Open Source Gold Loan Management Software

Open Source Gold Loan Management Software

We all know, what the gold loans are and how convenient they are from other loans. But in this technical era where everything goes digital then how the loan management services can be left out.

Gold Loan Software is an innovative way to manage the records of customers and simplify the loaning processes to reduce the improvement time and overall cost, which ultimately decrease the risk and improve the profitability of the company. It helps in the management of gold loan accounting and interest rate calculation in an exceptionally easy way. The gold loan software helps in handling secured and unsecured loan with party information, interest calculation and loan reminders.

Advantages of using a loan management software:

  1. A professional loan management software reduces human error and increases the accuracy in loan-related operations.
  2. Automates the whole loaning process.
  3. Accelerates customer services and thereby increase productivity.
  4. Improves data security by providing measures such as password protection, end-to-end encryption, firewalls, and authorized user control
  5. Loan servicing software can help managers to identify aberrant accounts so as to take proactive action. This lessens the risk and regulates the flow of cash.
  6. Centralized Documentation for Instant Access from anywhere.
  7. Reminds Important Points Like Installment Date, Overdue Amount and So On.
  8. Instalment planning and payment tracking.

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Some open-source software that you can use for your gold loan management purposes are listed below:

Free Gold Loan Software Free and Paid Platform
Cloud BankIN Signup Free Trial Desktop
Gtech Web Solution Paid Desktop
Apache Fineract Free Download
PC Clerk SmartGL Price On Request Desktop
Websoftex Gold Loan Management Software Free Trial Desktop

Cloud BankIN

CloudBankIN is an automated tailor made solution for gold loan software configuration. It is a smart tool to manage all your loan processes with its features like mortgages, audit trail management and loan servicing. . With its intuitive design that provides  the technological needs of a intricate loan product like gold loan understands the needs of the jewel finance sector fully. It is an integrated accounting software that helps financial institutions to manage their gold loan accounts with ease.

Key features:

  • Allows users to set maximum outstanding amount for different loan products
  • Streamlines the entire on-boarding procedure with eKYC process
  • Single point for Borrower Data capture with customer details, financial records, jewel information, and interest schedule, etc.
  • Tracing the inventory of pledged items and customer information is easy with the intelligent document capture mechanism
  • Automated penalty capture aspect which recalculates interest on overdue loans
  • Flexible interest and repayment options with auto calculation abilities would ensure the reduction of manual transgressions
  • Unique, customizable, and user-friendly reporting structure.
  • Provisions to change Gold prices and recalculate the loan terms based on them

Gtech Web Solution

G Tech Web Solutions provides the finest and flawless Gold Loan Management Software to all kinds of financial institutions in India. This advanced Gold Loan Software will enable you to approve a Gold loan very quickly. You can enhance unlimited number of custom User, Role, Scheme, Category, Interest Rate etc with their Gold Loan Management Software.

Key features:

  • Gold loan collection receipt with customer copy is available in compact style
  • Clone existing contracts for repeat transactions.
  • Print & export documents
  • Multi-branch reports
  • Most easy Software to manage Gold loans.
  • Enables transparency while working with the management

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Apache Fineract

Apache Fineract is an open-source software which is used for financial services. It proves as a reliable, robust and affordable solution for small banking firms, credit providers and financial companies. It is compatible with all devices with flexible product configuration and comes with the most reliable steady version Fineract 1.x.

Key features:

  • The software can be installed on any deployment platform like Windows, Linux, or Mac OS server.
  • Has well-designed modules such as audit management and credit approval
  • Open APIs and microservices architecture for better efficiency
  • client data management
  • Financial reporting, and real-time accounting analytics.

PC Clerk SmartGL

PC Clerk SmartGL is a specially designed software for Gold Loan Management that helps you to mange all the complexities you may face in gold loan financing business. Can call it one of the best pawn broking software for pawn brokers, jewel pledging software, gold pledging software.

Key features:

  • Software is simple and easy to use.
  • Has the facility to generate any number of different Loan Types and Interest scheme types.
  • Available in single user as well as multi-user versions.
  • Fast and powerful in both its data management and reporting. 

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Websoftex Gold Loan Management Software

Websoftex Gold Loan Management Software is completely functional software for gold loan management, loan accounting, customer data management, for gold business companies. This Gold loan software has ability to make any number of different Loan Types and Interest scheme types. This loan finance software is a inclusive and user friendly gold loan software that is available in both single user and multi-user versions.

Key features:

  • You can record full information(Customer and Guarantors,
  • as well as financial details, current status, Interest schedule, previous loan details, letters, loan transactions, and notes) regarding every Loan.
  • Gold Loan collection receipt with customer copy are available in compact style
  • Multiple Gold Loan Interest Scheme types and multiple gold loan payment options

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