Recording Phone Calls of Employees Working in Customer

Recording Phone Calls of Employees Working in Customer

Recording the calls of the Customer Service Representatives (CSR) is a common practice. Every other organization makes sure to record the call. Well, the main reason for the recording is to ensure quality. At the backend, there is the QA (quality assurance) team that listens to the recording and qualifies the call.

Certainly, the entire process becomes foolproof leveraging to quality development. Whether it is a sales-based organization or a customer support channel, both have the recording systems. Salesforces need to know how their team is performing and how can they improve their sales skills. On the other hand, customer support channels are always in the lines of improving the relationship with the customers.

Well, that is just the workplace. Did anyone ever think what happens besides the work calls?

Yeah, employers and managers who have suffered a law enforcement blow do know what happens beyond the work calls. There is an ocean of heinous incidents that have damaged the repute of hundreds of contact centers, sales organizations, and customer support channels.

A few worst-case scenarios are from a telecommunication center. A CSR noted the number of a woman whose voice felt enchanting to him. Even he felt that the lady was seductive. However, that was her natural style. Well, the CSR called her using his phone and behaved discourteously. Further, the lady brought the matter to the regional telecommunication authorities and got that guy fired. In the meanwhile, the press began to blame the organization that they could not control their employees.

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Is It Important to Record CSR Personal Calls?

Some people may not agree with that, thinking this is against the privacy of the employees. Upside down, the sufferers will always agree upon recording CSR calls. Why is that so?

Fraud: The fraud cases do not happen on the work phone. Instead, every discussion for an illicit deal takes place on personal phones. If you look into the scams and telemarketing frauds, they are always from unknown channels. That means, there is no base behind those calls. Like a few years ago, a company was selling cheap PCs. A CSR would call in, making a sales pitch and luring the recipient by telling the hyper specs included in the machine. On top of that, it was available cheaper than a decade-old model. Well, some intelligent guys figured out that it was a scam. But the naïve people could not resist and place the order. Upon receiving the shipment, they realized that they have been played.

Harassment: Sexual harassment is not just limited to the workplace. It goes far beyond and even lands overseas. A guy sitting in Asia might harass a girl in Canada. That even happens! Well, some contact centers lost their repute because of some bad employees. They took the numbers of the female customer and called them up, asking for private information and trying to seduce them.

Well, these two scenarios are good enough to decide whether or not recording is essential. Let us also make it clear, that this is not a discreet process. Instead, employers have to inform the employees that calls on their phones will be recorded. Along with that, they have to provide the reasons for recording their calls.

It is very clear that the guys having bad plans may never agree. They will simply reject and try finding a job somewhere else.

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How to Record CSR Personal Calls?

There are numerous employees monitoring software that offers call recording options. Among them is OgyMogy, which is one of the leading software. It is designed for smartphones, tablets as well as computers.

Well, if you are a startup, you can equip OgyMogy as your professional call recording system at your workplace. It feature-enriched dashboard that can enable you to listen to the calls and make your team improve their communication skills.

Moving further, OgyMogy is potential support to employers. They can use this app to record the calls, check the call logs, and even see the text messages of their employees. That way, they will be able to find the black sheep before anything goes wrong.

You know, how difficult it is to avoid any harassment and fraud litigation. So why not protect your concern from today.

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