TheOneSpy App Review: A Genuine Pros and Cons

TheOneSpy App Review: A Genuine Pros and Cons

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable software that is pack with numerous kinds of security solutions. You can get your hands on dozens of features that you can use for digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes. The design of the application is simple and appealing for the users and help out users in every way. Therefore, for a user point of view, we are going to review this app to let them know about the perks and limitations.

You will be able to decide the fever of TheOneSpy cell phone tracker once you have to know about the importance of this piece of software. We are going to discuss features, installation, compatibility, price, pros, and cons that let you know whether you should have it or not. Let’s discuss briefly in the following.

What is TheOneSpy App?

It is a kind of application that you can install on your digital devices like on cellphones, tablets, PCs, and even on computer laptop desktop devices running with Android, Windows, and MAC operating systems. Now you get a subscription against every operating system that we have mentioned earlier. Once you have the subscriptions, then get started with the installation having physical access on the target device and further access to the online web portal.

 You can get access to the control panel where you can find out plenty of tools that are different for the different operating systems. The interface is user –friendly and lets you easily navigate all the features on the target device, and you can upload the information running on the targeted device. TOS features are capable enough to provide you results instantly and keep you updated all the time what is happening on the target mobile or computer device.

TheOneSpy features for cellphone

There are plenty of tools that you can use on cellphones and tablet devices. Users can use screen recording, call recording, IM’s social media, IM’s VoIP call recorder, screenshots, keylogger, live camera streaming, and email tracking.

TheOneSpy Features for windows

You can remotely get access to the windows laptop and desktop devices and get to know about the information to the fullest. You can use the block websites, screenshots-on demand, surround recording, email monitoring, view installed applications, windows location tracker, and features like a keylogger.

TheOneSpy Features for computer

When it comes to surveillance on mac devices, you can use features such as website blocking, screenshots, screen recorder, camera bug, MIC bug, sync settings, and keystrokes logging. You can use all of these features on computer devices to get the job done.


TheOneSpy app is compatible with phones and tablets of android OS running up to OS version 10 and latest. Moreover, you can use it on all mac and windows operating systems. It remains hidden on the target device and never let anyone to detect it.


  • It is packed with number of products.
  • It has exclusive features that no other application has to date.
  • It provides you real –time surveillance on your target device.
  • It does not require rooting of android devices.
  • It is the best for digital parenting and for employee monitoring.
  • It has Real –time location tracking tools of lost or theft devices.
  • It has live call recording tool incoming and outgoing
  • You can use it for live calls recording of social messaging apps.


  • No remote installation
  • Application for iPhone yet to come
  • It does not encourage intrusive and illicit surveillance

TheOneSpy App Price

XLite Plan:

  •  $25/Month
  • Quarterly: $15/ Month
  • Yearly: $6.25/Month

Premium Plan:

  • $50/month
  • Quarterly: $28/Month
  • Yearly: $12.5/Month

Note: All the prices mentioned above for Android only

Price for windows & MAC devices

  • Month:  $40
  • 3 months: $60
  • 12 Months: $120

How to install TheOneSpy?

No matter what if you are going to track cellphones, tablets, Windows, and MAC devices, you just need to visit TheOneSpy webpage and further get the subscription against your desired OS. You will get the credentials and get physical access on the target device and start the installation process. After completing the installation you can get access to the web control panel and get your hands on the features to upload the information on the target device.


TheOneSpy is the most advanced application that empowers you to monitor phones, PCs, and computer devices without hassles. It is the best one for digital parenting to makes sure kids online safety and to keep an eye on employee’s activities in working hours on business devices.

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