Fun and Productive Things To Do Online When Bored

Fun and Productive Things To Do Online When Bored

List of Fun Things To Do On Internet With Friends

As you all know that India is suffering from Corona Virus ” Covid 19″ in these days. Our government has decided to full country lock-down for protecting our nation & self-quarantine yourself.

It is very difficult to complete a day without doing anything. During India lockdown, Here are the few things could be done in your spare days to make a better future. ” Stay safe, stay home“.

Watch Movies, Web Series and Trailers

Family Time: Quarantine is the right time to spend with your loved ones and friends. In the present time, we have a lot of entertainment tools present around us like video streaming apps for watching online web series, movies, shows, live concerts, etc. So, what are you waiting for go ahead and download your favourite movies & shows and enjoy it? Fun Things to do online, Peoples always try to watch and download all web series for free. So let’s not waste time and start our list of best live tv streaming apps. Jio Tv, Hotstar, Netflix, Voot, Zee5, etc.

Share Picture and Memes

Creativity – Start by creating a new spark pictures and memes project regarding the awareness program in terms of environment, innovation, entertaining and communicate other useful information to the user. This could be one of the best possible media of self-growth in the field of social media networking websites. Publish & share. I shared a few popular pictures sharing Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Likee, Tumblr, Titok, Flicker, Pinterest, etc.

Listen to Online Music and Live Concerts

Music is one of the best ways to change your mind and it is also a kind of therapy which gets some refresh. On the internet, we have lots of option for live streaming music like jazz, pop, heavy metal, soul, rock, folk, country, hip hop, and much more. We shared the best free music apps hope you like it. Music apps: Prime Music,, Alexa, Spotify, Saavan, etc.

Play Online Checkers and Bridge

Checkers and Bridge are the best online games on the internet for more practising. Bridge game is the single-player game against with advanced supercomputer team. is a without login website for the bridge. Checkers is also known as draught in England and you can play with your friends and single with the super-intelligent computer. This classic checkers game also free for everyone and no sign-up required. We recommended this site for play online

Online Reading Books and Write Novel

Fun Things To Do Online and Offline, Reading books helps in your brain Exercise & cognitive mental health. Improve your reading habit in terms of vocabulary & Knowledge expansion. Relief mental stress and Lower the tension risk. Helps with Depression and Dysthymia along with memory improvement and concentration skills. Enhances Your Imagination and Empathy also Boosts Your Sleep.

Online House Cleaning and Organize Ideas

Fun Things To Do Offline, Use sanitizer for door cleaning handle cleaning and switches of daily use. Take Preventive measure before touching any switches and door handle. Use phenyl regularly for cleaning the house floor and keep your surroundings clean. Keep everything clean including the kitchen floor and slab and sanitize the sink regularly.

Search Gardening Tips

Fun Things To Do Offline Gardening, growing your own food helps to supply you with healthy food to eat. We all know fruits and vegetables are the life source of a healthy body. They have vitamins and minerals we need to survive and thrive during India lockdown.

Design Customise Your Room

Customise your room to make it clean and for Healthy living. Custom rooms, even for exercise or sewing, need more than what a typical room size offers. You can also keep plants in the customs room to make your surrounding healthy and fresh. Fun Things To Do Offline

Watch and Learn Cooking

Fun Things To Do Online and Offline, Cooking – You’ll be surprised to hear that cooking is good for your mental health. Researcher finds that the people who cook food on regular bases is happier & healthier as compared to others due to consuming less sugar & processed food which tends to result in a higher energy level. Healthy Food: Consume Vitamin C & Vitamin D which is good for health such as Apple, Orange, Tomato, Lemon Etc. Have a Look below.

  • Cooking gives creativity in your mind.
  • Improve your mental stress.
  • Habit of eating healthy goods.
  • Help your brain to stay healthy.
  • Gives you happiness.
  • Good for your body movements.

Social Distancing

Fun Things To Do Offline Being a helping hand for others- Being an Indian this is our responsibility to help those people who are in excess need as of now. If you want to help someone then this is the right time to help those who need food & shelter during this Lockdown. Donate clothes, Food, sanitizer, Handwash so that they can clean themselves to stay safe and healthy enough to fight with Corona Virus. Donate as per your capability through the various mobile apps like Paytm, UPI Etc.

Being a helping hand for other

Internet is very helpful to maintain social distancing, this will allow to connect others without leaving your place. Tips: While staying at home maintain social distancing with each other even with your love ones. Continuously washing your hands, use sanitiser before & after touching anything.

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