensharing. Now easily share your screen using your desktop/laptop and the shared screen can be used by all participants.

d. Have great video meetings with Say Namaste! The app supports as rich media chat and messaging that allows you to have instantaneous conversations in a text mode.

e. Easily share files in the video meeting itself using the file sharing functionality of Say Namaste.

f. Say namaste also allows you to share documents, PDFs, presentations, images, video files and a lot more during the video conference itself amongst all participants.

Note: Above mentioned application is now days popular so this content pupose is only share info about the alternatives. eTaleTeller are not promote any alternatives.

Security: Check reviews and info before download and run above application. Make sure your operating system have malware and antivirus for protecting your device.

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