Top 5 😛 Face with Tongue emojis

Express Your Cheekiness Using This Top 5 Face Emojis

Everyone knows that there are times where people need to express their playfulness when speaking with someone, and there is the best way this can be played. Yes! You guessed it, by using the different face emojis. There are a lot of ways to express one’s feelings accurately using these emojis.

These emojis will boost up one’s confidence in speaking with someone. It can also be used without words. A set of these emojis will be enough for the recipient to know and understand how cheery a person is feeling. These are some examples of those emojis and how to use them properly.

Top 5 Face Emojis With Tongue

Face With Tongue Emoji

Face With Tongue Emoji

One of the examples of those emojis is the tongue out emoji. Whenever you see an emoji that has its tongue stuck out and has a big open grin, this only means that you are being mocked, or it may be that the person you’re speaking with is just happy and wants a silly conversation.

Another way this emoji can be used is when a person is jesting or has said something amusing. This is the emoji way of saying, “Just kidding” or “Joke.” Let’s say the joke is not that funny. This emoji can be used to have an additional zing, which will eventually make it a funny one.

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Winking Face with Tongue Emoji

Winking Face with Tongue Emoji

When you see a winking face with a tongue sticking out, its right eye closed and its left eye wide open, and a big genuine grin, that is the Winking Face with Tongue. This can be used in a conversation to represent the sender’s silliness and wackiness, which makes it an exciting discussion.

Like the Face with Tongue emoji, the Winking Face with Tongue can also be used in making jokes. But this is most commonly used when teasing with someone because this is a little bit goofier than the Face with Tongue emoji but not as crazy as the Zany Face Emoji.

Zany Face Emoji

Zany Face Emoji

There is another silly emoji that can be used to express a person’s feelings. That is the Zany Face emoji. It is a smiley making a funny face with its tongue hanging out, and it’s head a little bit tilted. It also has wide, crazy eyes with one bigger than the other in a wild, crooked expression.

This emoji is perfect when you feel crazy in a positive way and want to vent it out. Or if you are being goofy and wanna have fun, you can use this emoji to invite your friends out on an adventure or a wild party! This emoji is suitable for every insane event or idea.

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Money-Mouth Face Emoji

Money Mouth Face Emoji

This yellow-faced emoji with raised eyebrows and a dollar sign for eyes with a genuine sticking tongue smile and a banknote for a tongue is the Money-Mouth Face emoji. There are various ways this emoji can be used, and this is one of the most used emoji of this generation since many millennials love wealth.

This emoji can be used in dealing with money like when the sender just received his monthly pay and feels rich. But not only money, but this emoji can also be used as a concept of excellence and success. For example, a specific person was promoted to a higher position and had a big raise.

Face Savoring Food Emoji

Face Savoring Food Emoji

This emoji does not have a big open grin face but rather a closed wide smiling mouth with its tongue still sticking out in one corner of the front just like licking its lips with contentment and satisfaction from the food it just ate.

The Face Savoring Food is an emoji that is widely known to express how delicious the food was and that the person is happy with it and wants to brag about it on social media. But there are also times when this emoji is being used to express the attractiveness of another person.

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There are a lot more emojis on the internet and many ways on how to use them. These are just some of the example emojis you can use to add a little bit of spice to your conversation and make sure that you can express all your thoughts and feelings the exact way you feel them.