Get To Know Sweden Its People, Culture, And Sites

There is but one truth about traveling leisurely, aside from the hype it brings, it allows us to take a closer in-depth look at a country or a place. We tenderly immerse ourselves in the richness of its facade and how it has come about. Taking us to countless treasures, it holds that lies within their midst.

With the accessibility of travel in our hands, getting to places and countries in our minds can be as fast and easy. There is something about Europe that will always ring a bell. You imagine mountains, wine, chocolates, ice glaze, and apple trees. There are many places to discover, but let us take this trail road one step at a time and dive in and get to know Sweden first.

Land And Location

The country Sweden is derived in its historical graphics from the name Svear or Suiones. It is known to be located in the Scandinavian Peninsula, in the Northern Peninsula of Europe. To this day, it has held Stockholm as its capital city since 1523. Take that as your first Sweden facts that you can share on your travel blogs.

This is the 5th largest country in Europe, holding a total area of 528,447 sq km. The land rich in different traditions is subdivided into three regions, each with other characteristics as it is unique in a variety of highlands and lowland settings. The perfect and complete mix of forests to farmland and a landscape of fertile clay, lakes, and ridges.

As the country sets in 15% within the Arctic Circle, daylights’ mood varies rapidly in other months. The month of May until the middle of July, the nights only have a few period hours of semidarkness. In Mid-December, the entire city of Stockholm only experiences 5.5 hours of daylight.

People And Culture

As rich as the country’s land formation, there are also spices of colors in the spectacular people that become famous in their field of expertise. They are composed of scientists, actor, and YouTube sensation PewDiePie. They are ushering in authors’ talents, like Astrid Lindgren and Stieg Larsson, who wrote the book “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.

Covered in lush mountains composed of varied trees and flowers, the country blooms in the midsummer; thus, this celebration locals observe called the Midsummer Eve in June. Swedish people converged in dances, an expression of that joyous feeling for the longest days’ blessing as they called it solstice.

The Swedish people are also accustomed to their traditional way of cooking as introduced in the 18th century by cook Cajsa Warg. This Swedish nature of preparing meals ushers in to adapt to the country’s harsh cold weather, making sure that fresh food can be readily available during the short summer season.

Places To See

Like most countries in Europe, Sweden embraces the importance of paying respect to its history. Thus, the country is known to house 300 museums and offers various local heritage to see.  Take the Vasa Museum located in Stockholm, which holds the Vasa Battleship, a fascinating time capsule capturing that fleeting voyage it had encountered.

Gearing towards the sleek and stylish luxury staycations, the country uniquely offers tourists an experience worth writing on the books.  The ‘Ice Hotel’ as the name speaks it, is made entirely of ice. This vision of both builders and the artist is inspired by that creativity to develop a uniquely different piece to serve as a landmark to be reckoned with every year.

As the country takes pride in its monarchy’s existence, lavish castle sites’ prevalent presence becomes a haven for tourists and the locals. Located in Lovo’s island, the Fairytale Drottningholm Palace, renowned as a UNESCO heritage site, becomes picturesque, with its terraced parks and bronze made sculptures.


The world harbors a fast-paced environment; we have to take a moment and pause. Take that adventure pill and geared up on those traveling shoes. Let the facts of a country as it beholds, like Sweden, entice you to discover places and discover its diversity. Life is short, live fully, and live freely.

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