Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Source Software

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Source Software

Commercial software as well as  Open Source Softwares both are available in the market, but the question is which one we should choose. Why open source software are being so popular nowadays?

Certainly, OSS must have some pros over the commercially produced software. Though, there are some downsides too to using them, specifically from the perspective of day to day business life and development. Before obligating to open source software, you should consider the following advantages and disadvantages.

Identify Several Advantages and Disadvantages of Open-Source Operating Systems

Advantages Of Open Source Software:

  • Free to use

As we all know that all the commercial software products are quite expensive that not everyone can afford them. But in place of such proprietary software, you can use open source software which is generally available for free. You do not have to buy them as they are developed to be accessible by anyone.

  • Bugs removal

In the development of these softwares so many people are involved and due to which the chances of bugs and faults are very low. Most of such softwares, have their own communities which is available for the users who report any bugs in the software. In these softwares the debugging is done within hours because the source code is available to everyone.

  • Quality and reliability

One of the most importants merit of OSS is that it is highly reliable and the quality of product you get is extremely high. The reason behind this is that it is developed by very skilled and talented people. Fault detection, fault prevention and improvement of softwares increases the reliability of these softwares. Hundreds of experts for the monitoring enables the smooth use of software without any disruption. 

  • Flexibility and adaptability

Now you don’t need to rely on particular IT architecture to upgrade your software according to your requirement.With Open Source software, the source code of the software is publicly accessible. This allows users a high degree of flexibility and individual adaptations. The use of functional allowances are possible independently or with the help of IT service providers.

  • Enhance the innovation

Above we talked about the flexibility and adaptability of OSS which is the gateways for future innovation. Since you are free to customise your software as per your need, you can innovate a unique IT infrastructure.

This gives the wings to the future minds and talent which didn’t find their ways earlier.

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Disadvantages Of Open Source Software

  • Not easy to use

Most of the OSS interfaces are not users friendly as it emphasis on the functionalities rather than the user’s interface. There are many open source operating systems like LINUX which you can not be learnt in a single day,but it is not true for all the OSS. Mozilla Firefox is one of them which you can easily used.

  • Lack of extensive support

Another disadvantage of open source software is its support service. Siince there is not a single developer or not any big company, who is liable for any disfunctioning of your software.

  • Vulnerable to malicious users

The ease of accessibility to the source code which is mentioned above may also cause malicious activities to like to exploit product’s vulnerability, creating the bugs to harm the hardware, steal the identities and much more. But these things hardly happen with proprietary software as the owner makes sure that the quality control process of the software should be perfectly fine.

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