5 Interesting Reasons your Tech business needs Inbound Marketing

Many people are conversant with the traditional method of marketing good and services, which involves the use of TV, radio jingles, etc. But not everyone knows that there is a type of marketing called inbound marketing that brings in a high organic traffic and high return on investment (ROI).

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing which is also known as attraction marketing is a type of marketing that seeks to reach out to those people who need the services you offer by using SEO, content writing, social media and other channels to attract them.

In this blog post, I will show you the importance of inbound marketing in your tech business

1. It generates traffic to your site

One of the important truths of applying attraction marketing to your business is that it has every ability to generate great organic traffic to your website.

Getting this result will only be possible using the two most important components that drive the inbound marketing strategy. These two components are search engine optimization (SEO) and content writing.

SEO and content writing are inseparable in the business of inbound marketing. This is because they work hand in hand to achieve that one goal of bringing in organic traffic.

Do you know that you may have high-quality content, but if your site is not optimized properly you won’t get the result you want? By optimization, I mean, is your site optimized for mobile phones? Are the images on your site optimized? What about the URL? 

So by optimizing your site using SEO and a combination of high-quality blog post, there is no way your site won’t rank highly on Google first page.

2. Inbound marketing produces qualified leads

One of the interesting things about inbound marketing is that it isn’t forceful as opposed to outbound marketing that uses force to get a service across to people that may not even be interested in the services outbound kind of marketing to shot at them. That’s one reason this kind of marketing doesn’t bring high ROI at the end of the day. But inbound marketing is not so as it seeks to target only a group of people searching for that information.

Whenever visitors find your content and it solves the problem they have, they will be delighted and as such will respond quickly to your call to action (CTA). 

That is why great marketers who know this secret will always say that Content is King.

So, investing time in creating good content that your visitors are looking for will produce you more qualified lead.

3. It is an activator that reinforces your company’s reputation

Do you know, that your content tells a lot about your brand? Oh! Yes, it speaks volumes about your brand.

One way visitors know that your product will under perform or have a high performing ability is through the quality of the contents in your site.  

That’s why high-quality content is always a yes! Any time.

Do not use images with low-quality resolution or videos that are of poor quality. Your content will always tell people about who you are. 

So, your aim at all-time should be to always put out high-quality content. As you do this, people will share your content on social media.

 As you continue putting out high-quality contents, websites with a high audience will soon give you a guest blogging opportunity. And as you respond to these offers, your business travels abroad, in front of a larger audience than you have now. Guest blogging will help you get more organic traffic and backlinks to your site. 

This will increase your company’s reputation and credibility. 

Also, the authority of your domain will eventually become stronger by the backlinks to your site.

Imagine guest blogging for like 50 more websites. What will this do to your business?

4. Customer can contact you on their terms

One exciting fact about applying inbound marketing strategy in your tech business is that it enables people to reach out to you on their terms.

People are always bombarding search engines with questions about their problems.

One thing inbound marketing does is bring to your business people who are looking for the services you provide.

When your brand solves their problem, the first day they come in contact with your site, you can be assured that they will always contact you whenever they need your services.

5. It builds a lasting relationship with your customer

With inbound marketing, you can always reach out to your customers long after they might have left your site. This is possible with the personal information you have like emails address of your visitors.


Are you using inbound marketing in your business? It is very important to know that your competitors are using this form of marketing to get organic traffic, increase their brand credibility and sales. So, waste no more time, start using this form of marketing and start winning.

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