August 13, 2020
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How to Download Free Apps for Window 10 From Microsoft Store

Everyone likes to play games and use new software. Today’s we are downloading games and software from Google play store whenever we want, while on the computer, we can download from different websites. Every new window operating system comes with new features. Window10 is the most popular operating system with many new features. If you are using window10 then you don’t have to go to any other websites just for downloading new software and games. Now you can download apps whatever you want from Microsoft store. Before downloading the apps you should have a Microsoft account. Here is the stepwise process to download the following App.

Step By Step Guide: How to Download Apps from Microsoft Store for Window 10

1. Create a Microsoft account.

2. Click the Start button from the left corner of the window screen.

3. Search Microsoft Store App and open it.

4. Search free apps for games, entertainment, and productivity and find the Best Deals on Paid apps.

5. You will find any apps for your computers and laptops


Apps for Window 10 Microsoft App Screen Shots

1. Click the Start button from the left corner of the window screen.

2. Click on the explore and search Microsoft store app

3. Open it and find the app you wish.

Microsoft App Screen Shots