Houseparty APK Download For Android and iOS

Houseparty APK Download For Android and iOS

Video conferencing apps have become an inseparable part of our life especially in these difficult times when we are expected to stay in the house. Those unexpected dinner dates, long conversations, and parties seem like things that used to happen ages back. But as they say, there is a solution to every problem and this time technology has saved us. With plenty of video chat apps available free on AppStore and Play store, anyone can install these apps and connect with their dear ones.

Some of these apps are in-built in a few models of smartphones and makes life whole lot of fun. For those who don’t know yet, we’ve curated a list of 10 best house party apps that help you connect with your loved ones more and create a fun experience.

What is Houseparty APK

houseparty app logo and alternatives

You all must be aware of the Houseparty app but to those who aren’t, this is a popular app for video chats where you can enter and take part in chats with your special ones. The app is extremely easy and helps you organize house parties with 8 people at maximum. It has integrated games to play, party, and have a chill time without being physically connected. It has the features that let you communicate with the stranger as they join the chat, make sure lock the room if you do not want the strangers peeking in.

Houseparty apk download for Android and iOS

Free Alternatives and Smilar Apps of HouseParty APK


Zoom is one of the major video-conferencing apps that people mostly used for business conferences and online meetings. But this app has now become a regular hangout space for family parties, get-together, birthday celebrations, especially amidst the social distancing. It allows up to 100 people to connect on a call. There are filters and background effects choose from and try the different layouts to make video chats experience extremely delighted with your family and friends.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a Google app that is fully-fledged with video calling features. You can connect with your contacts who are signed up on Google Duo with their mobile numbers. This app delivers high-quality video chats and keeps them private as they are end-to-end encrypted. It provides a high response and comes as a built-in app in Google smartphones. Though the app is not the first choice for people who like video chatting but is sure one of the best apps for video calling. It is the best houseparty app for android.

Google Hangouts

Google hangout is another video platform that enables up to 25 people to connect on a video chat with the help of the application or with google account. You can easily open the app through your Gmail account at any time and hang out with your friends, long-distance partner, or anyone from different corners of the world. Unlike many other apps, it’s pretty simple and allows you to share your screen. Though the app is used mostly for business purposes, now it is becoming a fun way to connect with your loved ones.


Snapchat is a fun app for all those who like to play around heaps of filters, effects, and background. Its live video chat feature allows you to chat and facetime with your closed ones by using various super entertaining filters. It brings you face-to-face with your gang with a limit of 15 people just on a data connection and enables you to customize the screen as per your convenience. It is an entertaining way to see your friends and loved ones, have long one-to-one conversations and make you feel very close to them.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a messaging app that has a built-in video chat feature. It has some playful video effects and features to create a virtual fancy appearance. With a maximum limit of 50 people, you can enjoy video chat and organize parties to fill your boring days with super fun and entertainment. Along with all that you can participate in games and use filters that make the party even more fun.

IMO Free Video Calls and Chat

No more waiting to get in touch with your loved ones and plan dinner, party, or birthdays and anniversary celebrations. IMO is the fast and easiest way to connect socially and execute your long-waited parties. You can video chat your friends and family for free on IMO irrespective of the devices they use. You only need a good data connection to use IMO on your iOS and Android devices. You can enjoy long and late-night conversations and have a great house party experience in these difficult times.


WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that is used internationally by millions of users. It has a powerful feature for video calling using which you can have face-to-face chat with your friends, family, and dear ones. Also, it can be converted into a group chat that allows you to have a conversation with the four people at maximum. WhatsApp video chat options enable you to have a conversation from anywhere as the app is available handy on your mobile phones.

Skype For Houseparty

Skype is the app that many of you used for video calling and chatting with your long-distance friends and relatives. The houseparty app has unique video calling features that enables you to have fun-filled conversations and party from different corners of the earth. With a limit of up to 50 people, you can use this to make your conversions long and more fun. The app looks a bit more professional for regular fun calls but it offers quality video chats.


Facetime is an smilar houseparty apk that allows you to connect with up to 32 people to have a video chat and make your days even more enjoyable. With this amazing app, you can facetime with your friends and family who are far away but close to your heart. You can use this app for international conversations as well with an internet network. It comes pre-installed in iPhone and Mac and makes it accessible for apple users. The app is easy to use and has fun effects such as text, stickers, and shapes to make your chats super fun.

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