10 Best Free And Open Source CRM Software For SME’s

10 Best Free And Open Source CRM Software For SME’s

A business to grow needs a well-organized customer relationship building team and tool sets that contribute to enhancing customer relationship management. As customer relationship building and retaining have become a crucial yet vital ingredient for enhanced revenue generation, businesses do have to have a pro-active sales teams to deal with customers efficiently so as to make the most out of the available leads. To achieve maximum business profitability and enhancement, a CRM Solution can be used, catering to the automation needs of the effective customer relationship management thereby reducing the customer retention costs and efforts.

About CRM Software

A CRM, also referred to as a Customer Relationship Management solution is a software offering an automated process of business generation taking care of each step ranging from initial customer interactions to retention with significant business growth. Including automation of marketing, workforce, contact centre and location-based services, an ideal CRM helps to consolidate customer information centrally to be accessed and managed by the salesforce effortlessly.

When it comes to business, ‘Customer is the king’.Just like to build a large kingdom you have to ensure that the king stays happy, the success of an organization also depends on the contentment of its customers.

Today, customers have plenty of options to choose from for a product or service. In fact, no brand can guarantee the staying of a customer, even if he or she has been a dedicated follower of the brand for a long time. As soon as he or she will find a reason to switch to another brand, no second thought will be given before taking the decision. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a company to meet (or exceed) the expectations of its customers in one way or another.

When it comes to keeping the customers elated, building and maintaining an unbreakable bond, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes handy. There are plenty of them which come with multiple features to help a company to strike an eternal chord with its customers. If you are wondering about these feature-driven best CRM software, then here are few of them you can count upon:-

List of The Best Free and Open Source CRM Software

Best CRM Tools That Will Help You Build Lasting Relationships

Zoho CRM

#4 Zoho CRM free download for

You know what time it is? It’s Zoho Time! Widely considered to be one of the best CRM software in India, Zoho CRM is a web-based solution that helps you grow your business while keeping your customers happy. Some of its essential features are sales pipeline management, CRM workflow management, lead and contact management, account management, purchase control, and sales force automation. Keeping track of sales, engagement with customers on multiple platforms and the automation of various routine business tasks becomes easier with Zoho CRM. That’s not all. You can also generate leads through maximizing your social media presence by tracking users’ behaviour. If you’re the owner of a small business or run a large enterprise, then Zoho CRM is the right tool for you.

Offered by Zoho Corporation, Zoho CRM is a complete bundle of automated features extensively developed to contribute to the business enhancement and extended customer relationship building and management. With multi-channel support, the solution helps to enhance sales performance and productivity. Ultimate sales force automation and extension along with customization allows configuring the solution to best suit the business needs.

Zoho team believes that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to a CRM solution. Therefore, via Zoho CRM software they provide industry specific modules that meet the requirement of the business.

The multichannel support feature allows Zoho users to reach customers via email, phone, live chat, social media or in person. With the help of visitor tracking and email analytics, you can find what customers find lucrative. You can connect to them accordingly and seize the deal. Also, it automates repetitive tasks, thereby saving time. Moreover, you can integrate it with your favourite social media platforms, namely, Twitter, Facebook, G Suite, Zapier, to stay connected.

Freshsales CRM

#2 Freshsales CRM for free trial version

What makes Freshsales CRM offering unique? For one, it’s a single contact management system which allows you to control thousands of leads at a single time. Apart from the usual features supported by most CRM tools, it offers unique ones such as affiliate management, call routing, call recording, and auto-dialers. Making its claim as one of the best CRM software in India, this CRM solution not only captures leads but also helps in their verification, distribution, and nurture. This is achieved by employing multiple communication channels.

Freshsales also enables the sales reps to check whether their emails have been opened or ignored. Along with this, you can track previous conversations with your prospects and create a plan of action.

Freshsales CRM is a cutting edge CRM solution from Freshdesk helping businesses to expedite their productivity and lead conversions. This feature-rich solution comes with mobile support thereby allowing businesses to continue their CRM operations from anywhere anytime. Email tracking, one-click to call, customer insights, lead management, deals pipeline, and report generation are some of the noteworthy Fresh sales features.


This a reputed product of Nextsky Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Incorporating the best practices and recent technology into a single package, the solution facilitated the businesses with accelerated sales, targeted marketing, email marketing, and a mobile-friendly, social CRM. Augmenting the customer interactions, the solution aims to improve overall CRM processes for increased productivity.

Focus CRM

Focus Softnet is an impeccable solution catering to all your CRM needs. Available with an intuitive interface, the solution provides comprehensive features for effective campaign management, telemarketing, email marketing, sales management and service management thereby allowing you to achieve significant business profitability seamlessly.

Maple CRM

This unique solution from Denisys Technologies is an exquisite solution that helps to nurture your business leads and converting them to profit-making entities. Having features like lead tracking, email and SMS integration, invoicing, workflow management, and mobile friendliness, Maple CRM is a highly integrated solution.


BMR Infotech is a holistic CRM solution enabling the organizations to identify and explore more business opportunities so as to achieve greater profitability at reduced operational costs. The solution is a complete package of automated features easing the management of contacts, sales calls, targets, appointments, feedbacks & alerts, closed enquiries and report building.

Cerrebro CRM

Developed by ND Microsystems Pvt. Ltd., Cerrebro CRM is well-equipped with best in class field team management and analytical capabilities. The solution endeavors to help businesses in increasing the business revenue while decreasing the sales force management costs with the management of customer & lead, job scheduling & work orders, expenses, leaves, targets and incentives. The solution offers an in-built sales quotation, order and invoicing system along with customized reports and SMS & email integration.


SalezShark Inc. provides one of the best in class CRM- SalezShark. The solution incorporates all vital essentials to build, manage and retain the customer relationships for long term. The impeccable features include contact & accounts, pipeline, tasks, quota, orders, schedules and products. Integrated with notifications of email, SMS and telephony, auto lead capturing and assignment, the solution is also efficient in forecasting and marketing.

Salesforce CRM

#3 Salesforce CRM for startups

Coming up next is Salesforce CRM. This CRM solution allows you to track all customer details at a single place, helping you nurture a significant number of leads. After you’ve done this, you can make use of its critical modules like lead management, contact manager, marketing automation, and partner management to track these leads and convert them into profitable deals. Salesforce CRM offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android OS which provides real-time data along with custom reports. Now at this point, you must be asking what makes Salesforce CRM one of the best CRM software in India? Well, its Opportunity Management module offers insights on opportunities, enabling you to manage prospects till the time they’re closed.

Salesforce CRM is an eminent CRM software that empowers the businesses with incomparable features for customer retention and support. The complete sales lifecycle can be well-managed with this state-of-the-art solution. Assimilating the features dealing with efficient management of contacts, opportunities, leads, partners, workflows, orders et al, the solution also equips with sales forecasting, reporting, analysis, collaboration, and territory management features.

CRM by Brique

Brique Technology Solutions and Consulting offers the forefront of CRM. Brique CRM solution is a one-stop-shop for complete CRM automation consisting of all vital processes for flawless CRM operations. To mention- leads & prospecting, invoicing & billing, customer visits & payments, detailed analytics, lead tracking, customer history and wins, and performance tracking are some of the features beyond comparison.

7 Best Free CRM Tools in India

Best Free CRM Tools in India:

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, a start-up owner, run your small business or own a large enterprise, you’re all peas of the same pod. Managing your prospects, leads, contacts and staying on top of them is essential if you want your business to grow. For this, you need a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, to help keep track of all things customer related.

CRM includes information about contacts, previous emails and calls, visits, the progress of individual sales or deals, and more. It has become a vital part of any business and is considered integral for understanding your customers’ needs and keeping them chuffed.

Let’s find out the seven best CRM tools currently available in India.


We’re including Pipedrive as the first in our shortlist of 7 best CRM software in India. It’s an excellent tool offering features such as email integration, sales reporting, contact history, simple data import and export and timeline view. Apart from this, Pipedrive helps you organize and collate your leads, affording you a clear and distinct overview of your sales process. This enables you to focus on important deals. Using this CRM tool, you can efficiently manage your organization’s sales pipeline. Pipedrive is one of the best CRM tools in India as its ideal for businesses engaged in import and export of services/products. Pray, how? Well, it’s available in 13 currencies and supports a plethora of major and minor currencies.

#1 Pipedrive crm for free download full version

Unlike usual customer relationship management software, Pipedrive is rather a sales management tool. The user can focus on the rich visual indicator feature which needs his/her attention to boost sales. Its constant reminder emails, mobile notification and alert system make sure you don’t forget to follow up with prospects. Pipedrive allows you not only to send or receive the emails but also track them.


It is a revenue boosting and business growing best CRM software. Customer experience should be the priority as per Survaider. Therefore, it aggregates customer feedback and acts upon them in order to keep customers happy. Feedback from all the platforms such as social media, mobile apps, website, etc is accumulated at single place. After that employees can reply to each one of them in real time. It helps in breaking down the data to find out customers’ preferences. Review management, on-site feedback forms, business insights, competitor analysis, are some of its other powerful features.

Orgzit CRM

Orgzit CRM is a best CRM software which helps render services in an impeccable and systematic manner. It helps in flexible contact management as it allows to create multiple contacts, customize the list, and contact customers accordingly. The user can access contacts anytime, anywhere from a centralized location. You can monitor a lead’s buying history and act as per his or her choice. 

BizPlus CRM

BizPlus CRM is a tailor-made CRM software which aims to help by strengthening customer’s bond with the brand in a more automatic way than manual. It offers cloud based CRM software as well as on-premise options. Bizplus operates and manages tasks related to the customer relationship, tracking engagements, and sales. It helps a business by tracking down the interactions with customers done in the past or present. Therefore, from calls to emails, meetings held, and presentations delivered, a record of each one of it is well maintained.


#5 SugarCRM for free

One of the most customisable solutions available in the market, SugarCRM has been downloaded more than 7 million times, and is available in nine different languages. It offers comprehensive features like project management, exhaustive reporting, sales automation and forecasting, contact and lead management tools, and data analytics capabilities. Due to its extensive scalability, SugarCRM can be tailored to suit the needs of any business. It can be deployed seamlessly in a matter of minutes and become a part of your IT system effortlessly.


#6 Bitrix24 crm for every business

Comprised of a sprawling suite of robust business tools, Bitrix24 is considered to be one of the best CRM software in India. It offers diverse functionalities like employee management, instant messaging, project management, document handling along with telephony and scheduling. Bitrix24 keeps things simple and chugging along. You can maintain a log of your contacts and official communication, your sent emails, issued invoices, recorded calls, and assigned leads to sales managers. You also have access to its exhaustive reporting feature and a user-friendly mobile app.


#7 Hubspot most popular crm in india

HubSpot CRM is a robust tool backed by competent and customizable features. With HubSpot CRM, you get access to functionalities like the website, phone, and email integration, company database, social media and drag-and-drop communicator. You can seamlessly integrate this CRM tool in your existing workflow. It’s easy to use and does not complicate things by offering complex additional features. Suitable for small and large businesses alike, it is one of the best CRM tools in India.

So, now that you’ve gone through our carefully compiled list of best CRM software in India, which one are you looking to get your hands on?

5 Main Attributes of CRM Software for Your Business

Customers are the central point of every business. Customer satisfaction determines how successful a business is. In an era of multiple competitors, what sets one apart from the other? The answer is to engage more customers positively and remain competitive in today’s crowded and cutthroat business environment.

The industry is witnessing large investments in CRM related software’. According to a research by Gartner, Worldwide sales for CRM software will reach $36.5B by 2017 and has already experienced a growth of 12.3% in the past few years.

1. Centralized and Personalized Data

Locating an email/data in your inbox consumes a lot of time. Best CRMs keep all the data in one place making it easily accessible to the one accessing it. Also, adjusting to the needs of each team, CRMs allow you to customize the data to a format easily understandable by one team.

2. Efficiency

If the process is made easier, the time consumption in a particular task goes down drastically, ensuring that there is enough bandwidth to finish other jobs. A well-implemented CRM system can replace manual processes that create significant organizational inefficiencies. Also, CRM links various departments together with one source to data to address customer inquiries and concerns accurately and at a fast pace.

3. Better accountability

In the absence of tools to manage customer relationships, the system is bound to shake. CRM systems ensure that such situations are avoided by adding a layer of accountability to the process. A well-informed employee with easy access to all data can make quick adjustments and respond to market trends on a proactive basis. CRM contributes not only at a functional level but also on a developmental level. It also allows you to cull fundamental insights from the real time and location based data. It means that strategies can be streamlined and tactics can be designed as per business

4. Capacity to scale

Manual tracking of customers requires more time and in all is a tedious task. CRM software enables easy functionality. The more time is saved, the better is the result.

5. Better customer experience

The end goal of CRM is to provide the user company with better customer management experience in India. This software allows identification of valuable customers, create personalized conversations and increase engagements.

In the present business scenario, whether it’s a B2B or B2C business, the end objective it to gain more and more customers, retain existing and reduce operational costs to drive more profits. Customers can be easily and accurately divided into segments on the basis of their needs, which will allow addressing these requirements correctly. If a company fails to adopt a CRM in today’s competitive business ecosystem, sustainability will be a point of concern in near future.


When it comes to CRM software, there are too many fish in the sea. Instead of taking a quick decision, check which one meets your business requirement in the best way possible as they all have something different to offer.

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