Google Doodle: Popular Google Doodle Games [Free Games]

Google Doodle: Popular Google Doodle Games [Free Games]

What is Google Doodle?

Google Doodles are the amusing, fun, entertainment, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the google logo page to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and the life of famous artists, people, scientists, doctors, poet, etc. A doodle is an unfocused and comic drawing made to grab the person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Doodle is a simple art that has some meaning and representation related to one’s personal life or day. The idea of incorporation of the doodle is to bring smiles to the faces of Google users around the world in some sort of way.

Google Doodle Headquarter

Google Doodle is a swiss online tool for time management and coordination meetings. Doodle headquarter based in Zurich, Switzerland, and has been operational since 2007. It has offices in Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Belgrade. It is basically a calendar like a tool and asked to determine the best time and date to meet. Doodle interact with the various external calendar system. Doodle available in twenty-six foreign languages including the Italian Language, German language, French language, and Spanish Language. Doddle is written in JAVA script through JSF.

Official Website of Google Doodle

History of Doodle

In 2014, swiss median giant Tamedia increased its share to 100 per cent. Doodle also release its android and IOS app in 2014 and that time they passed the 20 million monthly user benchmarks. Doodle acquired mekan in 2016 is a chatbot developed by Israel. It uses artificial intelligence and official language to set a meeting time. In 2016 doodle is used by 180 million users across 175 countries. Renato Profico joined as new CEO of doodle in 2019 following by Gabriele Ottino departure after 3 years as doodle’s CEO.  Yahoo calendar, google calendar, Apple ical, Microsoft can be utilized with a doodle to track calendar dates. Doodle 1.1 was launched in November 2018 and allow users to easily schedule their one-on-one meetings.

How Google Doodle Originated?

In 1998, before the company incorporated, the concept of doodle born when Larry and Sergey are playing with the corporate logo to indicate their presence at the festival. They are playing with the stick figure drawing behind the 2nd “o” in the word Google and revised logo intended as a comical message to the users. The first doodle is a quite simple comical message that gave the idea of incorporation of a doodle for public view every day.

Total how many doodles had been created?

The Google team has created over 4000 doodles for google homepage around the world. Nowadays doodle has become a group of people effort to enliven the Google homepage. A group to people has got to together regularly and decides which event will be celebrated the incoming days on google homepage. These ideas for the doodle coming from various sources from Googler and Google users.

Meet Doodle Feature

Schedule meetings with anyone on any calendar.

Clear and quick visibility no matter what calendar they are presently using. No stacking meetings i.e Synchronize with google calendar, office 360, or ical with a doodle to avoid schedule mistake. Avoid email games by Sharing your doodle URL with anyone and stop email back and forth. You can invite people to your proposed time by giving perfect command using doodle.

Simplify 1:1 meeting

You will never ask anybody to schedule a meeting. This is a quite simple and straight forward process that you will share a calendar to whomsoever you would like, and they indicate their availability.

Wrangle group of people in a meeting

Schedule the best time for meeting big or small of busy people in a few meetings. Get an idea of a timeshare with a group of people and collaborate with a clear visual snapshot.

Manage your scheduling in one spot

Stay organized with doodle easy to follow and simplify updates and manage reminders etc. Go doodle pro team and enterprises is one of the new salient features.

Popular Google Doodle Games

Everything you need to know about the google initiative to stay and play safe at home with popular games on doodle from the last few days. The company bring back its most popular games for users to play around and kill boredom in the quarantine period. Go ahead and play the following game on doodle page:

  1. Coding Carrots
  2. Cricket
  3. Fischinger
  4. Rockmore
  5. Garden Gnome
  6. Scoville
  7. Loteria
  8. Halloween 2016
  9. Hip Hop
  10. PAC-MAN

Doodle‘s Achievements [Awards]

Doodle is a leading too rated in customer satisfaction, ease of use, ease of doing business, quality of support, and ease of setup. The best winning award by doodle is BEST RELATIONSHIP, LEADERSHIP, MOMENTUM LEADER, BUSINESS LEADER.

How you can submit the idea for doodle representation?

The doodle is always ready to hear the innovative ideas from their users, one can mail their idea at for the next doodle google homepage. Doodle team gets hundreds of ideas every day and unfortunately, they cannot respond to everyone but rest assured that they are reading your ideas from everyone.

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