14 Best Free And Open Source Digital Signage Software For Brandings

14 Best Free And Open Source Digital Signage Software For Brandings

Those days were gone when you need to stick posters for promoting your product. In this era of technology, your LED Boards and Computer Screens do this for you. Digital Signage Software tools help to manage and resolve all your signage problems involving digital platforms and devices.

There are hundreds of software for digital signage though it is challenging to find the one which is apt for you. But, here we make your tasks quite easier. We come up with some important features of Digital Signage Software and a list of best Open Source Digital Signage Software.

What is Digital Signage Software

Best Free Open Source Digital Signage Software And Tools

1. Concerto

Concerto is a web based Linux Digital Signage tool,that was originally developed on for the university students.It is a  user friendly , compact and flexible that is perfect for small to medium businesses . To run Concerto you will must have a database and server that can run Ruby on Rails (ROR) web applications. If you haven’t got a server, you can still use Concerto but then the service won’t be free.

Concerto Features:

  • APT-based Linux system
  • Multiple format casting
  • Multi-screen support
  • Content Scheduling
  • Categorized content feeds
  • Simple and Fluid UI
  • Cast multiple formats

2. Screenly OSE

Screenly OSE is a Open Source Edition of Screenly which very popular due to its intuitive and visual user interface, along with excellent support service. It is quite adaptuve also because of its support to an array of media formats.   

Screenly OSE Features:

  • Runs on resin.io
  • Simple UI
  • Extra Customizable
  • Multiple media support
  • SD card support

3. Viewneo

Viewneo is a digital signage software which  support HTML5 and can integrate with Micrisoft Office. It is a cloud based software solution with which user can access customer support by email, phone or forum if necessary. It is free for 30 days trial.

Viewneo Features:

  • Automatic file conversion
  • Content designing
  • Media and template library
  • Playlist manager
  • Social media integration

4. Screenhub

Screenhub is a Digital Signahe software whose free version is also available. It is completely compatible with Linux and Windows based  OS. You can easily create ,modify and control content signboards anywhere using an internet-powered device.

Screenhub Features:

  • Varied Template Options
  • Content Scheduling
  • Work Flow Control
  • Graphical Frame Designer
  • Social Media Integration

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5. DigitalSignage.com

DigitalSignage.com is a browser based solution which actually provide you a decent service  for free. It allows you to create your own digital presentation and display it to number of remote screens.

DigitalSignage.com Features:

  • Rich Media Library
  • Template and Content Design
  • Visual Intuitive Interface
  • Content Scheduling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Smart multimedia display

6. Chrome Sign Builder

Chrome Sign Builder is one of the best digital signage tool for content schedule on Chrome OD devices which help to void blank screens between signage displays. It most impactful tool for events, restaurants, retails and jewellery shop. This tool is completely free but if you need their management system using Google toolset is paid for per devices.  

7. Xtreme Media (India)

Xtreme Media is an Indian brand for digital signage solution, Check Free Demo and learn how digital signage software works and help to grow businesses, sales, employee and customers engagement, brand visibility, products marketing and etc.

Video Source: XtremMediaMumbai YouTube

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8. Xibo

Xibo is another digital signage software which is available on Windows, Ubuntu, WebOS and even Android. Its Cloud based version which is free and open source  is extremly popular nowadays. Simple User Interface and layout makes this tool a better choice for you.

Xinbo Features:

  • Simple Layout and Powerful Widgets
  • Content Scheduling
  • Wide range of players
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Very Customizable

9. Display Monkey

Completely web based , modern Digital Signage Software tool having all the newest features on the internet. Display  Monkey is a Cloud based Digital Signage solution which has a customisable and flexible user interface.  

Display Monkey Features:

  • Web-based
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • YouTube Support
  • Content Scheduling
  • Flexible Layout
  • Open API
  • Multi-user access
  • Location support service

10. Mango Sign

MangoSigns provides convenient digital signage software for your business. Hundreds of free professional templates, flexible scheduling, and a drag-n-drop editor. The cloud-based solution’s easy mode option permits users to send the content straightway to displays, or schedule it for later use. Mango Signs offers a perpetual license for a one-time fee that comprises support through an online knowledge base and via email.

Mango Sign Features:

  • Web-based
  • Automatic player updates
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • YouTube Support
  • Content Scheduling
  • Flexible Layout
  • Remote display management

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11. Open Signage

It is among those best professional software which enables the user to manage screen networks from anyplace at any time. Open Signage software is upgraded daily so that the user gets the benefit of the latest technological trends.

Open Signage Features:

  • Compatible with Android, Linux, Windows and HTML5 devices
  • Content scheduling
  • Manages playlists and content on multiple devices
  • Extensive media library with widgets and third-party content
  • Continuous and extended customer support

12. Info Beamer

One of the most easily customizable digital signage software having range of file support. The processing, logging and scheduling can be examined and controlled at real-time on all instances making the display and streaming service uncomplicated.

Info Beamer Feature:

  • Lua-based source code that can be easily manipulated according to user’s needs
  • Easily edit schedules, upload new content, add or modify devices
  • Offers high-security service — devices are always encrypted
  • Real-time control
  • File format support

13. Intuiface

Another free digital signage software which has three different software modules. First to design your content, second to play the content on viewers devices and third the interaction of end user with the product.

Intuiface Feature:

  • Offers multi-screen support and size — be it landscape or portrait style
  • Automatically imports Photoshop PSD files
  • Compatible with any touch device

14. NoviSign

NoviSign allows users to manage digital signage content from any browser remotely. Users can send updates to screens. It is simple  but effective digital signage solution that comes with a amusing set of drag and drop widgets.

NoviSign Feature:

  • Preview content and playlists before sending
  • Easily access and modify content using any device and from any location
  • Send marketing advertisements and technological information
  • Customer targeted technology
  • Remote content management
  • Signage studio editor
cloud based digital signage software For Free and Open Source

5 Most Common Features of Digital Signage software

1. Media Player

Videos and images are available in a variety of formats these days and the digital signage software tools are proficient enough to stream them in the same formats they are in actually.

2. Content Scheduling

Another feature which Digital Signage Software has ,is its cabability to automate the scheduling of the content display. This  feature also saves users from constant updating and uploading of content and you can plan and schedule content according to your requirements.

3. Multi User Access

This feature of having multi user platform with user access control  offers the administrator the facility to limit the use of digital signage systems. It allows operators to assign responsibilities without losing full control of digital signage management.

4. Content Management

To achieve optimum utilization, you need to categorize and distribute content and task related to them accordingly. Digital Signage Software ensures these tasks are automated according to the parameters set by the user.

5. Product Placement

When we talk about this extraordinary feature which is able to effectively place your products and services  within the sight of potential customers. This feature make Digital Signage  vital in the sales and service creations. Forecast and promotion of your products is vibrant for sales businesses such as restaurants and stores. Menus and discount features are the usually promoted features in restaurants and stores.

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