Advanced DayZ Strategy: DayZ survival tips

One helpless thing about survival games such as DayZ is that you’ll surely die. This is mostly the case, irrespective of whether you’re a pro player or a noob. It gets more frustrating for new players just trying to figure their way about the game. 

We’ve been on DayZ and discovered some helpful tricks and strategies to survive longer. So, we’ll share 5 of these all-important tips with you as we proceed below. Also, we recommend some of the Best DayZ Cheats before entering your next match – you’ll need them.

5 survival tips for DayZ players

Never run out of food.

Like you’d feel like vegetables if you go for days without food, that’s the same way your hungry character feels. When your character is not fed, its energy level runs low. As a result, it becomes difficult to fight enemies. Luckily, you don’t have to spend money to get food.

Food in DayZ is abundantly available and can also be found lying in cans. Also, animals will serve really fine meals when cooked. If you’re around coastal areas, look around boats for food. You’ll also find food inside buildings, but that’s if no one has already entered the building before you. For canned foods, do well to have a knife or can opener handy.

Your health, your Strength 

Many factors will make your health drop while in the game. Common causes are hunger and dehydration, and being exposed to the elements. Also, you’ll lose health faster if you get engaged in fights against zombies or other hostile players. 

Your health depends on your blood level, which depends majorly on your water intake. Sadly, there are no health kits or energy boosts that will instantly replenish your health in DayZ. However, you can use a morphine auto-injector to function normally, irrespective of your health. Moreover, the best way to stay healthy is to avoid fights, eat, and drink well.

Avoid the blind search.

Your survival in the exhaustive land of Chernarus depends on several items, including food, water, and weapons. Luckily, these items are made available in loots scattered across the map. However, you don’t want to go around in a blind search if you know your way around the map.

We have identified two locations to hold the highest loots; the Police Station and the Piano House. Also, you’ll find fewer loots in locations such as schools, Jail, Fire Station, ATC, and garages. For weapons, the best places to look are Airfields and military tents.

Stay away from the undead.

You have plenty of things to worry about in Chernarus, with zombies being the least on the list. So, avoid them in the beginning stages of the match, but reserve your health for tougher future battles. No doubt, zombies are easy to kill, but if you’re not quick about it, they’ll let off sounds, drawing other undead to your location.

When this happens, things can easily spiral out of control with your life on the line. However, if you kill zombies, don’t forget to check their bodies for anything you may need. When you open your inventory, check “vicinity.” This will show nearby items. We recommend this method if you kill several zombies on the spot and lack time to search them one after the other.

Lay low

You’ll have to keep yourself concealed most of the time if you want to survive for long. Staying in the bushes will help you do this. An enemy who spots you out on the open roads won’t hesitate to shoot at you. If you must use the roads, only do so in a vehicle.

Also, you don’t want your cover in the bushes blown by the color of your clothes. A simple tip is choosing clothes that blend into the environment you’re playing in. 


DayZ’s world of Chernarus has a lot to do with your survival. One of the most effective strategies in playing the game is to avoid fights until you have enough supplies on you. More importantly, make sure you have enough food and water on you, alongside some morphine. 

If you get to kill zombies, check the corpses for useful items you may need. You’ll also need a can opener or a knife to open canned foods. Lastly, stay concealed by sticking to the bushes and wearing concealing clothes.

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