Is Web Design Important For User Engagement?

Is Web Design Important For User Engagement?

When you have a website, you want your visitors to be engaged. If they aren’t, chances are, they won’t stick around the site long enough to see what you have taken time to prepare for them. One of the first things they’ll meet is web design. Unfortunately, several people with sites still wonder how design can help their sites. They don’t take time and try to be on the visitor’s side, at least. So, the question remains, is web design crucial for user engagement? Read on to find out more about it.


The first place the visitors land on your site is likely the homepage. Just going through this page will ensure that the user will either want to engage or not. The design on this page should be flawless if you’re going to get the best out of it. When we are talking website design, look at the site’s appearance, don’t concentrate on the links and other features. The others are more of the web development sector. The appearance will give an idea of what you are trying to get the visitor to see.


When it comes to design, one of the things that can put visitors off is the fonts used. It would help if you had much-appreciated fonts – like Arial and Times New Roman. These fonts will make the user feel like they are in the right place more than anything. Users won’t even know what to engage with if the fonts are too crowded since they don’t even get the message. It would help if you also were careful about the font’s color as it needs to match the other parts of the site.


Broken links are the worst on any site – but this is in the web development sector. So design, too, has a role to play when it comes to links. Here, the designer needs to ensure, first, that the links are visible. After, they also need to be placed in the right places on the web pages. It won’t matter much to the users if the links work okay if they can’t find them. For the users to engage, they will need to find the links – it’s what will lead them to sign up for newsletters and so on. Still, on the linked part, if they aren’t well placed and visible, you won’t have any visitors follow you on social media.


Finally, another aspect of web design and how it comes in handy is a call to action. This should be done with the utmost care. This is how you will be able to convert those leads into sales. If the web design isn’t great, they won’t stick around enough to find the CTA. Some companies like King Kong specialize in CTA placement, so you either need to understand your audience and place your CTA accordingly, or rely on a company like King Kong to set it up for you. Either way, you want to get straight to the point and drive that traffic to a place where you can gather the information your funnel calls for. This could be credit card information, an email address, or a phone number. You must have a CTA, because most users won’t know what to do if the CTA isn’t visible after getting the info you gave.

Designing Websites to Engage Users

Web design is quite crucial if you want to engage your users. As seen above, design plays several roles to ensure user engagement and that you can make a sale.

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