Classic Games: 5 SNES Games That You Should Know

Most video games today mainly focus on good graphics, complex gameplay mechanics, and high resolution. Yes, we know that they are really good to play, but the classic games that we’ll be sharing with you today will always have a special place in our hearts. The vintage Nintendo console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES, is one of the industry’s front-runners.

Even though these SNES consoles are already obsolete, avid collectors and retro gamers are sure to have them. This doesn’t mean that we would have to say goodbye to the old SNES games we played before. There are these handy emulators that we can use to relive the past and play the beloved games that we used to play in our SNES. So, we will give you a shortlist of some of the games that you should know about.

Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III)

The Final Fantasy VI or better known in the West as the Final Fantasy III, is one of the best SNES games that have ever been created. It redefined the title and pushed it to sci-fi territory instead of just focusing mainly on fantasy. The game implemented a steampunk-type setting that has a few traditional fantasy tropes like a feudal village.

Final Fantasy VI contains one of the most grown-up themes in SNES games. Each character has their very own stories that are all connected. There’s no doubt that Final Fantasy VI is one of the most-loved SNES games. It has even taken part in RPG games to become more famous in the United States. This isn’t something that you should ever miss out on.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

If you have heard or played Zelda games in the past, there’s no doubt that you have an idea of what this game is about. The game features the main character named Link, who is trying to rescue Hyrule from Ganon while teaming up with Zelda.

The game series has focused on an open-world exploration that is unrivaled by no other titles. This type of game will surely give you the freedom to explore Hyrule while having a child’s curiosity and wonder. If you are curious enough, you will even be given in-game discoveries and secrets.

Chrono Trigger

Even though Chrono Trigger was released later, this game is still known to be one of the best SNES role-playing games to have ever been released for the console. It had famous names that worked on it, such as Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball, Hironobu Sakaguchi of Final Fantasy, and Yuji Hori of Dragon Quest.

The story circles around a certain boy who took on a historical quest. The best part of it is that the story has 13 possible endings and isn’t linear in any way. It has amazing action-packed gameplay and astounding pacing. Chrono Trigger now stands beside all the greatest classic games and has stood the test of time.

Super Punch-Out!!

If you are a hardcore fan of boxing games, then this is what you should try playing in your SNES emulators. The game boasts very satisfying gameplay with all their uppercuts, super punches, and hooks. When you have learned your enemies’ weak points and master the controls, defeating your opponents becomes very satisfying to see, especially when you hit an instant knockout.

Tetris Attack

This type of game rarely comes in this type of package. They normally come with some narrative-based titles that have more compound gameplay. The game Tetris Attack began as a Japan-exclusive Panel de Pon. We all know that this type of puzzle game mechanics is very addictive. Possibly, the most interesting part of this game is a competitive nature. You can play with your friends and squash them with evil blocks.


These games have truly left a mark in all our hearts and will still forever have a place in our hearts. Although, these games can still be played with an SNES emulator, and we could just relive the past while reminiscing all the fun and laughter that we had while playing these classic SNES games.

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