Import and Export Business Opportunity: Step By Step Guide

Import and Export Business Opportunity: Step By Step Guide

What is an Import and Export business?

In a long history of Humanity when we are not into war, we have been interested in selling and buying goods from each other. Import and export business is something that we are buying and selling useful goods around the world. There is a quite simple step to start a business but important distinction that trip up high school students. Import and export business opportunity for small scale industries.

The difference between Import and Export business is: Import is to bring other products into Indian from around the world. It is a simple technique to bring a product from another country to one country while Export is the process to send a product from one country to another country. Thus, whether you are importing or exporting any goods depends upon your orientation of transaction.

The international trade system is a complex web of Import/Export business that handles the sale, buy, distribution, and delivery of goods from one country to another. There is various type of good and businesses involved in import and export trade. You could be a manufacturer or Importer depend upon the industry or the product.

Here is the simple step to start your Import and Export business.

  • Register Your Business
  • Pick a Product
  • Source Suppliers
  • Price the Product
  • Find Your Customers
  • Get the Logistics Down

How to start the Import and Export business?

If you are interested in starting an Import and Export business, there is a tone of consideration you need to make. It would be helpful to have a background in the same business, International trade, or global finance. This should give you an understanding of the whole process of sell or buy a product from an overseas supplier. Here is the simple step on how to start an Import and Export business.

1. Get your business basics in order

If anyone wants to start a business, then he needs to cover a certain thing taking into account like creating a website as well as social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and a host of others. So, here is your first step:

The first step, registering your business with the state in which your headquarter will be located, registering your domain name and getting a license of your business to legally operate, and so on. How to manage the rule and regulation of the market you want to work in. Research about the country for which you want to work with. Considering everything from the various legal requirement in each nation to insurance. It takes money to make money, so it important to have capital on hand when you are getting started. This is the important thing to recommend anyone is to have your capital upfronts because there is a greater chance of success and sustainability for the long term. In order to make $ 1 million, You need to invest $ 7 million. You need to be prepared for whatever occurs, from an issue with sourcing to change in trade regulation.

2. Pick a product to Import and export

The next step in starting an Import/Export is to find an industry or product for which you are passionate about and you think could sell in international markets. Once you find a product then you must find an international market also to sell your product and same for import business if you want to purchase any product. This is where your trend-spotting skills come into play. The most popular product into an import and export business is the products that as just starting to become popular or show some promise to being in the future also. You can conduct your research on various platforms of import and export data providers such as Zauba Corp, import genius, etc, or by checking government officials’ trade websites such as the Department of Commerce International Trade Administration’s Data and Analysis. You can also search on Census Bureau Foreign Trade.

3. Source your supplies

Once you find the product you had like to trade after internationally, after this, you need to find a local manufacturer of the large producer of your product which makes your product produce and to lead a strong partnership. A good relationship with your supplier is the best success of your Import and export business.

The most popular websites of finding your buyer and supplier of your products. Have a look below.


Alibaba launched in 1999, is the leading websites for Global wholesale trade information around the globe. It serves millions of buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, Importer around the world. is a part of an Alibaba group. It provides suppliers with the necessary tools and strategies to reach a global audience for their products and help buyers to reach their products and supply quickly and efficiently. brings millions of products in over 40 different categories including fashion, electronics, mechanics, and machinery. Buyers include in this website located in 190 + countries and regions. is a platform for all your global business trade.


Indiamart is one of the largest platforms of India for finding buyer and supplier details of your product. Indiamart is one of the largest online B2B marketplaces. The focus of this platform is to serve small and medium enterprises, large enterprises, and individuals. This company established in 1999. There are 102 million buyer, 6 million suppliers, and 67 million products and services. Indiamart has 3000 + employees and located in 85 offices in the country.


Global sources established of 49 years, it has built trust for the largest marketplace for B2B companies which serve supplier and buyer online and offline. The core business is to facilitate services between Asia and the world through trade shows. Global sources include more than 1.5 million international buyers, 94 of the world’s top 100 retailers, and trade across 240 countries and territories.

4. Price your product

After analyzing the market, industry, and product, next up, figuring out how much to charge. It includes the volume of units sold and the commission made on that volume. Be sure when you price your product such that your mark-up on the product does not exceed and how much a customer is willing to pay. Do not make it too low so that you are not ever going to make a profit and too high that nobody going to buy your product. Typically import and exporter make a 10% to 15% profit on the manufacturer price when you buy the manufacturer product.

5. Find your customer

After all process of settling your product and prices, finding customers to sell to. Before sending your product to the destination port of another country, you usually need to find a distributor and client who will take your product and sell other customers in their countries. If you have a quality website for the digital marketing platform through which your customer ends up finding you.

6. Get the logistic down

This is the most complex aspect of Import and exporting business trade is the Logistics of taking a product created somewhere and selling it somewhere. Hiring a Freight forwarder is generally a good idea for all import and export trade, they serve as a transport agent for moving cargo. It saves a lot of time and worries about the transportation of getting your product from the factory to a warehouse. You need to give agents all information about your product and intension of transportation and after that, they will arrange the shipping, insurance and oftentimes the license, permit, tariffs, and quotas of working with other countries.

The Bottom Line

Import and export business opportunity: The business of exporting and importing a product dazzling and complex system that balances both emotional and economic needs. This business helps you to fulfil your basic need which manufactured in other countries and helps others of supplying their basic need related to food and machinery. It is the process of providing to get benefits of your product and creating a sustainable lifestyle of those who create it or those who buy it.

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