Cartier Santos: Uncompromisingly Exquisite Timepiece

Cartier Santos: Uncompromisingly Exquisite Timepiece

The brand Cartier is known as the oldest French watch brand. The brand is very well known for having the best design for jewelry and bracelets. They even expanded to selling sunglasses and other leather items. This brand is not just an ordinary brand because it has an established name that survives for how many years.

A watch that people continued to patronize even as of this time. This watch might be a bit pricey than other brands because of its established name and guaranteed quality of timepieces. You can even see them used by celebrities during their most important events like the Cannes Film Festival, etc.

Get To Know Cartier Santos

This watch materialized because of these two friends Alberto Santos-Dumont who is a pilot, and Louis Cartier. A pocket watch is essential for a pilot because he checks the time, location, etc. For an on-the-go person like Alberto, he needs a convenient watch that’s just on your wrist.

It was Alberto’s need that helped Cartier to make wristwatches. As of today, Cartier Santos watches still manage to be popular. It continues to upgrade its features to meet the requirements and demands of today’s generation. Some watches of this series are covered with yellow gold colors from its bezels down to its screws.

It also launches bracelets that feature screws that connect—considered one of the most elegant timepieces because it touches classic design and the history of how it was built. This was considered a significant upgrade, but the bezels remained its elegant designs until today.

Cartier Santos Description

As mentioned, Cartier watches are popular because of their stunning cases, and Santos De Cartier 100 is an excellent example. This model features a huge watch that’s very attractive to anyone who sees it. But, the size is at 41.33mmx51.1mmx10.34mm, including these watch crowns.

Santos De Cartier now has around 15 different models. This also includes the famous Stun of the seventies. As of 2018, they released a collection of beautiful timepieces that have unique yet modern features. This was even made a massive hit for the Santos De Cartier models, which targets today’s generation.

It is comfortable to wear a version of their bracelets that come in thin size. It is the same as the bezels of this watch; they shrink the size without sacrificing the watch’s quality. The fantastic feature is that with just a click of a button, the leather straps can turn into steel bracelets.

Why is it Popular?

Cartier is very popular in using beautiful cases and straps for their watch. Surprisingly, this brand’s creator just accidentally thought of making a wristwatch because of a friend’s specific need. Like any product or business, you need to think of the requirements in a particular area to make sure that people will undoubtedly buy your product.

Some Additional Description

This model has SmartLink features that can detach and adjust your watch based on your wrist size without manually using any tool. The larger size of this series has easy access in determining the date by its window. Also, this has 23 jewels that are pushed somewhere in its steel case.


Overall, Santos De Cartier is known for its elegant designs and undeniably high-end features. We can even see that this model retains its significant features. If Cartier continues to innovate, it might also cater to a different market. Thanks to Alberto for making this dream wristwatch a reality.

We all have needs in life, and that’s why we look for an antidote of that specific need. But before we look, we research a particular product. Cartier De Santos not just solved Alberto’s needs but everyone’s needs as of today.

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